Jul 2015

Will life be more fun when you’re thin? My interview with Halfstack Magazine

I remember believing with my whole heart and soul that my life would be really different when I was thin. Heck, I believed my whole personality would change.  When I imagined myself thirty pounds thinner I could see this movie reel of a carefree woman laughing, splashing my lover with ocean water on the beach and running away with glee, walking down the streets of New York in high heels and a pencil skirt winking at a celebrity that just checked me out… I mean, it’s the stuff chick flicks are made of.

Do you do this?  A lot of women do and instead of motivating us to stop eating ice cream and turn away the bread basket, it’s actually keeping us in a cycle of body jail.

I recently sat down with Halfstack magazine to be interviewed for their body image and empowerment issue to discuss this exact topic.

halfstackarticleClick here to read the interview and get the real deal on what it takes to actually have a life like your fantasies.

I hope you love it!




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  • Hanna

    Hi Sarah – I really love your message! It’s easy to generalize it beyond issues with weight to other body and life issues. Even without overweight, we may be thinking that life would be better if we just didn’t have those stretch marks, the cellulite, or a different complexion (e.g. I’ve always felt self-conscious on the beach because I’m either milky white or lobster 🙂 And beyond body issues, I think a lot of us get caught up in all kinds of wishful thinking (… if I just had that job, if I could just move to a different country, if I just had enough money to buy X… my life would be complete). Instead of working steadily on attaining our goals (if they are attainable) or finding peace with the fact that you can’t change everything, we get caught up in the fantasy and are not making the most of our lives right now. I’m so so sure that more women with issues other than weight could benefit from your life coaching. If you find anytime during which you’re not completely caught up in all the wonderful stuff you’re doing already, you should totally consider bringing the Live-More-Message to an even wider audience. Thanks for all you’re doing!!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Hi, Hanna! Well said, and you’re exactly right. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Stay tuned. 🙂

Sarah Jenks

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