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Did you know that many of our holiday traditions come from a time long before Christianity or organized religion? For example, a Christmas tree was once a symbol of everlasting life in the Winter Solstice celebration centuries before we celebrated the birth of Christ. And did you know that the traditional foods of Thanksgiving were originally part of the Autumnal Equinox celebration long before we landed on Plymouth Rock?

So many rich traditions from times when the Divine Feminine was alive have been adapted to fit a new script, but the reclaiming of these traditions is an incredibly powerful practice.

Reclaiming these traditions reminds us of our connection to the Earth, our connection to each other, and our ability to feel the magic all around us. We can remember a time when life was simpler and can come out of the cycle of overgiving, over-Instagramming, and overworking.  Sitting in circle honoring our ancestors like women have been doing since the beginning of time grounds us and helps us remember who we are. 

Halloween was a time when we used to honor our ancestors, and this occurred in many different cultures all over the world, but this practice got swallowed up by sexy costumes and sugar highs. I’m not knocking American Halloween – I’ll be out there with my kids and sneaking Snickers after bed – but we can have both the sacred and the secular in our lives.

If you live near Medfield, MA, I’d love to have you join Becca Piastrelli and me in person for Night of the Ancestors on Tuesday, October 30th, at 7:30PM ($30, click here to join), or you can join us for free on Livestream when you sign up for Magic Week here (a weeklong course in practical magic).  

We can’t wait to be with you during this thinning of the veils.


Sarah + Becca

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