I have discovered that the key to being fulfilled in my life and happy in my body is by doing small things everyday that make me feel loved, beautiful and alive. I also know that we rarely take the time, even just ten minutes, to do this for ourselves.

This is why I’ve created a free program and community to motivate you and hold you accountable in creating a life and body you love.

The Live More Weigh Less Lifestyle Challenge gives you a small activity to do every day for two weeks. There are prizes, lots of support and everyone always has a total blast.

You can sign up for the waiting list below.

When the next Live More Weigh Less Lifestyle Challenge begins, you’ll automatically be enrolled and will receive information on the format and directions to get the most success out of the challenge.


  • “I have absolutely been out of my comfort zone for some of these challenges but have persevered because the growth exponentially outweighed the risk. Bottom line: I grew and that is good!”

  • “I have really gotten a lot out of this challenge. Sitting taller and walking with boobs out hahaha More mindful eating and noting how I feel when I want to eat. I have lost 5 pounds!!! YAY me!!! THANK YOU for the inspiration and support.”

  • “I have made so many changes in my life in the last month (flowers regularly, putting my fork down, reasoning why i am hungry) that are so easy to implement in a busy life and so enjoyable. I feel wonderful and I’m making sure there is time in each day for making a better me!!”

Ready for the Challenge?

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