Jul 2015

Can we get a little woo woo?

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Angela Wilkinson founder of The Awakened Goddess Show to talk about how spirituality and weight loss go together.  In a world where cleanses and crossfit run the show, you don’t often hear the words “God” and “Emotional Eating” in the same sentence.

And you may not know that I roll this way, but I’m pretty woo woo.  I’m a tarot card reading, crystal healing, angel channeling maven. And I am damn proud of it.  

To me, being able to access that other magical dimension is one of the best tools I have for creating a beautiful life and my ideal body.  

So if you’re sick of reading about the benefits of going gluten free… perhaps this will be a welcome change.You can listen to our podcast right here: http://sarahjenks.wpengine.com/awakenedgoddess

I hope you love it!




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