Feb 2016

How I (mostly) make it all happen

Last week I revealed a lot about my personal relationship with money and why I work so hard. This week I want to answer a question I get all the time:

“Sarah, how do you do it all, and make it look so easy?”

Short answer: I don’t do it all, and it’s not easy, but there are two things I swear by which are the foundation of my life and business.


Here’s the deal, being a Mom is really, really hard.  Just last week we had to pull Marshall out of daycare, Annabelle was up all night for a week and Jonathan was down and out with pneumonia.  And I found a homeless man sleeping in my car (ok not a mom issue per se but so NOT what I needed).  It’s unpredictable, amazing, exhausting, and as soon as I feel like I’m in a rhythm, something changes. But that’s the nature of motherhood, and my only option is to embrace it… #lifegoals.

So when it comes to my work, I don’t want it to feel like motherhood. I can’t energetically or financially afford it to be elusive, unpredictable, stressful or crazy.  I have enough of that in my life. And I bet you do too, whether you’re a mom or not.

I realized early on that just having big dreams and lots of drive is not enough, because I spun my wheels for three years with the same dreams and chutzpah I have today.  Drama drama drama.  I remember having all of these ideas, but I didn’t have the structure to pour them into to make them a reality.  My dreams were like helium, substantial and airy but hard to hold onto, and often just disappeared into thin air.  I needed a balloon.  

video 3
The thing that finally made my business catch, my balloon, was learning online marketing from Marie Forleo.  I finally had a container, a system that was spelled out for me, a strategy to bring my ideas and dreams to reality and actually make money sharing them.  

Marie just released the third video in her free training on how to make 6 or 7 figures online and it’s only available for a few more days.  This video it takes you behind the scenes of her multi-million dollar business (I know, she’s a badass) and she addresses the seven most common questions people have when starting their own business online.  


I am the first person to say that your work does not need to be your purpose. Sometimes we have a great job that pays us well, feels easy and fun and allows us to fulfill our purpose or pursue our calling outside of work.  But, that was never going to work for me.  

The other day a friend asked me if I would still work if Jonathan made enough money to supports us. YES, absolutely.  Here’s why: whenever I see someone on a diet to lose weight, I get really pissed.  When I hear a little girl call herself fat, or my friend says she’s trying to lose weight for her upcoming vacation, I just about lose my mind. Or when a friend of mine talks about how she can’t go after what she wants because her husband will never go for it, I get so wound up I have to take the rest of the day off.  
The work to help women stop waiting on weight, money or men to get what they want CALLS ME.  

I wake up thinking about it at night, I get ideas in the shower, I think about my clients all.the.time. and I can clearly see a world where women spend more time tending to their souls than to everyone else’s needs or expectations and it is the most amazing place.   I need (like a heart driven intense craving) to play my role in making that world happen.

When I am following my calling, and I get paid for it (this allows me to take care of myself and my family and provide incredible experiences for my clients) it feeds me as a woman, and if I am fed, I am good mother AND (most importantly) I feel like a whole woman.  

So now I want to ask you, how are you going to make it all happen?  What do you need to feel like your work isn’t adding fuel to the fire but is feeding your fire?  Is there something you feel called to do? And can you imagine how freaking incredible it would be to be paid to follow that calling?  To really make a difference?  

And imagine what it would be like to not just get paid, but to get paid REALLY WELL! To have an income that would support every desire you have.  That is possible for you!!!

Marie Forleo’s free training is the first step to making that happen for yourself and you can access that here.

Also, since I love B-School and am so grateful for all it has created in my life, I want to introduce you to Marie Forleo personally.  On Monday, February 15th at 5pm ET / 2pm PT, Nisha Moodley and I are are hosting a LIVE Business Jam Sesh with Marie on the phone.  

AND we are excited tell you that Nisha and I are going to be putting one woman through B-School. Your tuition will be completely covered PLUS we’re giving that person a free ticket to our annual retreat, Live Free in San Francisco, Live More Method and Artistry of business. To enter to win this amazing gift, sign up for the call and ask Marie a question, please go here: SarahJenks.com/marieqa.

As part of B-School Love Fest 2016 ;), I have teamed up with Nisha Moodley to bring you the most helpful, supportive, complete and soulful bonus we could think of. We are seriously so proud of what we’ve created for you. For more information about these bonuses, click here.  You can receive these three gifts for free if you sign up for B-School through us when it opens on Wednesday, February 17th.  

I hope to “see” you on Monday!



P.S. Sometimes when I learn that someone is a multimillionaire I get really intimidated and jealous, thinking that she must have something I don’t have.  But I just need you to know that Marie is regular woman, completely self-made.  AND please know that you have everything it takes to create the abundance and wealth you desire, you just need the education and strategy to make it a reality.  I hope you can experience Marie’s genius first hand on Monday February 15th at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern for our Business Jam Sesh.  Here’s the link one more time: SarahJenks.com/marieqa

I’m a proud affiliate of B-School and although I may earn a referral fee based on my recommendation, I only share programs that I have personally experienced first-hand and really believe have the power to help you create the life you deserve.



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