Mar 2014

How my front hall closet changed my relationship


I am SO excited for this month’s blog babysitter. I’ve been dying to introduce you to her fabulous work. You’re going to love love love her.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love home design.  It’s not overstating it to say I’m kind of obsessed. You also probably know that I believe creating a gorgeous space is vital to obtaining the life and body you want.

Lucky for us, this is what my friend and Interior Coach, Rebecca McLoughlin’s work is all about.

Last summer I was really struggling at home. I felt uninspired and – frankly – bored with our space. Normally when I feel this way, I have a go-to set of tricks.  Buying fresh flowers, a new coffee table book or fabulous bedding usually does the trick but for some reason, this time nothing was working. I literally started to dread coming home.  WTF?  Awful, right?

I knew something was wrong.  I thought I wanted to move (!) but what I really needed was Rebecca.

Now, Rebecca’s not an interior designer – though my house looked amaaaazing after we worked together. She’s a coach who works with people to make their physical spaces support their goals and dreams. We started by talking about some of the hot spots that were bothering me in the house and we talked about the challenges that were coming up in my life: fighting with Jonathan, feeling unmotivated at work and apathetic about starting a family – something I thought I “should” have been into at that point.

When Rebecca came to my home she immediately identified where I was holding stuck energy and we got straight to work. Even though everything looked “perfect” on the outside, my closets, drawers, and secret storage spots (like under our bed – don’t look!) were a mess.  And as she sweetly pointed out, this was actually representative of how I was living my life – clean and polished on the outside, struggling and overwhelmed underneath.

Ooof. Reality check. She was totally, totally right and all that internal mess/external perfection was exhausting me. I was determined to help get my insides (home and heart) in alignment with my outsides.

Together, we went through every nook and cranny of my home. I sorted through every ticket stub, post it note, and college picture around.  I released outdated cocktail dresses, books, cosmetics and dishes I didn’t love or use anymore. I threw out and donated three carloads of stuff.  It felt amazing.

Throughout all this purging and cleaning, Rebecca also helped me work through and release the emotional attachments I had to “things.” All of that behind-the-closet-door chaos was blocking me from a home and life that felt fun and full. And when I let go of all the stuff, I also let go of the emotional baggage that was tied up with it. I had no idea how many emotions were hiding in the secret corners, drawers, and closets of my life.

After we cleared out all the clutter, we rearranged my furniture. No exaggeration, my apartment felt like a totally different space! My kitchen felt like an open and airy french country retreat and suddenly I wanted to cook extravagant meals again.

But this was the craziest change: before my work with Rebecca, Jonathan would come home from work stressed out and a little edgy – it made me crazy and I’d often get super defensive and pick fights. But after we cleared out the entry way and front hall closet, he’d walk in the house with a huge smile, completely at ease. All that stress-inducing, chaotic energy had been triggering him as soon as he walked in the door, and we’ve barely fought since. It’s crazy how the changes that a well-organized coat closet can make, right?

On top of that, the final and most incredible thing that happened – I got pregnant!  Really and truly, I believe that sorting out my home allowed me to feel grounded, safe, and happy with where I was in my life, which called in our sweet baby boy. An absolute miracle.

I can’t communicate the importance of addressing your space enough.  Sorting out my living space helped me work through all sorts of emotional challenges (many of which I didn’t even know were an issue) that were quite literally weighing me down.

Rebecca is a master at her craft, an absolute joy to be around and a true healer.  I feel so lucky to have her in my life and am SO excited for her to share some basic tips to help you get started cleaning up your own space today! Enjoy and be sure to download her GORGEOUS ebook, “The 5 Keys to Wake up and Love Where You Live.” It is steller and FREE!

From Rebecca:


I believe that beautiful living starts on the inside.

Look around you. Your space is an extension of you. It’s like your body: it holds your life.

Where are you sitting right now? In your home? Your office? Are you in a comfortable chair? Sprawled on the sofa? At a desk or a table? Do you have enough light? Can you see something beautiful?

We all have relationships with our space and while this is mostly an unconscious relationship, our space is a powerful mirror of our interior lives.


Messy bed, messy head.

The old adage, “messy bed, messy head,” is actually pretty accurate. Our homes are a manifestation of our personalities, our hopes and fears, our goals and dreams. But sometimes, our spaces hold echos of the past and become filled with things that no longer serve us. Despite our best efforts to move on, our homes can bind us to events, energies, and memories we need to let go of.

The spaces we live in are visible, livable metaphors for our inner worlds. Click to share.

Chaos outside will breed chaos inside; likewise, internal energy or tranquility will be reflected in the ways you choose to inhabit your spaces. If your space is contaminated with clutter when you crave clarity, if your home is pale and peaky while you’re seeking vibrancy and excitement in life, it’s much harder to reach your goals.

And that chaos isn’t just limited to our living spaces – I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of stuffing our closets to overflowing, often with clothing that doesn’t fit or flatter us anymore.  Just like our spaces, our clothes tend to hold meaning far beyond what they are. Remember the presentation you bombed in that red suit? What about the amazing night out you had in that LBD that doesn’t fit anymore?

It’s crazy how much meaning we put into our clothes. Even when we don’t wear them any more, they sit in our closet taking up room and creating the experience of a photo album rather than a place to store clothes.

Things hold memories – whether it’s a sweater from a first date or vase from the friend you no longer talk to – this stuff can sap energy from an otherwise positive space. Are you honoring yourself with the objects you choose to keep around?  Our spaces should be in flow with where we our in our lives and where we are going.  When your space truly supports your needs you’ll find yourself happier, more productive and centered.

A beautiful, well-intentioned home reflects your true self back to you.


Creating a space that authentically, beautifully represents you and supports your current place in life can feel overwhelming. But there’s an answer to every block, a solution to every stuck situation.

Now it is time to take action!

In your home:

Take another look at where you are sitting right now. Is your space meeting your immediate needs? Do you have enough light, warmth, comfort, and support? What could you change to better meet your physical, functional needs?

Take a few hours or a full day to clean out your closet. Enlist a trusted friend to you ask questions and move you forward when and if you get stuck. Three of my all time favorite questions while going through this process are….Do you love it? Do you use it? Does it represent you? If the answer is no, why are you holding on to it?

In your heart:

Think about how you truly want to feel in your life. Do you want more clarity? More beauty? More joy and vibrancy? How could you bring those traits into your home right now?

Reflect on what your clothes and your closet might be mirroring in your body or emotional life. Are you holding on to things you don’t need any more, or trying to live in a time that has passed? Sit with whatever comes up, journal about it, or share it here in the comments below.


Hi, it’s Sarah again! Pretty great stuff right? Ok, now in the comments below, tell us one thing that that you love about your space and one thing that maybe needs some attention and what you game plan is! Can’t wait for you to start creating a home for your beautiful body and life to live in!

We can’t wait to hear from you.


Rebecca & Sarah


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  • As a pack-rat with “spring cleaning” on my mind this rings true on so many levels. Rebecca will you travel to Maine??? In all seriousness, how do I find someone like Rebecca? I am sure I can google “home organizer” but there seems to be an intangible gift that she has. On a side note, I have restarted the mastery classes with a handful of women…it’s awesome! And I wasn’t sure what to do for adventure week because I need to stay around for some stuff I don’t want to miss at school with my kids. Spending the week hiring someone to purge the house sounds like just the adventure I need. Sarah thank you for always having the answers to my questions (sometimes before I even know I have the question). Sending lots of love (and good sleeping vibes) to you and the family

    • Hi Kate!

      So glad that this rings true for you and how fun and exciting that a big edit could be part of your adventure week for LMWL. I love that! And yes I definitely do travel. In fact…I am going to be on the east coast working with several clients in April. Could be meant to be? Contact me if you are interested and lets see if we can make this adventure happen!

      Sending love,

      • Hi Rebecca, I just sent you a message via your site!!! i hope we can make this work…

        • Jessica

          Hi, was looking of a way to contact Rebecca? I happened to speed read this blog post and I could really use some interior organizing with a mental health focus! It’s interesting how I spend so much time cleaning and cleaning the surfaces and spaces in my small house that can be “seen” but my bureau drawers and closets are just full of STUFF… lots of “projects to be done later” like photo collages and half broken things to fix… Anyways. I found this interesting and was looking for more help!

    • Hi Sarah and Rebecca! Great post!
      I couldn’t concur more.
      As I look at my Audrey Hepburn HUGE picture on my studio wall, my icon, she totally inspires me to create.
      I can relate to those low energy spaces.
      As I look over at a ole antique desk that sits in the corner of my studio and desperately want to replace it with a unique setting for reflection, I am confident it will inspire me more to create!
      Cleaning our surroundings is the key to incredible co creation!

      Best, and blessings
      Jewelry designer and international photographer
      Please feel free to register(it’s free) with caitrinsdesigns@gmail.com, just your name and email address will do if you would like to be placed on my upcoming website which enables you to view some summer jewelry designs including my gold earrings series.

      Thanks to all!

      • Exactly Catherine!

        You get it! Best of luck creating a new and support space to help you create.

        Be sure to let us know how it goes!

        Sending love,

  • Wow! Was this a message from the universe or what!? My mom is coming to visit today (it’s gparents day at school) and said she wanted to come over to help me with “stuff”. Previously, I didn’t know what I was going to have her help me with and then a few days ago I decided my closet….it’s huge it’s the size of a NYC studio apt. And then THIS post was the first one in my inbox today!!!! Time to get my hidden spaces cleared out. I hope I have the dame results you do, baby and all!!!

    • Hi there!

      Isn’t it the best when the universe has amazing timing! So great. And how wonderful that you Mom is coming to help you clear out your closet. Wishing you deep, fun and revitalizing closet makeover today. Be sure to let us know how it goes and what amazing results YOU also experience! 🙂

      Sending love,

  • Sarah, thank you for sharing this. What a fantastic post!

    You’ve inspired me to get serious with clearing my space. I’m guilty of ‘tidy on the outside, messy on the inside’. I’ll probably start with my desk and my closet. My action step today will be getting some boxes and refuse sacks ready!

    Someone once said: “If you’re not careful, the things you own in life, end up owning you”. Scary, but true. I think when we clear our lives of unnecessary objects, we are less distracted, and can turn that focus towards what really matters – relationships, loved ones, and self care.

    Welcome Rebecca – and all the best with your blog babysitting! Such a cute idea. You guys rule.

    Much love from the UK

    • Thanks so much for the warm welcome Phoebe!

      I love that saying and definitely agree that connecting to and clearing out our spaces helps us dial into what really matters and live more from our unique and essential values. Couldn’t agree more actually! 🙂

      So glad that you are feeling inspired to clean up some of your “inside” spaces. I am curious..does this metaphor cross over into other ways you live your life?

      Be sure to let us know how it goes!

      Sending love,

  • Erica

    Hi there,

    I’m new to your site, but wanted to comment here. I couldn’t agree more with Rebecca’s philosophy, but I – like you did – need a Rebecca! I’ve worked with an “organizer” before, which was great! But – she had absolutely no sense of design and space – it just wasn’t her thing – and it was truly the missing link to creating a home I love. My home is starting to get chaotic again, but not only that, it’s just not the space I want to live in! I need help! Like the first commenter — how do I find a Rebecca in St. Louis, MO? Thanks!

    • Hi Erica!

      I am so excited that this work speaks to you! It really is about creating spaces that do feel complete. (At least for a little while. Life changes. We change. Our space should change.) Although organization is definitely a piece, design, function, beauty, flow, etc are all equally important. I love that you see this.

      Sounds like you are on the forefront of making some amazing changes in your space but needing a little loving support along the way. Most of us do! Some organizers have more design aesthetic then others. My suggestion would be to continue interviewing until you find someone who really understands what your needs and desires are for you space. Also…I definitely travel and/or am able to work with people virtually as well. Feel free to reach out if it feels right.

      Thanks for you comment!

      Sending love,

      • Erica

        Thanks so much for your response, Rebecca! Hmmmmm…. Maybe virtual 🙂

        I’m going to do some some looking around locally, but I just may be back in touch, too!

        All my best and again, thanks,


  • MayraB

    I love love love my bedroom! It has always been important to make it my haven, my sanctuary. Even as a teenager I disliked having a TV in there. It is a place to rest and relax and the occasional “workout” ;)… My bed is ALWAYS made and has plenty of pillows to make it inviting – like a hotel bed. I almost always have fresh flowers in there as well. I never have clutter on my dresser or other flat surfaces. Everything is always put away or put out of sight…. which is why I need to purge my closet. It’s been on my mind for the past month! But my weekends have been go go go… after a weekend getaway I have planned for next week I plan to COMPLETELY empty out my closet (not just tidy it up while stuff is in there) and put everything back one by one so that I can truly get rid of things I no longer need. Great post! It’s true that your home affects your life… which is why no matter how hectic work/life/home is, my bedroom always offers me a place to relax, meditate, and/or forget. 🙂

    • Hi Mayrab!

      Mmmmm a gorgeous, relaxing, sacred hotel like bed and bedroom is just THE BEST! 🙂 And how amazing that you figured this out at such a young age! Good luck on your big closet edit and be sure to let us know how it goes!

      Sending love,

  • Rebecca

    One particular statement in this really struck a cord for me “clean and polished on the outside, struggling and overwhelmed underneath”. This is me! I keep everything truly welcoming and beautiful in my home, there is almost nothing I don’t like about it, but go in to the back pantry (I keep it hidden and closed), my closet, or in my drawers and it is chaos! I just realized last year that this is also how I live – externally things looks put together, internally it’s chaos. Interesting how we mimic that in our living space! This has inspired me to clean up my closets and other spaces where things get thrown. Thank you!!

    • Hi Rebecca!

      Thanks so much for your honest comment. I think so many of us struggle with being put together on the outside and it looking/feeling very different on the inside. How wonderful that you have also been able to see how this is a metaphor for how you live your life as well. Nice work! I am so happy you are feeling inspired to give your closets and other hidden parts of your home some attention and I can’t wait to hear about what shifts this will create for you. Both internally and externally!

      Sending love,

  • I’m so excited to see this! I’ve hired Rebecca to do some serious interior purging with me in early April. I think the only thing I love right now is my dining room, and even that is open for discussion. It’s a small farmhouse table with eclectic chairs along with guitars hanging on the wall, which I think shares me and my husband’s personal passions. It’s the only area that stays free of clutter and I always have fresh flowers on the table. But beyond that, I feel like there’s chaos in the closets, my daughter’s room, and I run my six-figure business on a $20 Target desk (I was so broke when I started my biz). I’m ready to grow into what I’ve built and let my insides reflect my outsides for sure.

    • Yay Jadah!

      I can’t wait for our work together in April! We are going to have so much fun! I have a feeling that the process of updating your home to not only better support yourself and your sweet family but also your rocking business is going to be a powerfully positive one. Thanks for stopping by!

      Sending love and a big hug,

  • Awesome post! Could not have come at a better time, I am just in the middle of moving in to a new place with my boyfriend (two homes moving into one!) so now is our chance to get rid of clutter and only bring the belonging we truly love. We really want a space we feel great in, clear of ‘stuff’ and can really feel peaceful and at home. Can’t wait to fill up some donation boxes and get rid of all the old! Thanks Sarah and Rebecca 🙂

    • Hi Alicia,

      Moving in with you sweetie is such an amazing and special time! Sounds like you are both on the same page about the intentions and values you want to bring alive in your new space as a couple. That is wonderful! Best of luck clearing out before the big move and ejoy this precious next step in your relationship. It is a big one, but also extremely beautiful. Thanks for you comment!

      Sending love,

  • Jennifer

    Well, two things I love about my space is that the back of the house is full of windows looking out onto the patio and we just redid all of the flooring to an easy care surface. We still need to sort thru some….ok a lot of things that got put in the garage during the floor project!

    • Hi Jennifer!

      Thanks so much for sharing. Lots of windows and great flooring create such an amazing foundation in a home. Best of luck working through your garage. Maybe try to put a date in your schedule to start the process little by little? Garage projects have a tendency to fester. 🙂 Be sure to let us know how it goes!

      Sending love,

  • Sarah,

    Thanks for this. I just moved into my new home office and out of our dinning room and it has really helped me feel better about my business. I love my new office because it is not cluttered and the same with our dinning room (now we can eat our meals at the table). I have fresh flowers in both rooms. My next project is to de-clutter the kitchen and to organize the pantry. This is truly inspiring

    • Yay Sarah!

      Congrats on creating a home office and dinning room that you love and is truly nourishing you and your family! So wonderful. Keep up the fabulous work and be sure to let us know how the it goes in the kitchen and pantry!

      Sending love,

  • Stephanie

    I need this. I need this so much. How do I get my husband to help though? There are three laundry baskets of clean clothes that I’ve folded of his that haven’t been put away yet. Do I just need to bite the bullet and do it myself? He seems perfectly content with the disaster.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks so much for you comment. It is amazing how our space can bring up the normal (although often frustrating) differences between ourselves and our partners. My suggestion would be to think about why you want him to put away the clothes in terms of your needs, desires and values. This will allow potential conversations with your hubby to address any underlying differences that the laundry may be a stand in metaphor for. Does this make sense to you? Be sure to let us know!

      Sending love,

  • I’m not even clean on the outside — the places I inhabit oftentimes look like a war zone. And I’m fine with this, but my fiancé is not. He’s a neatnik. Realizing that something’s gotta give for us to coexist peacefully, I’ve started to take pictures of things of mine and keep them filed in Evernote with notes and stories and stuff like that, which has become my proverbial attic full of memories. That way I’ll always have them, but not have to make room for them in my physical world.

    I’ve also noticed that I usually end up using (and liking) things that I’ve had with me for a bit of time as opposed to new things. So this has definitely made me stop and think before buying new things… if I’m not going to like it as much as something I already have, why buy it at all?

    • Hi Catherine,

      What an awesome and creative idea of taking picture to preserve the memories but also allowing more space in you present environment. I love that! And there is absolutely not reason to buy something new if you have something you love and use already. It sounds like your space is working for you! Thanks for sharing!

      Sending love,

  • LaRae

    I absolute LOVE both Sarah AND Rebecca!! I had a coaching session with Rebecca on MONDAY and my life has ALREADY changed for the better!!

    Rebecca is truly a healer, as Sarah stated in this blog. She sensed through my words and my voice everything I wasn’t saying. I am so grateful to Rebecca for all the positive things that have happened since she and I chatted!


    • Hi LaRae!

      Awe thanks so much for you sweet and kind words. I adored out time together on Monday and am so happy to hear that things have already began to shift for you. Wahoo! I will be in touch soon. 😉

      Sending love,

  • Betsy Cox

    Hi Sarah and Rebecca,
    My office is in the bedroom. My husband has had trouble coming to bed at a decent hour and staying in bed since we’ve been married (10 years). This issue has caused strife between us and heartache for me. (I always imagined I would sleep with my husband at night…call me crazy.) About a month ago, I re-vamped, purged, organized, purchased a key piece of stylish furniture for my files and started clearing off my desk every night. Since that time, my husband has been coming to bed before midnight and sleeping till he has to get up for work. It’s nothing short of a miracle. He looks amazing, I’m thrilled to get to sleep with my best friend and the room looks beautiful. The health benefits or deficits your environment can have on you are SO powerful, I love that you are talking about this. Betsy

    • Wow Betsy! Your story gave me chills. How amazing that the small shifts you have made are already making such a powerful impact. Truly unbelievable….but also SO believable. I couldn’t agree more that our environment has tremendous effect on our health and well being. Many times in very unconscious ways. Thanks so much for sharing!

      Sending love,

  • I love this post something fierce! I am moving at the end of June and have been itching to start going through my stuff and purge. I am at a point in my life where this will be a big move and probably a new job. I’m ready to let go of the past 8 years of baggage that’s been hanging around. 🙂

    • Hi Shannon!

      How exciting that you are upon such a huge life transition and feel so ready to let go of that which doesn’t represent or serve you any more! Truly amazing and process that takes so much courage. Sending good vibes for a fluid and transformational release.

      Be sure to let us know how it goes!

      Sending love,

  • Hi Sarah and Rebecca, great post and great ideas! Thank you so much. Living in Europe it seems like I am missing on all the good stuff.. You have a talent, hope one day to be able to work with you!

  • I’m pretty sure this post was written just for me! I have been struggling with my home for awhile and recently even asked my husband how long he thought we’d live here and if/when we’d sell. Aaaah! I opened Sarah’s email this morning and put a pin in it until I was able to devote some time into reading it. As I came back to it this afternoon, it inspired me to pin a few ideas on how to make a great space in my home and then attack the spare bedroom and linen closet, both of which give me anxiety every time I open the door! It’s actually been so bad lately, that I’ve been shoving crap in there and closing the door as quickly as possible. 🙂

    An hour and a half later, I have a living room full of things going to Goodwill and I’ve decided to take a break and reread this post again. I put on a comfy t-shirt and some lipstick (which I NEVER, EVER wear…but actually this shade is quite nice on me!), poured a glass of wine and made myself comfortable on my new spot in the living room. This is the space I’ve been working on making my own for about a month and little by little I’m loving it more and more.

    So for all of that, thank you to both of you for your inspiration! I am thoroghly enjoying your blogs and posts, and find every time I sit down to read or journal with your suggestions, I walk away reguventated and with a positive outlook. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Jen!

      Yay! I am so glad this was helpful and you have already done such amazing work! Keep it up and be sure to let us know how it goes!

      Sending love,

  • Hi Daria,

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I will hold the vision that we can all work together some day as well. Never say never right? 😉 Thanks again!

    Sending love,

  • Maris

    Wow, this is really amazing post. I remember when I first bought cushion pillows. OMG! I didn’t know that they can have such an effect to my home and my wellbeing.

    Me and my husband are currently renovating our new apartment, that we bought 7 months ago, we are waiting to move and well currently living out of boxes. It’s all so messy and multicolored, and all of our stuff is laying around everywhere. And we have to wait few more weeks until the move. Living here really makes me sad, like my life has stopped – I’m not eating healthy, I’m not excerciseing, I’m not really happy. But I will start cleaning right away. I will start with drawers. Make this place a little more cozy.
    I want to move already to our new beautiful apartment and start enjoy being at home.

    • Hi Maris,

      Thanks so much for you comment and I think most of us can relate to the experience of being super uncomfortable (both internally and externally) while going through a transition. Feeling blah, stuck, and down are actually very normal emotions during this time because everything is shifting and has not settled into place yet. My suggestions would be to 1) Focus on clearing out your current space as much as possible so that when you do move the actual items that move with you feel fresh and current. 2) Get out of the house as much as possible right now and visit other environments/stores/homes that feel beautiful, inspiring and calm to you. This will help ease the suffering until the move happens.

      Best of luck and be sure to let us know how it goes!

      Sending love,

  • Allison

    Amen! I’ve found over the years that my space is an 100% accurate reflection of how I’m feeling. When I’m feeling good about my work, my marriage, my daughter, my body – everything is magically organized and clean without effort! But then there’s phases like this month *cough* YEAR – that really get me in a rut. (I enrolled B-School this year, and my desk is taking a BEATING.) It feel like a chicken/egg situation. What came first – the messy house or the messy life? I’ve also learned that my messy house has an absolute, direct effect on my military, organized husband.

    Signed up for your list, and reading your ebook now! Thanks for the inspiration to better my environment and my life! I’m hitting the desk today!

    PS – Do you have any tips for cable management? I have an open-back desk that I LOVE – and I have been wanting to move it to the center of the room for better energy flow and natural light – but have avoided it because of all my crazy visible cables. Yuk.

    • Hi Allison,

      Thanks so much for you comment and I am so glad this work resonates for you. Sounds like you have great awareness about some of the metaphors happening in your space. Nice work!

      As for the cable situation. Mmm that is a tough one. Sometimes just moving the desk a couple inches from the wall can help with flow and perhaps would eliminate the need for the desk to be in the middle of the room?


  • I have to say Rebecca’s site has been so inspiring to me! I downloaded her e-book and have been wrapping my head around where to start first. I’ve already gotten some projects done due to her encouragement and am excited to continue.

    I realize now how important it is to have your area that you live in be beautiful, organized and relaxing. It all ties into my working with clients on their inner conflicts and turmoil. In my eyes I really don’t see a division in this. You can’t live in peace if your exterior world is in shambles. What a great place to start creating the life you want 😉

    • Hi Melissa!

      Thanks so much and I am so glad your are feeling inspired and starting to take some action! That is wonderful. And yes the connection our home/environment has to living our best life is HUGE. So great that you are seeing this so clearly. Keep up the great work!

      Sending love,

  • I SOO love this, as my space and what I fill it with, has been on my mind as we packed up our NYC apartment and moved to Germany for 6 months. I read this on the day we moved into our super spacious, clutter free, tastefully furnished apartment that has tons of old charm and character. I feel like it is a physical space that has enough room for all the roles I am now: a mother, wife, health coach, and jewelry designer. it feels so good.

    • Hi Leah!

      How beautiful! I can feel the lovely energy of your new home and you shining through your comment. Enjoy your new space!

      Sending love,

  • HI! I am new to your site Sarah and was really attracted to your spirit as I was deciding on Bschool and I found you to just be a breath of fresh air…
    As I write this (a few days late) I am sitting on my BED – which is where I work 95% of the time. That can’t be good. So much of my life has changed in the last few years: I went from safe, conservative corporate sales career to MOM of twin boys and entrepreneur as a inspirational realtor. I’ve struggled with going into offices just to have a ‘space’ to work since I have yet to find the work space – great energy environment I crave. Two months ago my husband had an opportunity drop in his lap to leave his safe corporate job and open a brokerage so that is in the works and he will do that and we will have a very positive energy filled office — so there is hope on the horizon. BUT I never loved my home (even when we bought it – location is amazing) and I lost my BIG office when we had the boys so they could have a room. I also have two teenage step-children so my house always feels and looks chaotic – from 3 1/2 year old twin BOYS and teenager and ME who is so into my life (either clients or family) that I don’t want to stop to figure out how to make it all work. I’d love to talk to you Rebecca to see about a virtual consultation as I live in Washington DC:-)!

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Wow you sound like a wonder women juggling everything that is alive and well in your life! Amazing! I am so impressed and also can completely understand your feelings about wanting your space to better support you and your family but also not really wanting to stop to figure it out. Baby steps is all it takes. I would be happy to connect about possibly working virtually together. You can reach me through my contact from on my site. rebeccamcloughlin.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Sending love,

  • Sarah and Rebecca – thank you so much for this post! It resonated with me, so deeply. Though I think about food in this way (that how you eat is a mirror for how you live), I had literally never thought that my home could be this way…but it IS!

    I had a very deep cleaning session yesterday (the kind where you wipe under your dresser and realize that there is an overwhelming number of dust and hair and that maybe you’ve never, ever cleaned under there before). It’s only the first of probably what will need to be a process (as well as a process of making my home match my true needs and self), but I feel pumped about it.

    And Rebecca, I downloaded your ebook! It was so lovely. Your website and whole look is so beautiful – congratulations 🙂

    • Hi Katie!

      Thanks so much for you comment. I am so happy to hear how deeply this work has resonated with you and how much you have gotten into action around it! Nice work! It is truly amazing what dusty and dull things can be living in, behind and underneath the less “obvious” areas of our home isn’t it? Glad that you have started to refresh and clear your space with new meaning, intention and gusto! 🙂

      Be sure to let us know what shifts you experience in your life and body as a result!

      Sending love,

  • robynne

    hi sarah and Rebecca I read this on the day it was posted and am just replying this now because I feel like this has helped me so much already. at the start of march I finally decided to take the leap and move half way across the country (from bc Canada to Saskatchewan) its a huge step and change for me but one that has been needed for a very long time. after reading this post I realized I keep a lot of stuff that has trapped me emotionally old university text books to a degree I didn’t finish, high school year books that held bad memories for me, and so much paper that just needed to just be thrown out…I found that after doing this (getting rid of it all and letting it go) I feel so much better and on the positive side I have less to pack and ship to were I am moving YAY. I downloaded the e-book and read it right away and plan to use it when I move into my new place after the move. thank you so much for making me see that certain things hold emotions and memories and keep us stuck and have a hold of the vibe of a room 🙂 xoxo

  • Oh my goodness–I think I need to read this post EVERY morning! Keeping spaces clean and organized is probably the single biggest thing I struggle with in my life. Sometimes I tell myself it’s okay to be that way, or that I’m that way because I’m creative and I have so much going on, but I know the disarray of my apartment brings me down. My boyfriend, who I live with, is like me in this regard, so between the two of us things get really chaotic. This post is very inspiring, but I’m still overwhelmed…I tend to do a BIG organizing/tidying session once a month or so, but they are too few and far between (and take SO LONG). Any tips for keeping things up once I’ve done a deep clean/reorganization, or for making maintaining a pleasant space a relatively seamless part of a daily routine? Or for getting my boyfriend on board? It’s so much to tackle alone. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, and thank you both for the wonderful post. Rebecca, I just downloaded your guide, so I’m off to read it now 🙂

  • I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the excellent work!

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