May 2015

Are you treating your body this way?

If you had to give your body a career, what would it be?  Would she be a professional hugger? A human maker? A pleasure seeker? An intuitive? An artist?

Really. Think about it.

Maybe she already is one of those things.  But… are you nurturing that career?  Or are you pushing her into being something different… A runway model. A clothes hanger.  A professional instagram selfie poster. In short…

Are you skinny for a living?

Here’s the deal.  I could be a size 4 if I really wanted to.  I could eat only vegetables, spend 2 hours at the gym everyday, pass up dessert on date night, skip the red wine and drink juice for breakfast.  I could do that, but it would take up all my time and energy. I would have to be skinny for a living.

Now some people are naturally a size four, or naturally only want to eat vegetables and don’t like chocolate or wine, and that’s great for them.  And just because that is the body they were given doesn’t mean I need to want that, or that it should be as easy or simple for me (and maybe you) to look like them.  

I was given this body, and love eating meat, freshly baked bread, warm chocolate chip cookies, red wine and going for a walk instead of lifting weights, and that is great for me.

Now does this mean I don’t take care of my body?  Hell no.  I take impeccable care of my body. I move her regularly, eat a ton of vegetables and organic food. I take my supplements, get blood work done, drink green juice, get 8 hours of sleep and love her up.  I do the things that are easy for me, so that my body can do other things for a living like be a professional hugger, milk producer, babymaker, love maker, artist, singer and dancer.

You are here to be so much more than a glorified mannequin for your clothes, and you have to live your life in alignment
with that intention.  

So I’m wondering, are you caught in the trap of being skinny for a living?  Have you been duped into thinking that it should be easy for you to be a size 4 because she is? Have you ever considered that this is YOUR perfect body as long as you are taking care of her in the way that comes naturally to you?  And once your body quits her job of being skinny for a living, what is she going to focus on next?  What is her dream career?

I can’t wait to hear below:).

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  • Alex

    My body career is self love trainee. Learning how to love and care for my body and myself and getting better at it every day!

  • Love this so much Sarah!!! Going to share with my peeps 🙂

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Lisa. Happy you love it enough to share 🙂

  • Marie J.

    Thanks you so much for your post. I really loved your lines. I had never though about my body like a professional, with career. That’s sounds interesting. 🙂 I’ll keep reading your blog.


    • Sarah

      You’re so welcome, Marie. I’m glad you’re here!

  • trish

    My body is still in “school” deciding what her career should be. Just last night I took a long hard look at my body in the mirror and stopped – instead of pointing out all the things that were “wrong” I picked out everything that was beautiful. I picked out a dress to wear to school – I am a teacher – and just made myself feel and look pretty!!! My body is in training for a hugger, a meal maker, a playmate with lots of energy and a lover!!! Writing this made me smile. My inner “bitch” just got told to take a hike – this mommy is pretty, happy, hot and beautiful.

    • Sarah

      Great analogy, Trish. I’m so glad you took the time to adorn your body and feel good. Yes you are!

  • Sarah, I absolutely love this and shared it immediately! My body does have a beautiful, fun career that’s evolved in the past two years. Her job is to dance/move, to practice yoga, to be a performer of the arts, to be a hugger and a lover and she is happily living it. I actually had to give up all alcohol for my health, so I coach myself when I am with friends who drink and say, my body is my instrument. My body has changed so you are really helping me to love her, living more.

    • Sarah

      Erin – awesome. So glad you’re feeling inspired to love your body and live more!

  • Jeannine

    Love your message. It made me really think. Thanks for your beautiful attitude.

    • Sarah

      Aw, you’re welcome, Jeannine. Let me know what takeaways you receive as the message sinks in… xo

  • Andrea L. Robinson


    • Sarah

      This is inspiring, Andrea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  • Natasha

    Wow, I just realized my body has been a crisis manager. Thanks for the question Sarah!

    • Sarah

      Natasha, this is so juicy! What a great revelation; I hope it helps to shift some things for you.

  • This really spoke to me! Even though my weight generally falls into the skinny side by default, I never thought of the job I’m giving my body. I’ve definitely fallen into “being skinny for a living” when I was teaching nutrition, because I felt like I “had” to look and be a certain way. That’s extremely taxing, and not fun!

    Now that we’re getting ready to start a family, I know that the job my body is gearing up for is totally different than looking a certain way. It’s all about being really nourished, and welcoming for a little one (or two?!).

    You’re the best Sarah!

    • Sarah

      Nathalie, I’ve been there! Not fun at all. I love that starting a family is motivating you to better nourish yourself and your body. I’ve learned so much from my pregnancies and raising Marshall. xo

  • Sara

    Love this. I was a size 4/6 a few years ago. I did weight watchers and spent forever in the gym and literally LIVED to be thin. I was exhausted and my health paid for it. My hair fell out in huge clumps from the stress I was putting my body through. Now I am a size 14, not where I want to be but maybe someday.
    I went back to being a vegetarian, not to lose weight, but because I really wanted to, to save animals, I eat tons of yummy, healthy whole foods and feel better because of it. I stopped worrying about losing the weight, and am learning to focus on what i really want to do and be.

    • Sarah

      I’m so sorry you experienced that, Sara. It sounds like you have a much healthier relationship with food now…and hopefully your body, too. Great work! I hope that the content on this site can help you zone in on the specifics of what you want to do and who you want to be. Thanks for connecting.

  • Kara

    Lately, she wants to dance and move. She wants to play for a living, and I am letting her 😉 That includes food, what clothes I wear, how I move, music I listen (and dance) to.

  • LaRae

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMm this message feels so good! LOVE IT!!

    • Sarah

      You feeling good makes ME feel good, LaRae. Happy this resonated!

  • I simply adore this message!! My body is many things for a living and skinny certainly isn’t one of them. She used to be, but not anymore!! Great perspective! Thanks for sharing this as I’ll be sharing it far and wide.

    • Sarah

      Awesome! Thanks, Patranila. I think it’s an important message.

  • April

    Your message couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just thinking yesterday how when I was in my 20’s want I wanted to look like at 30. I’m not quite were I want to be, but the thing is I LOVE me. I love my smooth skin, the way my face is shaped, my eyes, my natural hair color…I feel so happy with me. I work out, enjoy life, eat good and love chocolate, and smile and happy about life. I gave my body what it truly needs. I had to learn that. But than I have a family member who seems to know when I feel at my best and stares at my middle section. Like I feel she doesn’t like me looking thinner or healthier than her. She finds ways for me to become unhappy. I don’t get it.

  • I love this post Sarah! I wouldn’t say I’m being skinny for a living (I’ve know for a long time that’s not my body type) but I am being “healthy” for a living; yoga, GF, vegan…. Thank you for bringing this up. I never really realized I was doing this and this is not what I want my bodies career to be. I want it to being a pleasure seeker. I LOVE this! This is what I’m focusing on from now on being a pleasure seeker!

    • Sarah

      Such a good point, Alyson. I know you’re not alone with that one. I’m soo excited about your body’s new career as a pleasure seeker. I hope you’ll check in and tell us how that goes.

  • Alexis

    “You are here to be so much more than a glorified mannequin for your clothes” – LOVE this!

  • keshakeke

    I have finally found my body’s career after about 10 years suffering with an eating disorder. I am in recovery and although it has been a fight I am finally on top! My career is being a Mommy to my beautiful daughter! I can truly say that she is my best friend. I have so much energy now that I can finally enjoy her. We love doing things together. We laugh, go to the beach, shopping….. It makes my heart sad that I missed so many years getting to know the beautiful and sweet girl that she is, but I am so thankful that I have lived through my ED so that I can enjoy her now! I am looking forward to many more years of being her MOMMY and friend!!!!!

    Thank you so much for this post! It is AMAZING!!!!!

    • Congratulations, KESHAKEKE! I’m so proud of all the strides you’ve made, and I really appreciate you sharing part of your journey with us. It sounds like you and your daughter have a special, fun relationship now. 🙂 Wishing you all the best.

  • Deborah

    Professional lover of humanity.

  • Janice

    You are happiest when you feel great-that means feeding your body the right fuel for you. But that fuel does need to be chemical free and grown the way God intended-ie you are what your food eats! When you eat properly and exercise, you have optimum energy, vitality, and attitude. You can live the life you love living!!!

    • Sarah

      Janice, I agree – those are some great ways to love and support your body, and there are many more! It sounds like you are happy and living a life you love.

  • Sarah, this is a FANTASTIC article. What a beautiful way to see your body. <3

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Karie. I’m so glad it was in alignment for you.

  • Courtney

    Thank you for the life changing questionyou posed today. Are you skinny for a living? From the bottom of my heart, I am so grateful! I wish I had better words to describe what a game changer that question has been for me today. I look forward to quitting that exhausting and energy draining job. Beautiful possibilities await!

    • Sarah

      You are so welcome, Courtney. Beautiful possibilities do await, and I can’t wait to hear all about them. 🙂

  • There was a girl in an eating disorder recovery group I was in who said that one day, she had a panic attack when co workers went out for a beer. She was scared of the calories in beer but wanted to connect. So she did the seemingly impossible: she had a beer and hung out. She said, “I’d rather drink a beer, calories be damned, than be alone with my bones.”

    Being skinny doesn’t taste as good as living a delicious life.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for sharing this story, Cakespy.So true.

  • This is so beautiful, what a very powerful message, and connection!! I understood this in such a profound way, and really appreciate you sharing this
    I have been reading and following your post for about a year now. And feel very drawn to your style and vibe.


    Annie Cataldo

    • Sarah

      Awesome, I’m so happy to hear that, Annie. Thank you for reading!

  • Lynn

    I used to be a size 2 and was a borderline anorexic. It was horrible pressure to maintain a 95 pound weight and not physically or emotionally healthy. So now that I have gained 25 pounds and am a size 10, I’ll tell you it sure is better than all that pointless effort to be thin! Life is to be lived and food is a wonderful part of our life. Of course I eat lots of nutritional foods along with those extras food and beverages. I love to cook and entertain as well. Part of my healthy lifestyle is doing a meditation & yoga practice every morning and also enjoy long walks when the weather permits & use a home gym during winter months. I will be 60 this year, just retired and am having the time of my life pursuing fiber arts! Life is too short to diet!

    • Sarah

      Lynn, what a beautiful outlook. Thank you for sharing your journey, here. Cheers to 60 and living (even) more!

  • Kathy

    i don’t want and have never wanted to be Skinny! I was really slim when I got married 41 years ago, but I was a teenager (18 years old, barely), so with that in mind I want to be slim, feel good, look good, and be healthy! I have lost over 50 lbs and I am exercising and eating better since my husband passed last year! I want to continue on my journey and get slimmer, firmer, and more determined to stay healthy. I was so sick helping my Mom and Hubby while they were ill and then I was in trouble and has to do something quickly before I was on the other side of the green grass! So, we/I are/am the only ones that can change anything in our lives! I thank God everyday for helping me on my journey. A journey can mean many things to many people. My journey is different from everyone else due to I am an individual and have different wants and needs, so I must do “My” own thingy for me and me alone!!!!!! Have a Great week and year ahead with “Your” Journey….Thanks, Kathy

    • Sarah


      Thank you so much for sharing some of your journey with us. You’re so right about each of us being unique and how important it is to do things for ourselves. Thanks again, and I’m wishing you all the best on the rest of your journey!

      Love, Sarah

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