Apr 2017

Enjoy blooming

Two weeks ago I sat down to write you a letter. It was my second day back at work after being home with the kids for a while and I was excited to get back to my old routine.

I finished my taxes in record time and opened a new document to bang out a blog post. Nothing. I stared at a blank screen for half an hour until I gave up.

Part of me was pissed and frustrated. I had two hours to get some writing done and it wasn’t flowing. Had I lost my touch? Maybe I didn’t have anything good to say. I’ll probably not have anything good to say every again… so goes my inner critic.

I let her rant for a bit and then checked in with my soul self. She told me to close the computer and go into nature.

I went to an outdoor hot tub spa where I could soak naked under a redwood tree. As soon as I submerged, I closed my eyes and asked, “what do you want me to do?”

Instantly I heard, “Enjoy Blooming.”

We’ve all been told to “enjoy the ride” or “enjoy the process” but to me, that meant, “stop complaining about the crappy work that goes into getting what you want.”

When I opened my eyes I saw a waxing moon hanging peacefully in the sky and a flower with tight petals still protecting its pistil from the early spring air. Nature was reflecting the natural, intelligent and beautiful process of blooming – an exciting time of potential, in between and growth.

So instead of trying to “hurry up and get there” I’m enjoying the blooming. I’m feeling the joy of the subtle changes I’m feeling in my body as I’ve been committing to moving her and strengthening her. I’m witnessing my creativity building each day and relishing in the spark that happens when a new idea appears. I’m so fascinated by how I feel different every morning when I wake up, a bit clearer and happier every day.

Here are 10 ideas (that I’ve tested) for “watering” yourself, you know, so you can bloom 🤗.

  1. Put away the technology and sit in nature for an hour
  2. Take a bath
  3. Walk around naked
  4. Go to a yoga class (you don’t need to become a yogini, just go to one)
  5. Wear a long flowy dress to nowhere special
  6. Skip the wine
  7. Have a long lunch with a friend
  8. Get some support with what ails you (like Live More Weigh Less Membership perhaps 🤔)
  9. Braid your hair
  10. Eat happy foods

Winter, the season in nature or in our emotional lives can take a toll on us, but it’s all part of the cycle. Now that we are in spring, don’t rush to summer where we will feel like we have “arrived”. Enjoy the blooming.


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  • Cheryl

    Sarah I have to tell you I am in the same spot. Working these three jobs and trying to get my own wellness program off the ground with being an at home mom just sitting back and enjoying seems impossible. With your positive inspiration today I just looked outside and took a deep breath. Even think my 2 year old was repeating mama 509 times a minute, my hair was falling out, my new program I am trying to figure out so I can have an online presence and thebohkne is ringing off the hook I saw it. I really saw it. A raven was flying above the trees and I was able to see the outline of his wings and the cloud. Omg it was gorgeous. I felt a little like Edward in Twilight hehehe. Thank you for being there for me Sarah. Even though we do nkt know each other I appreciate you so much everyday.

    • Oh you are so welcome! I am glad you saw a raven flying and experienced some magic in your day. It’s always there if we just notice.

  • If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that writers feel “stuck” more often than non writers. Simply because we get “stuck” in our writing. But there’s nothing at all wrong with that. Sometimes I write a masterpiece, sometimes I write nothing. As with all creativity, the important thing is to respect it when it comes and when it goes. And never to take it personally when it goes.

Sarah Jenks

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