Let’s Talk Results

I’d like to introduce you to four women who transformed their bodies and lives while working with me. Read about their experiences in their own words and remember: they don’t have any secret sauce that you don’t! Your story started long ago, but what this next chapter holds is up to you. This is your time, I know it.

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Most women want to lose weight because they dream of being truly happy.  They want to be able to go into a shop and look good in everything, they want to turn heads when they walk into a room.  And what they really want is to fall in love, have the confidence to step into the career of their dreams and become the beautiful, successful, happy woman they are meant to be.

But working out more and eating less isn’t as easy as it seems.  In fact, diet and exercise are small pieces of what’s actually preventing you from having the life and a body you want.  So if you’re feeling like you’ve been working your ass off with no results, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.

I help women who’ve been struggling with their weight for years, finally have a life and body they love, even if they’ve tried everything.


The best part of working with Sarah is that there’s is no shame at all because she has been there and is a real live example of how it works. Knowing that she is in my corner and is exclusively dedicated to me getting freedom around this in a completely new way than ever before is so fresh, fun and exciting.

Sarah is my personal investigator who is on the journey with me to really learn WHY I’ve been struggling for sooooo many years. Rather than wallowing in the past, it’s an adventure in detective work, learning, healing, peacemaking, and growth for a solid change and real transformation of my relationship with food, myself, my body and MY LIFE!!!!

Sarah is partnering with me on creating my personal road map and a real life GPS. She has helped me to navigate what to eat, how to enjoy eating again and what to do in a million situations that have stopped me in the past.

I now feel relaxed and I have realised that losing weight can be a fun and easy process. I don’t have to ‘be good’ or ‘be bad’. I get to choose and we work it out together. I like muffins, cookies, bread, yogurt… and I can have it all! I just need to make it special and super quality.

Each breakthrough uncovers more layers and allows me to shine even brighter. It’s not a fad; I’m making friends with the new me and not a temporary version of me that will flip-flop as soon as our work is done and settling into a grounded, loving, hot and fabulous me!

Sarah Jenks is Geneen Roth meets Mama Gena, and her genius is unlocking the code to truly embracing your body by bringing huge amounts of play, love and femininity into your life.

- Rachel, Sales Manager, New Jersey



“Sarah is changing the way women think about their bodies. She is bright, savvy, caring and committed- your perfect champion for having a life and body you adore.”

- Marie Forleo, marieforleo.com


Alison Leipzig

“Before I met Sarah I felt insecure and anxious. I knew that losing weight wasn’t the answer to my happiness but I also didn’t know how to stop obsessing about it, which kept me feeling frustrated.

I had so much fun with Sarah!! Most. fun. weight loss. program. ever. seriously. I was able to experiment and test things out in the kitchen, I bought new makeup, I found fun things that I could do to show myself how worthy I am of love, and found amazing clothes that flattered my body NOW not when I lost 15 lbs.

I felt courageous in the fact that I was embarking on a passionate entrepreneurial path as a nutrition coach and graphic designer but I also felt like a fraud because I still was so completely insecure about my body.  Now, It’s such a joy to sign new clients every month and have the confidence and knowledge to coach them authentically, without feeling like a living contradiction.

Since working with Sarah, I can eat dessert without pangs of guilt for three days. And at other times, I WANT to eat a big ass salad, but I don’t feel like I HAVE to. I feel free around food which I never thought would happen for me. I am dating for the first time in my life and I’m having so much fun with it! My relationship with my mom is healing and I finally see how much she loves me, which is such a gift.”

-Alison Leipzig

Gabrielle Bernstein

“Sarah Jenks is a shining star in her industry. Her authenticity bleeds through every blog post, newsletter, coaching session and lecture. This woman walks her talk and is a power of example for us all.”

- Gabrielle Bernstein, Author of “Spirit Junkie” and Motivational Speaker


Alli Hackenberg

“Before I met Sarah I felt trapped in my body. Every day I agonized about how awful and terrible I felt and looked. I had gained and lost the same 30 lbs so many times before. Here I was, 8 months before my wedding and I was miserable. I had dreamed about this day for many, many years and I couldn’t get excited. I put off trying on wedding dresses because I was terrified that I wouldn’t love myself and wouldn’t like the person staring back in the mirror.

After reading one of Sarah’s articles in The Huffington Post, I decided to apply for her private coaching program.

Then, about 6 weeks before my wedding. I was feeling lots of pressure to look a certain way and was losing touch with my purpose. Sarah helped me realize that I had to appreciate where I was that day and accept my body as is. Once I did that, weight actually started coming off. I haven’t weighed myself since March and I love when people ask how much I have lost…I answer “I don’t know but I feel great!”

I loved working with Sarah because her philosophy wasn’t about restricting my diet or going on a crazy exercise binge. Her simple task was to listen to my body…Something I truly didn’t know how to do. I’ll admit sometimes its still hard but when I finally check back in, she lets me know what I need. Sarah also helped me realize how my relationships with friends and family can affect my eating. I’m going to quote Sarah…”The food isn’t the problem, it’s the symptom of something bigger.” I always knew I hid my feelings behind food but I never realized how deep it really went.  I learned to check in with my emotions and learned what actual hunger pains felt like…compared to “I’m so stressed and I just want to eat myself into an oblivion” feeling.”

- Alli Hackenberg



“When I met Sarah, I was feeling completely insecure in my relationship, career and social life. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to feel confident walking down the aisle. But Sarah showed me how my own actions and behaviors could change the course of my relationship and my life. Now my husband and I are blissfully wed. I feel sexy, confident, desired and TRUSTING. I never would’ve gotten here without Sarah’s exceptional support and guidance.”

- Sarah Swanson, founder of Sarah Swanson Skin Care


Nisha Moody

“I adore Sarah, and I have since the moment I met her. She embodies a spirit of intense
dedication and generosity – a woman who is the epitomy of a sexy wife, bestest friend and
self-care maven. Sarah has truly cracked the code to having it all, through giving deeply to herself and the people in her world. Most of us give until there’s nothing left. Sarah teaches us to give in a way that fuels our sense of freedom, fun and feeling fabulous!”

- Nisha Moodly, founder of Fierce, Fabulous & Free



“Working with Sarah Jenks has changed my life. Period. As cliché as that may sound, it’s true. Before working with Sarah I was struggling with my weight, hating my body and ultimately myself. I have dealt with weight and body image issues practically my entire life, but in college it started to become especially bad. In order to deal with the stresses in my life I would turn to food, emotionally eating, to answer my problems. It was so out of hand that my anxiety eventually led me into an eating disorder. I was in a vicious cycle that I could not escape; I would feel so horrible and disgusted with myself, believing that all my problems would be solved if I simply lost weight. I would start a diet, lose some weight, have a “bad” day and then give up, gaining all the weight back, to simply start the cycle all over again.

I dealt with this for five years until I finally decided that I didn’t want to be miserable and in this state for the rest of my life. By chance I read about Sarah on a wedding blog and after all of the pieces fell into place I joined Sarah’s “Breathtaking Bride Booty Camp.” I didn’t care that I wasn’t a bride, I didn’t even have a boyfriend, all I wanted was to finally be happy and that is what Sarah’s philosophy guides you to, a path of self satisfaction. After ten weeks of the Bootcamp and one-on-one calls with Sarah I realized that because of my hectic workday I was using food as my only time to relax. With her guidance I was able to plan out other, healthier ways to unwind after a long day of work and graduate school. I was able to create an action plan of how to schedule work time but most importantly, play time, the key to success. There are no words to explain how much happier I feel with my life and more importantly with myself. I have the tools to deal with my stress and emotions so that I do not feel the need to turn to food and I now have a feeling of calm and peace with myself that I haven’t felt… ever.”

- Sara, Graduate Student and Full-time Teacher

Holli Thompson

“She’s a warm, engaging, and loving coach, and her style makes you want to be her best friend and hang out.. with a glass of wine and lots of laughs. Sarah’s perceptive in an amazingly intuitive way, and she generously shares her own stories of finding her own healthy, gorgeous weight, and the love of her life to share it with.”

- Holli Thompson, Founder of NutritionalStyle.com


Ali - Occ Therapist

“Before I started working with Sarah, I felt lousy about my body. I thought there was nothing I could do to change it and that I was just going to be fat forever. When I found Sarah’s website I thought wow, finally someone who understands and doesn’t want to put me on less calories, exercise regime. I knew I had to sign up! Although I was a bit worried about the price I overcame that fear by realizing that it is an investment in the rest of my life.

I’ve lost 12 pounds, 21 inches all over my body. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?!

However, the best part is when I look in the mirror I noticed I have a slimmer face and my pants don’t feel tight anymore!!

But beyond weight, since working with Sarah, my entire life has changed. I’m less stressed, I started doing more for myself and learning more about myself and my femininity. I am eating healthier and loving it, but I also still enjoy sweets and wine at the same time. Sarah taught us how to deal with our stress, and releasing all that has had huge effects on my weight loss weight loss. I changed my schedule around so I could focus on being a student for now and only
working part time. It was made my life more fulfilling.

My fiance and I totally have a deeper connection. He says he feels like I’ve been more open with him then I’ve ever been during the 4 years we’ve been dating. Booty camp has deepened our relationship, made me into the woman I was on the inside on the outside, and overall made me feel more alive! Booty camp was the best investment I’ve ever made! It will help me in all aspects of life! If you’re thinking about working with Sarah, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You won’t regret it!!!”

- Ali, Occupational Therapist, New Jersey



“Working with Sarah Jenks is like a breathe of fresh air. Her kind, fierce, compassionate and energetic spirit is one in a million and something that will have you thinking of every word she said in between sessions with her. She’s coached me through issues I have dealt with my entire life and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work with her because my life is truly blessed thanks to our work together.”

- Nitika Chopra founder of www.yourbellalife.com


Michelle K

“Let me get right down to it: I had serious issues with my breasts. Having gained and lost weight so many times in my life, my boobs had begun to look like those belonging to a 65 year old woman. Sarah had me understand that, energetically speaking, anything lacking love, light, and attention will feel cold, ‘other’-like, and depleted. I was sent home with the assignment to send love to my chest. After just a few days, I noticed how my breasts began to feel fuller, perkier, and livelier. I splurged on some fabulous new, expertly fitted bras, and began wearing clothes that emphasized them more. My boyfriend even began touching them more. Sending my boobs love is now part of my daily love practice. I’m beautiful as I am. I am the Boob Whisperer.”

- Michelle K, Advertising Exec


Donna Scarola

“Before working with Sarah I was consumed by anxiety filled thoughts, food obsessions, awful spending habits and a ‘get through it mentality’. Sarah has helped me to change all of this. Now I am a self-care maven. I’m an energy filled, thinner, happier, food loving, dancing, and
adventurous woman. Everything in my life went from eh to AHH-mazing. I did not find myself, Sarah truly helped me cultivate the woman I always knew I could be, but was too scared to be. I now understand the meaning of living in the moment. Sarah has led me to this beautiful way of living. I am forever grateful and cannot wait for more.”

- Donna Scarola, Founder of The Craveologist, thecraveologist.com


Liz DiAlto

“Sarah takes the “miserable” out of weight loss and makes it a hip, fun, and sexy experience so her clients actually keep it off too. She’s pure magic.”

- Liz DiAlto, Founder of Tighter in 10 and LizDiAlto.com



“Before working with Sarah I distrusted my body because I had gone through a difficult medical situation. I felt unfeminine and closed up.

As we went through the program, I was taking A LOT of time away from school/teaching to work out, to go shopping, to have wine on my balcony with my husband, to daydream, to nap. Since making those changes I have less anxiety, I feel more sexy and more confident. Not only have I noticed positive changes in my body but my husband and I are having much more fun!! There are more dates, more lingerie, less fighting and more adventure.

I was 100% committed to the self-care, but I was doing it to get my body and my femininity back, and I truly thought my work would have to suffer. The stories about women getting raises and doing better at their jobs as they went through a similar process seemed real, but for some reason I just didn’t think that would be my story. I could not have been more wrong!

I’m getting the most positive feedback I’ve ever gotten on my papers, my ideas are SO much more creative, and my teaching is, I think, much more fun & useful. I was worried about what I’d be doing this summer when the school year ended, but I’ve been offered an amazing research job at my DREAM non-profit that works on fighting sex trafficking, my school program awarded me research money to do my own work over the summer, AND just yesterday I was offered a job in Italy for July! It. is. insane. I was also accepted into my first international conference, which will be in November, in Puerto Rico.

Honestly, the program was 100% worth it simply for the changes I was feeling in my life and my marriage — but now I realize those happy effects spilled over in amazing ways into my productivity JUST LIKE YOU SAID IT WOULD!

Definitely work with Sarah!! It is worth every penny, and much more. She is great!”

- Kim, Teacher, Washington D.C.


Rachel _ SM

“When I first started my goal was to lose 15 pounds. After a few months I completely forgot about my goal and just concentrated on my relationship to food and my approach to eating. I was never the type to get on a scale…ever. But I was at the doctors office last week and they always make me get on the scale. When the number appeared and I asked what I had weighed in at last year I discovered I had lost 15 pounds. I was amazed. I had lost 15 pounds by practicing some very simple strategies Sarah and I had worked on such as only eating when you are hungry, trying to stop when you are no longer hungry, and giving your body what it really wants to eat. I was excited to have lost 15 pounds, but honestly, I cared so much less than I thought I would! I’ve made so many amazing changes in my life, including the way I approach food and relate to my body, that the weight didn’t matter so much anymore.”

- Rachel, Broadway Stage Manager, NYC


Silvana Perelli

“Finding Sarah was one of the best things that ever happened to me. She helped me realize that my biggest challenge was my biggest opportunity, and that it was actually also my greatest gift. Sarah helped me find the courage to relaunch my nutrition business so that I could start to live my purpose. An unexpected bonus of working with her was the positive impact it had on my relationship with my boyfriend — until then, I hadn’t realized that I was not only self-sabotaging myself, but that I was doing the same thing to my relationship. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to live more and weigh less.”

- Silvana Perelli, Intuitive Weight Loss Coach www.silvanaperelli.com


Kim - Fine Arts

“We talked about men, we talked about vegetables, we talked about work, we talked about spirituality. I began to learn that everything was connected–that if I was stressed out by job-hunting, I would eat too much, and if I overate, I would be mean to my boyfriend.”

- Kat R, Fine Arts


Sarah Shechter

“Sarah is open, understanding, and one of us. She is not afraid to be proud and up front about who she is, and that inspires others to do the same. One of her phrases that has stuck with me was something along the lines of… ‘you would never tolerate a friend who called you fat all the time, so why do you tolerate it when you do it to yourself’. This thought has carried through to many aspects of my life. I would never put up with a friend who told me I wasn’t good enough at my job, or couldn’t find love, or would never be able to build my own business, so why would I say those things to myself? My ‘self talk routine’ has changed immensely since working with her.”

- Sarah Shechter, 26, Chef


Julie N

“Sarah’s dedication to the client is what I enjoy most about working with her. When we’ve had sessions, I have felt like she was with me, in my corner, on my team. That her investment in me was genuine and passionate. That she was going to be with me even if we didn’t find an answer right away.”

- Julie N, Doctor



“Before I met Sarah, I hated my body. I was an obsessive, compulsive eater caught in a cycle of denying myself food only to binge later. It made my life miserable, and I never had any fun. I avoided parties and I had lost my spark, my enthusiasm and my love for life. Everyday I would wake up and think, here I go again.

Sarah has helped me to turn my life around.

Sarah’s strategies are brilliant and they don’t all revolve around food. For me, getting up ’2 hours before’ work or University has been the most transformational. I feel confident throughout the day, knowing that I have spent time on myself; I don’t reach for the nervous cookie or the stress chocolate. Sarah has taught me to fall in love with things other than food and to embrace my femininity. I enjoy every little detail of living from my eggs and toast on my beautiful vintage plate to booty shaking in a sexy outfit with the music pumping.

I have seen amazing transformations in my body: I have lost 10 pounds, my shape has changed and my clothes fit better. Before, I imagined that losing 10 pounds would be the best result imaginable from this program, but it’s not! Being able to love my body unconditionally and enjoy life to the fullest is by far the best result.

I had struggled with irregular periods for years and had seen every professional under the sun including, Chinese herbalists, doctors, nutritionists and more, but they never found an answer. After Sarah’s program, my hormones are balanced and I’m getting regular periods for the first time ever! This has changed due to Sarah’s amazing coaching.

If you’re thinking about working with Sarah, do it!!! Your life will change immensely. You’ll become one of those radiant women that light up the room with their smile. Your clothes will become looser, your life will become fun, your body will start to feel loved and you will feel feminine once again. This is a life-transforming experience that doesn’t stop once the program is over. It keeps you understanding, enjoying and learning about your patterns, habits and body.

Your obsession about food will move to an obsession about loving your body and having fun.”

- Bec, Aspiring Health Coach, Tasmania.


Christy Goldfeder

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about eating right and losing weight, and that it was me that was broken. Sarah helped reveal what was really missing and showed me an even better way of loving my body and my life. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her.

I’m still working on losing the weight, but I sure am living more. I get compliments on my looks all the time, and I feel happier and more alive. Sarah’s an amazing coach. If you’ve suffered with your body image or struggled to lose weight, you must hire her!”

- Christy Goldfeder, Gold Feather Copywriting


Stacy G

“I knew my wedding photos would be up in my house my whole life and I didn’t want a permanent reminder of how terrible I felt about myself. Not only did I look amazing in my photos after working with Sarah, but we went WAY beyond weight loss. Not only did I lose 15 pounds, I have less anxiety, my life is so much more fun and most importantly my relationship with my husband is so much more passionate and supportive.”

- Stacy G, Analyst



“Before working with Sarah I was a yoyo dieter. I was convinced that I would be happy only when I reached a certain weight. I focused on what I didn’t have and I put my body down a lot. As I learned from Sarah, if my body and I were in a relationship (which obviously we are; one of the closest of them all) then my body would probably demand a divorce due to all of the mean things that I say to it.

The biggest change has been my new-found awareness; for things I am doing, have done, and will continue to do. Without Sarah and her advice I think that I may have gone through my life in an unaware and disconnected state.

When I worked with Sarah before my wedding I lost about 15 pounds. I felt great, clothes fitted and my face was slimmer. When I look at my wedding pictures and see my cheekbones (that I never knew I could have!), I instantly have the biggest smile on my face.

Talking to Sarah about emotional eating helped me get to the core of my feelings and understand what I have felt for years without really knowing it. Sarah taught me to be my own #1 body fan!
Changes occurred in all areas of my life. Now everything seems to melt. My relationship with my husband is so open. We were always good communicators but Sarah taught me about what I specifically need to make sure that I am communicating, without assuming that it was or was not going to happen. Stress in my career will always be there but I am so much better equipped to deal with it; I am more even prepared for what comes my way. My energy level is amazing. It is so powerful to tap into your own energy using Sarah’s techniques.

If you’re considering working with Sarah, um duh, just do it!”

- Amy, Physician, NYC



“Before working with Sarah I had a great dislike for my body. I hated it so much and so I treated it like crap: bad clothes, bad food, the works. I even thought people didn’t like me because of my body.

I decided to work with Sarah because I wanted to lose the weight but I knew that other things had to change as well. I was smart enough to realize eating a Big Mac wasn’t going to help me lose weight but I would continue to eat it anyway. I wanted someone to help me get to the reasons behind why I still ate. Speaking to Sarah about emotional eating helped me to understand.

Now I am making a lot more time for myself. I thought if I did everything for everyone it would make me happy. I have learnt that putting myself first isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. Changes have occurred in all areas of my life. My clothes are heaps looser and my face has slimmed down a lot. Yay!! I am more relaxed and I have changed my outlook. I have realised that in order for positive change to occur I must be open to them.

Anyone considering working with Sarah should just do it!! The diets will never work unless you get to the real reasons why you eat.”

- Liz, Brisbane, Australia


Stephanie Foster

I felt fat, tired and old before working with Sarah. I was overwhelmed with day-to-day stuff. I decided that I wanted to do something for myself.

After making some keys changes like taking a lunch break and letting go of control in many areas of my life, my body feels lighter, both in weight and in mind. My face is slimmer! I’m still a little overweight, but I’m not so worried about it. I like my body a lot more now.

And so many other things have changed beyond my body. I have realized that I do not have to be in control of every situation; I’m okay with that! I used to get so frustrated that people around me weren’t doing what I thought they should do.

My fiancé and I don’t fight nearly as much. I have less anxiety overall. I am much happier. I really enjoy food; I savor it and eat really good shit. I don’t get mad at my body for not fitting into clothes; I just find clothes that fit. I’m not jealous of beautiful, happy women anymore; I feel like one!

Thinking of working with Sarah? I would say, do it! Sarah is so awesome! She knows what she’s talking about because she has lived it and has made transformations herself. She is real and easy to relate to. You feel like you have a friend on your side. One who wants the best for you.

There’s no pressure to be perfect.

- Stephanie Foster, Co-Owner of Church Street Flowers San Francisco, CA


Melissa Hoffman

Before working with Sarah I felt disgusted that I had ‘let myself go’. I felt frumpy and no longer as attractive as I used to be.

Now I feel better about my body and I can appreciate it more. I’m not in the shape I once was but I’ve stopped telling myself hateful things. I also love the healthy way of eating that Sarah has taught us.

Outside weight and food my life has changed greatly. I quit my dead end jobs to persure my dream career. It’s a big risk but I’m excited about what it means for my business. I’m so grateful for Sarah’s support, advice and inspiration!

I had lots of ‘a-ha’ moments when learning about feminine energy. What’s more, it really works! I went out-of-town for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, normally my boyfriend would use that as an excuse to live like a bachelor again, but when I came home, he had cleaned the house and done all the dirty dishes in the sink, which he usually leaves for me to do. He has also been really excited about our new way of eating and bought a wok so he could cook healthy stir fry meals. Yes, he has volunteered to cook us dinner! I feel like he has stepped up to the plate and has begun acting like a man. He is not a boy that I have to take care of. Thank you Sarah, for helping me realize that even small efforts can have big results!

To anyone considering working with Sarah, you are worth investing in yourself. There is no need to feel guilty about spending the money. The information that you will learn and the changes that you will make because of it are so worth the investment!

- Melissa Hoffman, Makeup Artist, Bay Area, California


Sara Beth Tew

I have a WHOLE NEW LIFE because of Sarah. I wake up and I think I’m beautiful and in my darker moments I’m able to see it as an opportunity to make my life more wonderful. I look at pictures from my engagement and see how tightly my fiance and I are holding each other, and not how big I think my arms or thighs look. I know without a shadow of a doubt I will LOVE the way I look on my wedding day because of her. I look forward to every event in my life and I know I won’t be bothered by the pettiness of how skinny or fat I look anymore. I’ll be ENJOYING MY LIFE! And by doing so my body will take care of itself.

- Sarah Beth Tew


Isabel Duke

When I first started my program with Sarah, I had already done a lot of work — a lot of therapy, a lot of coaching, and even an inpatient rehab-stint at one point. I had done everything possible to “get over my food issues,” but I still didn’t feel like I had the answer – like I wasn’t fully fixed.

Thus, I was indefinitely on the search for “the cure” to emotional eating and I was convinced I couldn’t go after what I really wanted in life until this mythical “fixed” thing actually happened to me.

Talk about Waiting on the Weight! I totally held myself back – from dating hot guys, from
enjoying cool clothes, and most of all, from sharing my experience with women suffering far more than I was – women who would one day ask me to be their coach.

Working with Sarah, I finally started taking action in both my personal and professional life. I started moving towards what I really wanted, regardless of my current weight, or what I thought my life “should” look like before coaching / dating / you-name-it.

Last month I launched my first professional website, and booked three initial consultations within 4 hours of my launch. I am totally indebted to Sarah for her guidance in this venture, and for getting me clear that life comes first — the weight is what follows.

- Isabel Duke. isabelfoxenduke.com


Marla Schechs

I signed up for Live More Weigh Less because I was stuck going to a job I hated and struggling with losing the weight I had gained during my pregnancy.  This program has helped me realize that I am not alone in my struggles.  I have applied the information shared in this program to all aspects of my life and have learned to be more gentle with myself.

Since Live More Weigh Less, I started volunteering at a local animal shelter and I love it!  I fostered a litter of kittens and ended up keeping one.  He is the sweetest, most loving kitty.  I’m totally in love!  If it weren’t for LMWL, I wouldn’t have volunteered or adopted this kitty. I am now eating without distractions, doing what I WANT for exercise and not forcing myself to go to the gym when I don’t want to.  I am quitting the job I hated going to; January 25th is my last day to be exact! Thanks to Live More Weigh Less, I was able to make that decision and move forward a lot sooner than I had anticipated.

The modules where Sarah talked about learning to trust that things will work out and learning to lean on your significant other have helped me tremendously on my journey.  Thanks to this
program I am at a much happier place in my life.

-Marla Schechs, www.marlaschechs.com



In the year and a half leading up to Live More Weigh Less I was struggling with my weight, body image, and self-esteem. I had my heart broken when a relationship ended and turned to food as a way to numb the pain. While I wanted to get out and start dating again, I hadn’t. Through LMWL, I was able to identify my fears and figure out exactly what has been holding me back in all aspects of my life–from eating to dating to my career. I stopped weighing myself and started focusing more on bringing pleasure into my life.  Since completing the program, I have a better relationship with my body and am much more present in my life, especially when I’m eating–which means I’m eating less and healthier.  Overall, I’m much happier and more confident.
I feel like I’m ready to take on anything!




I signed up for Live More Weigh Less because I knew it was time to face the “stuff” I was stuffing down with food. I’ve lost about five pounds, but I FEEL so freaking much

I’m really paying attention to what I eat — both during and after the meal, checking in with how I feel — and I’m letting more pleasure seep into my everyday existence.  It isn’t all work work work, then have some ice cream — it’s a much more gentle, soft, and abundant
experience of enjoying my shower, my music, my massage, my make-up, AND my food.

The most profound takeaway for me was understanding that when I was looking to food, I was REALLY craving something else entirely. I learned to stop eating like a shitbag with that one simple question: how will I feel in an hour?  It takes all the concerns about calories and diet away and REALLY makes me check in with my body.

Without LMWL, I would still be measuring, weighing, and despising food.

- Kristen