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Beltane Temple

A workshop & ceremony to awaken your most unencumbered joy, creativity and sensuality

Hosted by:

Sarah Jenks

Wednesday May 1st, 11am EST/8am PST ONLINE

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about the online beltane temple

Temple is a way of holding a sacred container that allows us to drop out of our personality and into direct connection with our soul and the greater web of life.

It’s in this space that we can clearly see who we are and what our true expression and path is in this lifetime.  Beltane is the festival of joy, flowers, the hawthorn tree sensuality and fertility. It’s a time of reveling in the abundance of spring and to celebrate our creative spirit. 

In a world where we feel so much pressure to support everyone else, blend in, not be “too much” and give and give without receiving any true nourishment, it is so important for us to create time to explore the most unencumbered, fully expressed, wild, feminine, sensual, joyful, ALIVE, vibrant juicy version of ourselves. It’s only when we can own who we truly are that we stop the patterns of overwhelm, exhaustion, disease in our bodies and chronic unhappiness.

Sarah Jenks

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