Sep 2015

If you’ve ever been turned on, or turned off by the word “Priestess”

I have a crazy story to tell you.

A little over a year and a half ago I started to participate in priestess mysteriums which follow the teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School with my therapist turned spiritual mentor Elayne Kalilia Doughty.  The mysteriums last four days and each day is dedicated to a different female archetype like The Great Mother, The Priestess, The Wise Woman, The Primal Goddess, etc, etc.  We created a temple space around the archetype and it’s all very witchy, trippy, and cool.

So on the third day of our first mysterium Kalila guided us through a meditation for us to receive “the keys to our lineage” which essentially are the gifts we carry within us.  I had no idea what to expect and was honestly a little skeptical.

I mean I could conceivably see anything and convince myself it was a “gift”. How was I supposed to know my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me?

But I lied down on the floor and gave it my best shot.

Kalila started off with some music and a meditation and I very quickly drifted into a new space.  In front of me I saw a stone building, much like a small church overgrown in vines as if no one had been there for centuries.  I parted the vines like a curtain and stepped into a long hallway.  Sun streaked through the small windows and shimmering shadows on the floor.  At the end of the hallway was a heavy wooden door that I pushed open to reveal the most gorgeous room I had ever been in.

The room was small, about the size of a typical living room with a pool in the middle, small windows along the west and east walls, and a huge glass painted window on the north wall facing me.  Every surface – the floors, the walls and the ceiling – were covered in white, black, green, and blue tiles in different patterns and shapes. What surprised me the most was how many jewish stars there were.  There was one above every window, they wove together to create a pattern on the floor and most notably, the pool was shaped like the six pointing Jewish Star of David.

In that moment, my mind took over and wondered, am I jewish or something?  I wasn’t exactly the poster child of organized religion lying here on the floor in a temple dedicated to the Priestess wearing a moon crown on my head, but I went with it…I stepped into the star-shaped pool of turquoise water and felt this incredible feeling of ease and energy pulsing through every cell of my body.  If you’ve had a spiritual experience like this where you just knew something life-changing is happening, then you know the feeling I’m talking about it.

As I was wading, a huge white owl swooped in through the large open window, handed me a key with another star silversmithed onto the handle and said, “your gift is your heart knowing”.

I waded in the pool, staring at the key, wondering what “heart knowing” actually meant.  I had never heard those two words mentioned together, and they didn’t make sense to me.

When I came out of the meditation we were asked to draw our keys and write down the gift that was revealed to us.

About an hour later Kalila gave us the 13 Moon Mystery School deck of cards (similar to Tarot) to work with.  The cards either have a picture of a female archetype or one of the tools she uses to do her work in the world.  I unwrapped the deck, held it my hands and pulled out a single card.

This is the card I pulled.

I nearly passed out.

Can you see the jewish stars?  And there it was, clear as day: Heart Knowing.

Crazy. Creepy. Weird. Coincidence?  No way.


From that moment on, I was hooked.  Never had I encountered a practice so rich in the divine feminine, so magical and so real… to me at least.  The divine winks kept happening, leading me on the path of the wise woman and her tool, heart knowing.

I was recently interviewed by Kalila about the work we’ve done together and being on the path of the wise woman, and I would love to share it with you today.  You can listen here:

Here’s the deal, everyone connects with the divine in different ways, this way is mine, at least for right now (I am always open to things changing) and if anything about this post tickles your toes, I invite you to look further. There may be some magic here for you.



P.S. I truly believe in the power of Kalila’s work and as an affiliate for her program, I may earn a commission if you choose to enroll based on my recommendation.

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  • maria

    Thanks for sharing your story Sarah! I went through the portal of the Priestess last Fall. I hold the keys of the bridge between the worlds. Working with her was an amazing experience, thank you for introducing me to her work. I am looking forward to listening to your recording with her in the Priestess Summit! xo Maria

    • Nicole

      I love your sisterhood circles Maria 😉 you have a beautiful gift at holding such an amazing space for women to come together xox So grateful that you have done this work and can share with us your gift. Im so grateful to have met you through Sarah’s program !!

    • Thanks for sharing Maria and I’m so glad you had the chance to work with Kalila.

  • Nicole

    This whole story gave me chills!!! Thank you for sharing your story xoxox Love love love this recording and I just signed up to listen to The Priestess Presence Summit.

    Thank you

  • Feeling so much resonance with this!
    I just moved to California from NY
    and found my way to 13 moons.
    I had no clue what to expect but felt
    Comforted arriving to the yurt and being
    welcomed by an owl
    Mug (my spirit animal) and how I decided
    To move to Cali (owl signs)
    The power of the feminine is just amazing!
    Thanks for sharing .

    • Welcome to CA Sweta. I love how you are following the signs and how clearly things are showing up for you.

  • The most beautiful takeaway from this talk: “If you see through the eyes of wholeness, there is nothing to fix.” We are here to reclaim our wholeness and be ourselves. I’ve just recently come into this knowing and have seen such a huge shift in myself and my clients around self acceptance + self expression + self love. All things that used to be just terms to me but are now a rounded understanding of me. Thanks for sharing your shift Sarah <3

    • I love how much things are shifting for you around this Alicia and how powerful it is for you.

  • Paula

    Thank you so much for the recording. I so love your gifts that you are sharing with us. I have always wondered if there is something more and what’s my lifes purpose. Thanks for sharing your shift. I’m am so glad you are open and celebrate our woman hood. I have been hiding my gifts and I don’t want to anymore.

    • Hi Paula. Please don’t hide them. We all have something wonderful to share and give. I’m so glad this post resonated and inspired you.

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