Jul 2014

The gift every woman has but rarely uses


I used to pride myself on being pretty smart.  I could argue my way out of most things, bang out a 10 page paper in college in a night or figure out how to build a website.  I was a talker, a thinker, an executor.

When I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I started to meet a bunch of “hippies” who wore a lot of hemp, took wheatgrass shots and had their cards read.  I was judgemental to say the least, and felt completely separate from that way of life.

But part of me was super jealous.

They were so relaxed! They were “go with the flow” women and seemed to have life handed to them on a silver platter.  I wanted some of their secret sauce.

So I started rubbing elbows with the granola girls and studying what made them different.  When they spoke about “divine alignment”, “fate”, “being guided” I was fascinated.  How?  As I continued to dig, I realized that all of this “magic” came from one place, their intuition. They all swore by following their intuition, that it never let them down.

I was bummed.  I didn’t have an intuition.  I wasn’t at all psychic and I didn’t receive divine guidance.  I was a thinker.

But my new friends assured me that every woman has intuition, it’s built into us.  Over the years we’re just taught that ‘reason’ is more reliable than our intuition, and we slowly lose the ability to hear that still, quiet voice.

So I set out to build my intuition.  Here’s what I learned:

1. Your intuition lives in your belly.

This made sense to me.  My reason lived in my head, and my intuition, literally my gut instinct, lives in my belly.  My issue was that I was completely disconnected from my body, so I started a practice of putting my attention in my belly during a meditation, massaging my body with body wash in the shower, and talking to her nicely during the day.  Once I created a relationship with my body and my belly, I could start to hear her (my intuition) a little bit.

2. Your intuition has a specific way of talking.

Once I had enough stillness in my life and was connected to my body I could start to hear a small internal voice.  Whenever I was trying to make a decision about something, let’s say whether or not I should take on a client that I was on the fence about this is how it went in my head:

‘Reason’ said in a loud, bossy slightly panicky voice, “Of course you should take her on, you need the money, you can handle her, you can handle anything, even if she’s a pain, it’s only a few hours a month. Just do it, don’t be lazy.”

‘Intuition’ said in a soft, quiet voice, “It’s not right.”

That’s it.  Simple, calm.  No back up.

3. Just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her sh*t.

Even though I could start to identify the voice, it seemed like an idiotic idea to take her advice.  She has no back up, no reasons and was not based in reality.  It seemed so wishy washy, so unreliable.  But I was committed to developing this part of me so I decided to just experiment.

I decided that for a month I would base all of my decisions off of my intuition, even when it seemed like the worst decision in the world.  I figured even if I made horrible mistakes for a month, nothing in that time frame was unfixable.

So if my head said “go to the party’”, and my intuition said “stay home” I stayed home.  When my head said “take that job” and my intuition said “don’t take it” I said no.  When my head said “it’s too much money” and my intuition said “it’s worth it” I made the investment.

Everytime I followed my intuition I wrote down the scenario, the gut instinct and what happened as a result.  I wrote things down like I had a great night at home and my friends said that party sucked anyways, I passed on the job and my dream job popped up two weeks later, I invested in this program and made four times the money this month.

My intuition was consistently helpful and always lead to more opportunity, even though the decisions I made rarely made sense at the time.  These examples became my proof and my reality.  I could now clearly see a pattern and I was able to trust that quiet voice.

At the same time I thought back to the times I chose reason and recalled outcomes of exhaustion, disappointment and a feeling like I had wasted my time.

So if you’re craving more clarity, more magic, more intuition I hope you can see that it’s simple to cultivate and I swear, it is by far the best tool in my box.

In the comments below, I’d love to know about a time that you’ve followed your intuition and what the outcome was.



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  • LOVE this… I’m on a constant journey to discover my own intuition …. i’ve gotten into this horrible mindset of thinking and actually saying out loud to other people & myself: “not only do i not listen to my own intuition, i don’t even know what my intuition is telling me!” – i want to wake up and start listening…

  • Emily

    The most memorable moment I put everything aside and went with my intuition alone, I left my partner/husband of 7 years. I did not even tell him I was leaving I packed two suitcases and our 21 month old daughter and our dog in the car and left while he was at work. I moved 550km away from him, seems Crazy I know but it has been over a year now and I have found out from police reports and through the family court that the department of child protection first opened a file on him in 2001 and it was opened 5 times between then and when I left him. Also he is regarded by the WA police as a high risk case. I am so glad I left when I did and that my daughter is safe.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Emily, so proud of you for listening to her and so happy that you and your little one are safe. Sending you so much love and support. xo

  • Sarah

    Thank you for this article. I have a hard time making decisions and I sometimes wonder if it is because I am going against my intuition. I am going to start practicing listening to my “gut” and see where it leads me.


    • One time I pulled into a rest area but couldn’t get out of the car, something told me to wait until the next town. I don’t know if “she” was right but I don’t want to know what would have happened had I not listened.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Hi Sarah, I think you’ll find these decisions come a bit easier when you really start to listen in. Keep us posted on how this goes for you. xo

  • Nicole


    I love reading your articles, but this one really struck home for me. My intuition has literally saved me and yet I usually only listen to it when it practically is screaming at me. Thanks for the reminder.


    • Sarah Jenks

      Nicole, the more you trust her, the easier it will become! xo

  • Hi Sarah,

    You are so right! I have long been a follower of my gut. In fact, I used to be jealous of women who were more of the “thinkers”! But I have always found that my intuition served me. When I practiced martial arts, my training & intuition worked hand-in-hand to keep me out of dangerous situations. When I was thinking about going back to work after having my first child, my intuition said “no” and I was happy staying at home to raise him. When my gut said, “go back to work”, I got a very creative & fulfilling job that’s helped me transition to my own business. And in the last year, my gut has encouraged me to participate in different programs (LMWL is one of them!) to learn more about myself at a deeper level, and I’m a happier, more fulfilled person as a result.
    Thanks for sharing this blog post! I hope it inspires more women to follow their intuition!
    Best, Dianne

    • Sarah Jenks

      I love this Dianne! So happy to hear how these decisions have inpacted you and your life for the better. Sending you love. xo

  • Piper

    A guy tried to pressure me into spending more time with him than I wanted to, I just had a bad gut feeling about him, even though I felt logically like everything was fine and I didn’t know why he was making me feel so uncomfortable. I decided to listen to my gut and end that association. Found out later he was a sex offender. So glad I listened to my intuition…

    • Sarah Jenks

      Piper, so proud of you for listening to her and so glad you are here to share your experience with us. Sending you so much love and support. xo

  • Kelsea

    I always look forward to your blogs Sar. I’m traveling a lot, and working a lot less, this summer due to the my intuition’s permission and peace around the decision. Though I’m already worried about September, ‘what’s to come?’ ‘what will I do?’ I am going to try the 30 day exercise and see what happens, I do believe I’ll be guided. xo

  • Sarah! I love love love this post. Thank you! Just a few days ago, I came into a realization that every time I choose my “gut” over my mind (or the minds of others) I stepped into my now most cherished opportunities: my masters program, living in London for my 20s, ending a relationship, resigning from my job to start my company, joining Nisha’s mastermind with practically no knowledge of her or what a mastermind even was… My mind and nearly everyone around me had a seemingly endless list of reasons not to do those things. A big thank goodness for intuition because those are all the things that have most significantly led me into a place of loving myself and my life. Thanks again! Kit

  • Adair

    Thank you for posting this, it is definitely something that I need to practice more. It’s one of those things that I always hear we should do, but I fear it because I don’t do it well … I love your tip about literally touching your belly, and just bringing your awareness there. I also have a handful of clients in my book that do nothing but stress me out, make me crabby, and totally kill my mood. I know the best thing to do is probably to tell them it’s not working out, I need to start speaking up for myself more, and trusting it will pay off in the long run!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Adair, letting go of the things that no longer serve you, open you up for more that does. Keep us posted on how things go, we’re here to support you! xo

  • Sarah, Thanks for this post. It hit home and I think it’s a real accessible message for women the way you wrote it. This year, my entire existence is being steered by my Intuition and it’s quite a ride – every day waking up and asking her what it is I need to receive for today – and then actually letting it in! Some days are harder than others, and it’s then that I realize I’ve stopped listening to my inner-goddess-wisdom-center who is SO GOOD at knowing what to do — and life gets easier the instant I remember that my ONLY REAL JOB is to keep that connection with her open and healthy and flowing. This post from you was a great reminder this morning to make that my priority for the day. Thanks for the confirmation, sister! 🙂 Enjoy Today!

    • Sarah Jenks

      So proud of you, Jennifer! xo

    • Casey

      Holy crap – you just gave me a message. I’ve been trying to find my ‘real’ job for years now. As in, what will I be when I grow up? (I’m 39, BTW – *snort*!)

      “My ONLY REAL JOB is to keep that connection with her open and healthy and flowing.” Everything else will follow. Duuuuude.

      Thanks for the reminder, Jennifer!

  • Hi Sarah, Thank you for the post. Great encouragement. I’ve been on a journey with my intuition for many years. I struggled between what I call the mind and the spirit all the time. My husband is very logical and would always encourage me to use logic, just make a decision and go for it, etc. So many times I struggled against what my gut was saying and what made sense. So about 17 years ago I decided to practice listening to gut! It made me very aware about what it felt like to hear the inner voice or the head voice. I would pay attention to when I felt at peace about the decision or felt fear or guilt. It was a great time for me to really get to know myself. I have used what i learned daily since then. I hope every women realizes this potential as a gift and a VERY useful tool. Thanks again.

  • All my best decisions in life made absolutely no sense, but my intuition was so clear (yet soft and calm, as you wrote) that I couldn’t ignore it.

    Moving countries, changing jobs and careers, going for a relationship… People around me thought I was nuts, but deep down inside I knew my gut feeling was the one to trust. And it always turns out to be right!

    The only challenge is to find the courage to listen to it 😉

    • Sarah Jenks

      Very good point, Osha. But the more you trust her, the easier it becomes! xo

  • Loved this post, it’s good to know that you tested it Sarah! I’ve been listening to my intuition a lot but sometimes I get scared – should I really follow it always? But now I feel more confident about it, thanks so much for sharing. Lots of love!

    • Sarah Jenks

      So glad this helped, reconfirm the power of your intuition for you, Lena!

  • Betsy

    Hi Sarah,
    I’m so impressed that you outlined steps to “cultivate” intuition back to the fore of our daily lives. So smart!! I have many personal and professional examples of either following or ignoring my intuiting but here is one that I’d like to share. I’ve done alot of traveling, ALOT. I was in southern Turkey in an area called Butterfly Valley camping and climbing/treking the area. I was set to do a trek with a group of people and was wearing a very light and comfy shirt that had a few holes in the back (I’m that granola girl). We started out and I had such an overwhelming sense that I needed to change my shirt. I stopped and said I had to return to camp to change. The group I was with, esp. my boyfriend at the time, were pissed. I went back anyway, then caught up with everyone. About 3 hours into the climb, I was jumping across a very deep (like 2000′) crevice and slipped. My boyfriend was behind me and grabbed my by the back of my shirt – the shirt I had changed into, stronger material, no holes. He and the shirt saved my life. There is no way the other T-shirt would have held me and no way, had I fallen, I would have survived or for that matter my body been recovered. Intuition is indeed our most important tool in our box. It will save your life over and over and is one of our most precious internal (renewable) resources. Cultivate indeed!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, Betsy! Also, so glad you listened to your gut and went back to change your shirt. xo

  • Beautiful piece, Sarah!
    As a thinker turned psychic guide & specialist coach on helping women become more intuitive, I love the exercise you prescribed. Also I’ve learned through taking many women through to confidence… Leave the door open as individuals to where in the body your intuition lives or speaks through. A client of mine found it in the response of her feet!
    Love n blessings xo

    • Sarah Jenks

      Hi Samantha! Great tip, love hearing how things work for others as well! xo, Sarah

  • Hi Sara, I get where you’re coming from. Some of the best things have happened to me when I finally listened to my gut over my brain. I still get stuck sometimes in over-thinking things when I should just go with what I know is right deep down inside.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Exactly, Rosa. I know it can be hard sometimes, but if we just let our intuition in, that’s where the magic is. xo

  • Sarah

    I love this article! My intuition and I have had an on and off love affair most of my life, where I was passionately following her every beckon call as I hitch-hiked like a wild free spirit for three years of amazing manifestation and experience. I was taught thoroughly to trust and follow, narrowly escaping some pretty sketchy situations. I firmly believe I wouldn’t be alive and well today because of it. Then I went through a dark time of surrendering my own insight to a man…WTF? I am still scratching my head at those years of my life. What a lesson in squashing my inner voice! Now I am back on the road of reclaiming my power, my inner guidance…I’m excited to see where life will take me!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Sarah, wow such a powerful story. So proud of you for letting your intuition resurface and can’t wait to see what unfolds for you. xo

  • Love this so much Sarah! I’ve noticed the same thing over the years. I totally believe God actually LIVES in our “gut”, a lot of people tell me I’m freakin’ nuts for that but it’s been super true to me. It actually steamed from a really great faith-based group I was a part of during my teenage years, and one super rough patch lead me to a mentor that gave me awesome advice. “If you pray & meditate on it (a decision, option, whatever) and don’t have peace in your gut about the decision, it’s the wrong one.”

    I don’t always follow that, I’m human, and lets face it, coaches tend to be weird with following our own advice right?! 😉 ha! But I’m actually just about to send off an email to a client who could have been a HUGE income for me, but would have also been a nightmare to work with. So it’s tough, my brain is screaming at me, but my gut is good and I know God has so much more in store if only I have the space to find it! <3

    • Sarah Jenks

      Ashlee, your gut is probably spot on with the decisions you’re making in regards to the potential client. This will only open you up to welcome in more of your ideal clients. xo

  • Rebecca

    Hi Sarah, this is exactly what I needed. I love your idea of a one month challenge. I’ve found the flow from listening to my intuition before but some difficult decisions and life situations made me feel like I’ve lost it over the last year and a half. I’m trying to make a commitment to get back to it and a one month focus sounds like the perfect place to start. Thank you!
    – Rebecca

    • Sarah Jenks

      Wonderful, Rebecca! Keep us posted and let us know if we can support you further. xo, Sarah

  • Rhonda

    This the best! I always enjoy your emails and look forward to receiving them daily. In my mind we are great friends! This one on following your intuition is spot on and need to be shared on every social media website!I am teaching my children, but especially my daughters (ages 27 & 5) to listen to their inner self it will NEVER betray you, thank you for putting this in words and sharing you gifting. I appreciate you.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Rhonda! It’s so important for us at any age and love how you’re sharing this with your daughters. They will thank you for it. xo

  • I love this Sarah. As someone who has often got stuck in paralysis by analysis, I made a commitment to myself this year that I would listen to my intuition and act on it. So many amazing and unpredictable things have happened since I’ve opened up my heart that way. So from one reasoner to another, I too now understand how much listening to your intuition can change your life. xo

    • Sarah Jenks

      Thank you, Naomi! Always great to hear how she’s so powerful if we just tune in and open our hearts to her wisdom and guidance.

  • Sarah, thanks for this post! It gave me goosebumps to read and I love your gentle voice. The tone you use to talk about your body and about your intuition is just so loving – what a great reminder. I have a young daughter (5 months!) and I hope I can show her what it looks like for a woman to have a good relationship with her body. I love your blog posts; they always help me remember the subtle mental shifts that can make a massive difference!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Jen, I loved reading your comment. So proud of you for recognizing that your daughter will look to you as she’s growing and showing her how to love her body from a young age will be so profound in her self-care and love for herself. xo

  • Cynthia

    I was in the 3 World Trade Center on 9/11 when the first plane hit. I knew I had to get out of the building and the strangest thing happened my brain voice turned off. The constant chatter I always hear was just mute – completely silent. Instead I heard a soft, caring whisper to use this stairwell, go left here until I was running out of the building and reached safety. It was the clearest, most present I have ever been in my life. Thank you for recognizing the power of intuition (and the angels all around us).

    • Sarah Jenks

      Cynthia, this is a prime example of how our intuition can guide us. So proud of you for listening to her and making it through this safe. S sorry to hear you had to experience this though. Sending you so much love! xoxo

  • Thank you Sarah. This post was timely for me today as I travel back home to integrate my discoveries from this week into the world in which I operate on a daily basis. To trust and accept my intuition is very new to me. I’ve been pretty self-aware but the intuition deepening is a new level. It was fantastic to meet you this weekend. You’re sense of fun and ease is radiant. Thank you for your insightful words you continue to share!

    • Sarah Jenks

      It was so great connecting and meeting you too, Jenn! How are things going now that you’ve been integrating back into things at home?

      • It has been taking me more than I expected to settle back in. It feels like sailing. A few days have been smooth sailing (things feel like I’m progressing in life and business nicely) and others I’ve hit some choppy and rough waters (less than nourishing food choices, tired, confused.) I know it’s all in practice and will not be perfect. However, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t take the wind out of the sails either! HA! Thanks for asking 🙂 Sending you lots of love!

        • Sarah Jenks

          Jenn, acknowledging that it’s all a work in progress is huge. I have to remind myself of this too from time to time. xo

  • Sarah, this is such a great post. I totally get where you’re coming from – I did the whole fancy-college, fancy-job, use-your-head-to-reason-out-exactly-what-you-should-do-thing for a long time. And it did get me a bunch of great things – a good grade on a paper, a good job.

    But it also left me totally burnt out an compulsively eating! Intuition is so scary, and something that no one from my “normal” circles (e.g., those people who reason through everything) told me about.

    I really like the idea of giving yourself a 1-month test run, and just doing it. And especially I love the idea of keeping a list of how it went when you trust your intuition. I’m definitely going to try that out, starting now.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Katie, keep us posted on how things go! Would love to know how things work out for you 🙂

  • Casey

    Brand spanking new to your site today! I have anxiety that loves to run the show, drowning out intuition with its loud BLAH BLAH BLAH. What you said about the ‘voices’ being different is so damn true. Hey, does your ‘brain’ voice sound like your mom’s voice, too? 😉

    I had reiki done once and the girl said ALL my energy was in my head…so I struggle with listening to my intuition. I’m like a balloon head without a body. I’m going to try paying more physical attention to my belly, even though my brain is telling me it’s all whale blubber right there. Whale blubber needs affection, too! LOL! Can’t wait until your next post, and to catch up by reading your old ones. Peace and love, and thanks for sharing yourself with us. 🙂

  • I literally laughed out loud when I read the lines, “I was bummed. I didn’t have an intuition.” So fun. I loved your story and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you gave yourself a month to follow that voice and see what happened. And of course, “Presto! Magic!” as anyone who follows their own intuition knows! I always say/feel that it’s the extra sense we all have designed to lead us to a flourishing life! And I love your story about doing so! Keep up the good work- as you obviously are!

    Aimée Cartier
    (Intuition University founder)

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