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Back to Me

Simple actions to take your life back, know your worth & feel alive no matter how drained, overwhelmed and far gone you feel.

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This free 7-day program, sent straight to your inbox is for you if…

  • You’ve had a big life change like a new baby or a career change, and don’t even know who you are anymore
  • You’ve had a lot of stress recently, maybe you’re working around the clock, just made a big move or just got your kids settled in school and you haven’t done anything for yourself.
  • You don’t even know if you have the energy to take care of yourself, all you can handle is Netflix and scrolling
  • You’re stuck in the pattern of taking care of everyone else and never find the time for you, and you’re starting to feel resentful, but also feel selfish taking time for yourself.

Get Instant Access to this Free Program!

about this program

You will receive one short email from me everyday that walks you through a simple action that takes 15 minutes or less, but will completely shift how you feel about yourself.

These are the exact things I do when I’m stuck in a rut. They will take you from feeling dead inside to feeling truly ALIVE again. And it’s really so simple. I know it feels like you can barely find time to shower, but if you give me 10-15 minutes a day for a week, you’re going to feel like a different person. Promise.

a personal note

After I had my first child in 2014, I felt like all of the freedom, magic, and sparkle of my life and soul was sucked out of me.

Being a mother was so all-consuming, and I watched as the best parts of me started fading away. When my second child came along, the amount of logistics, laundry, dishes, errands, cooking… sent me into total survival mode. I wasn’t happy, even though I had everything I thought I wanted, and I felt so guilty for not loving my life. I saw so many women struggling with the same thing. Where was the magic? Where was the adventure? Where was the joy? Where was ME!?

This program is what pulled me off the floor and into a state where I could actually create a life that felt like it belonged to me.

Get Instant Access to this Free Program!

I’ve been enjoying Sarah’s coaching magic for many moons. I started with the Back to Me program which taught me how to have fun living in my amazing body. Sarah totally delivered and I’m discovering new ways to embrace my divine feminine badass self. One of the things I love most is Sarah’s vulnerability in sharing insights from her journey right here, right now which encourages us all to open up and wake up. Thank you for helping women break free and be ourselves!

Elizabeth Beasley


It’s never too late to feel completely alive and wild! The Back to Me program helped me to get there. It took me a long time though. I felt so guilty and unworthy because I wanted to feel fully alive again! So after the program, I decided once and for all I was going to take charge of being my whole self with everyone. I’m a wild, rested, fun, playful person now! I love to dance, play, laugh, go on adventures and be one with nature. And the sex…well the sex is yowza!!?? Thank you Sarah for helping me get back to me!

Paula Palmer


The Back to Me program was amazing! It was much needed time just for me. I can’t remember the last time I had a bath without any interruptions! I loved doing all the activities and had my daughter join me in wearing bold lipstick. So Back to Me wasn’t just for me, it was for her too, with the bonus of quality time with great company. I feel blessed to have participated! Thank you so much, Sarah!

Marta Gomez

Where do I begin with the tremendous transformation I have gone through with Sarah Jenks leading me every step of the way? I will start with Back to Me. This program woke me up and made me really see myself for who I truly am, what I want in my life, and how to care for myself on the deepest level. I was able to show up better and bigger and more authentically in every space of my life. This changed my career, my lifestyle, and my relationships. This is where my journey began with Sarah and I have not looked back! Now I am in the Whole Woman community and I feel blessed to say I AM A WHOLE WOMAN and I do whatever the %^<¥ I want because of the support and guidance I have found in this community.

Kharizma McAnulty