Nov 2014

This video made me cry


Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself from a few years ago and thought, “I look amazing! I can’t believe I thought I was fat.”  And you remember that time and how much pain you were in because of your body, and you wish you knew how beautiful you were?

And then you make the classic mistake and think: “I just need to get back to that weight and then I’ll be happy again.”

But guess what?  At some time, a few years from now, you are going to look at a picture of you RIGHT NOW and think, “I wish I knew how beautiful I was.”

Some future you is wishing, hoping for the body, the face, the thighs you have right now, and fantasizing about all the fun she’d have in this body.

I want you to take four minutes to watch this video.

After I watched this video, I realized that all of us eventually will wish we had enjoyed our body when we had the chance. To not hide, squeeze into Spanx or worry about what others think.

I don’t want you to run the risk of spending your whole life being uncomfortable in your body. How sad.  And losing weight isn’t the answer, it’s realizing how good you already have it.  It’s time to start living and enjoying your amazing body. Don’t wait until it’s too late.



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  • I LOVE this video, Sarah. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sarah Jenks

      I’m so glad the video resonated with you as much as it did me, Akirah. Sending you loads of love!

  • This video made me cry, too. But they were mostly tears of joy. For all the times I’m hard on myself and think if only I had done this, done that, rearranged my thinking, lost more weight, etc., etc.; this video gives me hope. Yes, there are trials and struggles, but there is always an option to keep walking against the tide. There is an opportunity to look around and take the hand of another and lead them to a better place, too. That’s what you do for me, Sarah. You remind me that I don’t have to be stuck. It’s why I keep reading, reposting, and commenting.

  • Hi Sarah !

    That’s exactly what I’ve been telling myself lately ! Stop waiting on the weight girl 🙂 Body confidence, love and radiant self-esteem is really what I want to grow into.

    I also would like to thank you for your inspiring articles, blog post and overall work. You are one the few health and life coach I can relate to out there ! What I like about you is that you are real, true and are not afraid to face your own reality (as “ugly” as it can be sometimes)

    You are beautiful because you Are, I AM and we ALL ARE !
    I hope to inspire as much as you do in the near future,
    NAMASTE from Belgium <3

    • Sarah Jenks

      You’ve just made my day, Raissa. You are improving your self-esteem with positive affirmations and confidence in yourself. I’m thrilled you’re a member of our community; thank you for sharing so much love from Belgium. xo

  • Becca

    Sarah this is so true! I have the same picture discussion with myself all the time. I know in 10 years my pictures from last month that I currently think make me look old and heavy will have me wishing for those years back. It’s a daily effort for me bit I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sarah Jenks

      You are not alone, Becca. We all need to be reminded to love and appreciate our bodies as they are now. You’re a beautifully, strong, confident woman. xo

  • It’s so true…I’ve been overweight my entire life, to one degree or another. I have some pictures of me as a teenager that I wished I would have realized who I was then…but I know now. Thanks for sharing the video. There was a picture of me recently at Live Free from the vineyard that was posted and tagged that previously I would have gone on and untagged myself so it didn’t show on my page…I was standing next to one of the beautiful women from the retreat. Instead, I just noticed how happy I was. I looked at the fact that just like everyone else on that retreat and I saw someone that feel whole, and full, held, beautiful, and happy. It wasn’t about how “big” I was, but how big life felt and I LOVE that picture. Thanks Sarah for a wonderful post and a wonderful experience that weekend! Love ya!

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