Feb 2011

What’s GOD Got To Do With It?

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Until recently, I only thought about God when I was sitting in church, which after high school, was only 2-3 times a year.   I felt weird drawing on God’s support in my everyday life, I didn’t see how he could help.

But when my struggle with food brought me to my knees, and I had tried everything, turning to a spiritual answer seemed like the only thing I hadn’t tried.

I started meditating, and discovered a calm, centered, healthy part of me that didn’t need to eat to feel whole.  When I meditated, the noise of the world and the noise of my mind quieted enough for me to hear that internal voice that said, “you are enough, you don’t need food to make your life shine.”  To me, that voice, that internal “knowing” that I am supported is God.

Alcoholics Anonymous, has lead millions of addicts to heal by bringing in a spiritual conversation.  Until recently, overeating and abusing food was never seen as an addiction, but a lack of willpower.  Luckily, with the recent release and popularity of Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth, and A Course in Weight Loss by Marianne Williamson, God has finally found a place in the weight loss conversation.

Marianne Williamson explains the importance of using God to heal your food addiction best in A Course in Weight Loss when she says, “If you could do it yourself, you would’ve done it by now.”  So true.

Obviously bringing God into your daily life to heal your dependence on food is a big and scary job that takes time, but I want to give you the first step and the most effective way to start using spirituality to heal.

Next time you find yourself standing at the fridge, about to dive into a pint of ice cream, a sleeve of oreos or both, I want you to ask for help.  Literally just say out loud, “God (insert: Universe, Inner Guide, Soul, Allah, Buddah, Nature), I need some help here.  I am about to eat an entire thing of ice cream, part of me wants to walk away, but most of me wants to devour it, and I don’t think I will be able to stop, I’m scared, can you help me?  Can you make me walk away?  I cannot do this alone, I put it in your hands.”  Then just wait.

You will probably feel weird and a little crazy, but give it shot.  You may just experience a miracle.

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  • I think this is such an important idea — there is a spiritual dimension to so much more than we usually acknowledge!

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  • I need a constant reminder though. I am a pretty religious person, but when the binge kicks in, I forget, the noise is really too overwhelming, I mean the noise of the anguish, or whatever drives the binge. It is a very good reminder to read your post today. That it has to be an exercise and a practice, like a ritual.

    I am working on finding solutions to the problem I have been facing for so many years. Reading your post today is one good reminder and gives hope that I can overcome, once again. Thank you!

  • Sandra

    So cool!!!

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