Live More Weigh Less Mastery is open for enrollment!

I wanted you to know that the doors for enrolling in Live More Weigh Less Mastery are open, and it would be so amazing to have the opportunity to work with you.

You can get all the details on the program and see if it’s the right thing for you here.

I know that this program isn’t for everyone, and I did my best to be clear about who this is for and to tell you everything you need to know, so you can make the right decision for you.  The exact content, the dates, and the structure are all spelled out here.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to make a decision, are we going to passively go through life, hoping that someday we’ll get it together enough to finally feel beautiful, love our job and be madly in love? Or are you going to decide that even though you’re busy, tired and have a million excuses why it’s not the time to focus on you, that it’s now or never.

All you need is the willingness to try a new approach, and the commitment to invest in yourself. I will handle the rest.

And if Live More Weigh Less Mastery isn’t the right fit, no worries at all, I just want you to know how much you deserve an incredible life and a body you love, and I hope you stop at nothing until you get it.

Also anyone who signs up between now and 8pm Eastern tonight (September 17th) will receive a super special welcome gift from me.  In it I’ve included my favorite things to help you Live More including my favorite book, a beautiful candle and a $100 gift card to Nordstrom’s.  Only the women who sign up before 8pm Eastern today on September 17th will receive this gift.

I also wanted to make sure you knew that this will be the last time I am running Live More Weigh Less Mastery until Spring 2015.  I’m looking forward to spending ample time with my baby and learning to live more with a child over the next year.  So this is your last chance to work with me for a while.  I hope you’ll decide to join us.

Here’s the page to check out if you’re interested in joining us: LMWL Enrollment Page.

Hope to see you at the virtual launch party tonight at livemoreweighless.com/launchparty to celebrate and hang out.

Sending you so much love and a big hug,


P.S. The best part about LMWL Mastery is the incredible women that enroll.  All of our alums will be taking the program again this year, so to check out who you’re gonna be hanging with and read about their stories, click here. I also wanted to share with you the incredible success story of Danielle, a Live More Weigh Less Mastery alum below.

From Danielle:

As my husband and I sat in our favorite brunch bistro, we watched waiters and busboys pass our table dozens of times. Back and forth and back and forth. For what felt like an hour. I started to get irritated. HELLO!??! I needed a box for the rest of my food. I didn’t want to sit there all day. It was really unlike them to leave us hanging like that. Then I looked down. And I started to laugh. I tried to hold it in but the giggles were coming and my eyes started watering because of it. They were passing our table without a word because I had only taken four bites of my food. They thought there was no WAY I could be done. No way. So I laughed. And laughed. Then eventually flagged someone down for a to-go box. Hi. I’m Danielle. I’m a food addict. I now have green smoothies for breakfast. All because of the Sarah Jenks. (and no, don’t worry, green smoothies are in no way a requirement).

(my delicious, barely touched duck confit sandwich that sat on that plate for a really. long. time.)


Two months before I was introduced to Live More, Weigh Less I was in a very, very dark place mentally & emotionally. I’d been on 4 legs of a severely restrictive diet that had helped me lose a lot of weight but after the 3rd leg, it was piling back on. I’d basically become a total hermit for over three months to be able to stay on the strictest phase of this diet and my body and heart were rebelling. I didn’t understand that at the time. I wasn’t tuned into my body. I thought my body was the LAST authority I should consult. I’d felt tortured for months and I just wanted my body to get on board. But I just kept gaining & gaining. I felt hopeless, desperate, misunderstood, alone, pissed off and freaked out. My self-worth was 100% wrapped up in my weight and I was sinking.

Then along came Sarah Jenks. After overlooking my friends link for LMWL on Facebook six times, on the seventh, I clicked. I knew from the first time I heard that upbeat, no-nonsense voice that she was meant to be in my life. When the program started, I listened to the weekly modules over and over and over. I got something new from them every time I listened. Yes, even now. More than once, the first time I’d listen to a module, I’d get my panties in a wad and be all ‘REALLY? That’s IT? Duh!’ It was all attitude. It was all thick walls of protection. It was all FEAR. Because, what I got irritated by and what seemed simple at first… were actually the most major life-shifting pieces for me.

My relationship with my body and with food is forever changed for the better in immense ways. I will never forget the first time I left food on my plate. I’d been so resistant to the idea… it was so emotional for me. But the moment I connected with my body and she was all ‘yeah, I’m good. I don’t want more’ and I saw how much was left… I was ecstatic. I was SO proud. I took photos! I continue to work on that one daily, sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. But for the first time, I know what it’s like to let my body make the call. And it feels like freedom, power and total independence from all the crazy diet ‘voices’ out there.

(the first time I left food on my plate. Shocking and delightful)


One aspect of my life where I’ve always known I’m on the right path is my work. I’ve been a photographer since I was in my teens and do photo shoots for fabulous women (a mix of fashion/boudoir/portraiture) that I conceptualize, style and direct. Absolutely nothing makes me happier than making women feel sexy, beautiful, strong and free (seriously, check out my recent blog post). I love every aspect of it. During the program, I got to do an incredible photo shoot with Sarah where we got to bond more. When I mentioned that I might want to change my branding because it was a style that I loved for personal bedroom décor but wasn’t sure it meshed with my work, she piped up without missing a beat and said ‘YES. You NEED to change your branding’. It was the exact support & kick in the butt I needed. It was like this little nagging voice in my head that I kept ignoring finally had someone stand up for it and say ‘DUDE! Let’s CHANGE this already!’ It was amazing to have someone really see me, see what I’m about and recognize that what I currently had wasn’t doing me any favors. It didn’t show my edgy/upscale/raw style. It didn’t speak to my personality or my ideal client. My feminine work was drowning in a sea of overly sweet branding. Sarah recognized that and didn’t hesitate to support me in my vision. I am SO excited to re-launch Danielle Fletcher Photography later this month with a brand that finally represents me.

And now… because of a random Facebook post where Sarah was trying to track down a trendy outfit… I am on the path to starting a 2nd business as a personal stylist for women who want to have more FUN with fashion! Fashion & beauty is in my blood and when this idea of starting a styling business came to me, I couldn’t believe that I actually felt (at least some of the time) like ‘sure! I can do that! Why not?’. The most remarkable part about it is the ‘me’ of one, two or five years ago would’ve never thought she could go out into the world and start something awesome like that. The words ‘Who do you think you are (to be successful, beautiful, loved etc. etc.)? rang in my ears so much I forgot they were there. But I suddenly felt that if someone as down-to-earth yet successful as Sarah can say to me with genuine belief ‘you should totally be a stylist!’… the only person who could stop me, was ME. So… I will hopefully be launching that business early next year! I’ve even already had a local boutique offer me a stylist commission. Amazing!

My marriage has also improved, along with my other relationships. Sarah’s uncanny ability to see the real problem and give you a tool you can actually use is worth every penny and then some. She cuts straight through the bullshit… with love, support and a giant dose of reality that was unexpected and totally refreshing. Before the program, I felt shame. Shame about not being perfect and deserving. Shame about taking up time, space, attention. Shame about having love from an incredible man when others don’t. When it came down to it, I had a giant lack of self-worth that I hated to admit to because I like to think of myself as independent, strong & never ‘needy’ (ick!).Sarah gave me what I needed (a wake-up call, a good cry and genuine support) to create deep emotional shifts and she is still pushing me personally to reach out and it’s bringing fabulous things into my life like a treasured new friend.

(on our way to the Fleetwood Mac concert!)


(me and the lovely Melissa Hoffmann. We were ‘set up’ by Sarah and are now close friends)


Then there’s maybe my greatest triumph (at least as an insecure, not-ideal-weight woman). I planned an anniversary ‘trip’ with my man to Sonoma and the goal was to spend as much time in and by the pool as possible. I tried for weeks to find a swimsuit that covered my thighs but everything looked and felt grannyish. Then one day I just thought… ‘What is the big freaking deal?’ With some support from the LMWL group, I hunted down a super cute, high-waisted bikini bottom and a few cute bikini tops. After several deep breaths on my lounge chair by the pool, I took off my denim shorts and let my thighs soak up the sun. I ordered a glass of bubbly to celebrate and it felt amazing. Little by little I got more comfortable and ended up walking all around the pool and spa area in just my suit. That was nearly 3 weeks ago and I can feel that the liberation, love and acceptance I showed my body has stayed with me. My thighs are what they are. I can hate them & beat myself up and be miserable or I can choose to accept them and have fun!

(being a dork on vacation)


I never dreamed that I would be at peace with my body or be happy while I was still overweight. I simply wouldn’t allow myself that possibility. But then Sarah & LMWL came along and I learned the emotional AND physical science behind the fact that loving myself as I am is, in fact the ONLY way to actually get to my ideal weight. Am I perfect? Heck no! I have so much further to go on this journey. But the beautiful reality is… I barely even recognize this body-accepting, green-smoothie drinking person. And dangit, I LIKE her!


  1. Megan · September 17, 2013 at 4:14 pm · Reply

    I love that you took a picture of your food. I had the same Aha moment when I left my remains. I remember thinking my fork was a security blanket. I think your beautiful and love how open and honest you are.

  2. Deborah · February 3, 2014 at 5:20 pm · Reply


    I love, love your black one piece in the boudoir shoot! So sexy. Who makes it?

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