Feb 2016

Is your business actually a hobby? Let’s get real.

In 2015 I made a million dollars and only worked three hours a week…

Just kidding.

This is a common misconception in entrepreneurship, that we can create a product and set it up to create “passive income” and it will be a quick, fun and easy way to make money.

The reality is that having your own business and having it be successful is a lot more complicated than having a great idea and a few hours during nap time or after work to make it happen.

The most common traps I see women entrepreneurs fall into are:

I work when I can (during nap time/after work/on lunch break/here and there when I feel like it) so I have no free time any more. I love what I do, but I’m also not making enough money to quit my job, hire childcare or re-invest in my business to make it grow.


I work all the time and I’m trying to take some things off my plate so I’m hiring a bigger team and doing an online program but now my business expenses are so high that I’m not making enough money and am super stressed out about the pressure. 

Can you relate?  The second trap was so me by the way;).

What’s sad is that you are so talented and you do have great ideas but you may be without two critical things: VISION AND SYSTEMS.

VISION: Yes, for your business but more importantly how it fits into your life. AND not only pie in the sky dreams but realistic goals based on your investment of time and money.  

SYSTEMS: A concrete business plan that involves marketing, conversions, lead generation, technology systems, personnel, financial projections, budget etc. (if this is giving you a panic attack, it’s ok, I’ve been there, keep reading).

When I first met Marie Forleo, I hated marketing and when she told me that the only way I was going to be successful is by writing blog posts every week, I wanted to punch her in the face.  I hated writing, and I was convinced I was terrible at it.

But I wanted to be successful, and the system of blogging every week to build my mailing list and then sell them something once in awhile made sense to me intellectually.  At first I found the writing boring, but when I started to write about my life, I found my voice and things took off.

B-School helped me feel confident in the systems so my vision could come true.  But nothing about having your own business is easy.  In fact, I think working for someone else would be a hell of a lot easier.  But it’s a calling.  A call to make an impact, to do things on your terms, to have flexibility and not have your salary be dependant on someone else.  To make it work you have to be tough, smart and strategic.  You also have to be a fierce guardian of your personal life and happiness because if you’re not, your business will gorge on it.  

This is the main reason Nisha and I created Live Free (this will be our third year) and why I am offering it as part of this year’s B-School bonus.  If you are blessed with ambition and drive, it’s a slippery slope to overwhelm and workaholism.  What we’ve discovered is that there is no amount of money or support that will create ease by accident.  Ease is a practice, but a practice that can be obtained with a few key systems that we’ll be teaching at Live Free this year (if you’ve already taken B-School or it’s not for you, you can still join us for Live Free. It’s available a la carte at the bottom of this page).

It’s like nails on a chalkboard when I see someone start a business, but treat it like a hobby.  It takes financial investment, time, sweat and tears to start a business and with unrealistic expectations of what it takes, businesses can drain bank accounts and spirits in no time at all.   You may be better off having a hobby, which doesn’t break the bank and feeds your soul.  

OR maybe what you have going on is something special, something you believe in that you know can work or be HUGE if you just get serious about it, if you start showing up as a businesswoman and a CEO.  There is an intersection of ambition and ease that is obtainable and I’d love to nurture you through that process.  

The doors for B-School and my three offerings are only available until Wednesday March 2nd, so it’s time to make some decisions and have some conversations with your financial partner.  

You can learn about B-School and my three free gifts here.


Let me know if you have any questions!



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    I would like to have access to some business marketing support however I can’t afford B-School at the moment. Would you share your Artistry of Business bonus on its own?


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