Sep 2011

[Video] Do you worry that if you accept your body, you’ll never lose weight?

The other day my client told me, “Sarah, I’m worried that if I accept my body, I will never lose weight. I’ll get lazy and just eat whatever I want.”
It’s so common to feel like the only way to reach a weight loss goal is to hate your body, else where would you get the motivation?  Unfortunately, this idea that hate is a motivator makes us spend our days feeling unworthy, uncomfortable, pissed and like **life won’t start until we lose 20 pounds**.

But, did you know that it’s the **LACK of acceptance** that’s preventing us from losing weight? Click on the video above to see what I mean (if it doesn’t make sense yet, I promise it will) and how to start using acceptance as your most important tool for weight loss.  It’ll just take 5 minutes:)
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