Why a Jewelry Store Wedding Band Will Never Be Good Enough

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Finding the perfect wedding band is not as easy as you think.

I have heard so many times from my clients: “I went shopping for wedding bands last weekend and everything looks the same!”

If you are one of those people who consider their sense of style enmeshed with their personality, it can be frustrating to walk into jewelry store after jewelry store only to find the same thing at every store and the same thing that everyone else has. Let’s face it, it’s either some sort of Tiffany style ring (real or copied), something run of the mill and generic looking or something so designed and incredibly expensive that you could potentially take a mortgage out on it.

So how is a newly engaged couple able to find a symbol of their love that exactly represents who they are as individuals and as a couple?

Have your ring custom designed by an expert in creating engagement rings and wedding bands that match your personal style.

My friend, Tracy Matthews, is an expert at creating bespoke wedding bands that perfectly match her client’s personality, personal style and lifestyle.


A former SF girl, she is based in NYC where she works remotely with clients all over the world creating unique and completely personalized wedding bands (and other special pieces of jewelry). From bankers to fashionistas to yogis, she can nail down anyone’s personality into a ring that is expertly suited to them.


How does it work?

Tracy spends time getting to know her clients: everything from their lifestyle, to their sense of style to their dreams and desires.

Once she has a clear composite of you (or your fiancé), she spends hours at the drawing board creating hand sketches and design concepts.  She presents her clients with a series of sketches and images to review.  After a revision or two, she comes up with a final design for your approval. Once approved, your ring is made and in 2-4 weeks you have a completely original wedding band that represents you, your commitment and your personal style.

Why Now?  I am not getting married until April!

That is the best thing about friends; they are always trying to hook you up. She is offering a special discount to my friends from now until December 20th.

Here are the Details:

What: Tracy Matthews is offering 10% off bespoke wedding bands to the first 5 people or couples who respond.

When: The offer is Valid until December 20th or until the 5 slots are taken up.

How: Fill out her custom jewelry questionnaire right here and enter the Code: Breathtaking in the “who referred you section”

That’s it!  You can follow her on twitter here and go over and “Like” her facebook page here.


I hope you’ll take advantage of this amazing opportunity.


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