Aug 2014

Your fun, fabulous, wild weekend guide


It’s one of the final weeks of summer, and I want you to just take a moment and ask yourself. Have you made the most of it? Has it been everything you hoped?

Either way, you have one more chance to make this the most memorable summer of your life.

For today’s Throwback Thursday I’m pulling out a goodie from years ago.  It’s actually the article that convinced me that inspiring women to have more FUN needed to be a huge part of my work.

It’s one of the final weeks of summer, and I want you to just take a moment and ask yourself, “Have you made the most of it? Has it been everything you hoped?”

Either way, you have one more chance to make this the most memorable summer of your life.

For today’s Throwback Thursday I’m pulling out a goodie from years ago.  It’s actually the article that convinced me that inspiring women to have more FUN needed to be a huge part of my work.

I can’t wait for you to design your wild weekend.  Make sure to post some pictures and tag me on social media so I can see what you’re up to!

When I was in the thick of my body hell, I would always try so hard to “be good” with food all week so that by the time the weekend rolled around, I was gunnin’ to let loose and go wild with food.

I’d wake up on Monday morning feeling hungover, bloated, fat, guilty and embarrassed by my behavior. Not a great way to start the week.

When I started adopting the strategies I teach in Live More Weigh Less I realized that on the weekends, what I was craving wasn’t food, but permission to cut-loose, have fun and let my sexy out.

When I started crafting my custom weekends, I lost 4 dress sizes.

Today, I want to help you craft YOUR custom weekend, so you can wake up on Monday feeling rejuvenated, alive, in love and beautiful. You might even feel slimmer after just 2 days.

Here it goes, grab a pen…

Your Guide to Crafting a Sexy, Restorative, Wild Weekend

Step 1: Carve out the categories.

When we have weekends that are filled with one party, gathering or meal after another, it can be totally draining. And if we spend the whole weekend inside reading, meditating, and sipping tea by ourselves, we can get really bored. Both can lead to overeating.

SO it’s really important to make time for these activities:

  • Restoration
  • Cutting Loose
  • Connecting
  • Education/Self-Improvement

Here’s a sample schedule for inspiration:

Friday Night, Connect: Go on a fabulous date with your lover. Don’t ask “what do you want to do?” Just make the decision yourself and tell your partner what’s up. OR say, “Sweetie, I’d love for you to take me out to dinner tonight, will you find a place and make a reservation? Something French would be amazing. Just tell me where and when to meet you.” If this would totally freak your partner out, give 3 options, and tell your partner to decide. If you’re single, call up a lady-friend,  your favorite man-friend or ask out that guy you’ve had a crush on. Why the hell not?

Saturday Morning, Restore: Get up by 9am, go for a quick walk by yourself, make a simple breakfast and catch up on your favorite blogs. Maybe even go to yoga… no pressure though. And ask your partner for a foot massage (my new favorite past-time).

Saturday Afternoon, Educate: Bring a book to a café and read for 3 hours (I’ll be reading Make Every Man Want you by Marie Forleo this weekend). Or go to a museum, a lecture, a guided tour, a documentary, write a letter to your unborn child, anything that makes your brain work and has nothing to do with your career. I think it’s powerful to spend Saturday afternoons alone, even if your partner is dying to spend time with you. Tell him to go watch college football, he’ll think you’re the coolest woman ever.

Saturday Night, Cut Loose: Carve out at least 2 hours to get ready (see below). Then get a group of people together, couples or girlfriends. Plan something where you can wear a hot dress and sip a martini. Then go dancing. Either at a club or back home with your honey.

Sunday Morning, Restore: Sleep in, as late as you want. No guilt allowed. When you wake up take a long shower or a bubble bath.

Sunday Afternoon, Cut Loose: Sunday afternoons have the potential to be super depressing with work approaching in less than 24 hours. Make sure Sundays are filled with pleasure-filled adventure. Enjoy a European lunch (lunch with wine) explore a new neighborhood, take an impromptu trip to wine country, see a movie, get your nails done or go water skiing.

Sunday Evening, Connect: Spin by the grocery store, pick up basics for the week and ingredients for an easy dinner. Try grilled salmon, kale salad and brown rice cooked with white wine, garlic and butter. Super easy and super delish. Set your table, enjoy your meal sans TV and whisper sweet nothings to your partner.

Step 2: Shake things up.

If you’re not happy with your body or your life, try doing things differently, even if it seems completely unrelated to weight loss.

* Wear heels to brunch and flats to dinner
* Throw on red lipstick to go to the grocery store
* Have sex in the middle of the day
* Work out on the weekend
* Change up your hair-do
* Paint your nails a bold color
* Make a new friend
* Drink tea instead of coffee or order pasta instead of a salad

Living against the grain is a great adventure. When you have adventure in your life, diving into a pint of ice cream seems far less exciting.

Step 3: Look Fabulous

Just try for one weekend wearing one fabulous outfit after another, including what you wear to bed and around the house. I know you hate drawing attention to your body, but accentuating your curves instead of hiding your fabulous ass for 48 hours isn’t going to kill you. If you don’t have anything to wear, go shopping.

Step 4: Eat Dessert.

Both nights baby, order that chocolate lava cake or crème brulee. I give you full permission, so no guilt allowed. Really savor every bite, eat it slowly and make orgasm noises while you’re eating (trust me, it makes it so much better).

Step 5: Flirt.

Flirting is an invaluable art that I need to write a full article on, but it’s important for you to know that you can flirt without leading men on. It’s about owning your beauty and sensuality and knowing that the barista, guy at the next table or the runner you’re about to pass is damn lucky to be within 3 feet of you. Smile, hold eye contact and see how it makes you feel. It’ll make your whole weekend feel exciting.

Step 6: Love more.

It’s time to get real with your lover, your girlfriends, your parents, your grandparents. Tell at least one person why you love them, how they’ve shaped you, your favorite memory about them. Spread the warm and fuzzy. It’s amazing how you stop caring about your love-handles when you have a better handle on love.

Here’s to your Sexy, Restorative, Wild Weekend.

I can’t wait to hear all about your plans in the comments below.



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  • Erika

    Love this! Shaking it up this weekend by FINALLY going out with an old co-worker. We’ve been doing the “we should get together” game for years. This weekend we’re celebrating the last weekend of summer with a festival. Pumped!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Way to go, Erika! Have a wonderful time and an amazing holiday weekend! xo

    • Lindsay

      Sarah – thank you SO much for this! I always find myself getting to the weekend and wanting to relax, recharge, connect with friends, catch up on things, etc. But never set up a schedule to get it all done. I get to Sunday and wonder where the weekend has gone, realizing I haven’t accomplished any of the things I wanted. So thank you for sharing – I will definitely be putting this schedule into action 🙂

  • Julia

    I loved this post. I love the idea that we can be fulfilled with experience and not just with food (though food is a great part of it!). I*n addition to the walk, I’d just suggest that being outside can be really fulfilling in and of itself. Whether it’s going to the park to interact with people and dogs (maybe just people watch) or going into nature, taking a hike, or a meditative walk can be super restorative and fulfilling. I’m heading to a remote spot in Maine with 8 friends to a rented house where we can hike, camp, water ski, or just BE– read, puzzle and drink red wine 🙂 Love love this post!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Thank you for your inspiration, Julia. Enjoy the magic of Maine this weekend! xo

  • Laurence

    Wonderful !

  • Janelle

    Omg Sarah. Tomorrow I leave for vacation and I have been struggling with how I look. This post really has inspired me for this weekend and my entire week with my hubby. Thank you

    • Sarah Jenks

      That’s amazing, Janelle! I’m so grateful this resonated with you. Enjoy your vacation to its fullest! xo

  • This is a wonderful post Sarah! It’s been a loooong time since I’ve sat down to read a book. (and cookbooks don’t count)
    I’ve been meaning to grab that one from Marie Forleo too. Thanks for the reminder.
    And oh yes…flirting is on the agenda this weekend…with my husband!
    Hope you have a blissful weekend too!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Marie is just amazing and so are you! Have an energetic and special weekend together! xo

  • Sara

    We are planning to hit the beach on Sunday and I will be packing my bikini — NOT my one piece! No backing out! 🙂

  • Absolutely LOVE this post! My college roomie is visiting this weekend, and I am so ready to cut loose and sip margaritas.
    I can’t sleep in on Sunday, since I have a Christening to attend, but I will get to spend some restorative time with my family, which will be lovely. 🙂

    • Sarah Jenks

      How exciting to reconnect with your college roomie. Together, you can create a sexy, restorative and wild weekend. Enjoy every moment, Katie! xo

  • Erin

    Once again, Sarah, you have given me inspiration to change my entire outlook! I have a bachelorette party this weekend (which is turning into an affair that will take up the ENTIRE weekend), and I was actually kind of dreading it because all I could focus on was how tired and drained I was going to be. With these suggestions, I can find ways to incorporate restoration, connection, education and letting loose into the weekend, and for the first time I am actually EXCITED for this bachelorette party!! I’m going to suggest to the ladies that we have a lovely, leisurely lunch tomorrow and go for a walk in a park afterward before we spend the few hours getting ready for the party! What an amazing perspective shift! You never cease to amaze me with your wisdom and grace! 😀

  • Linda

    Sarah, what great ideas! This weekend, we are roasting a whole lamb on a spit and having 40 people visit the farm for a late lunch on Sunday. It means a busy day tomorrow getting ready, but I plan to finish all the prep by 6 and then have a martini with my hubby and think about all the great people I’ll see the next day. To make it more manageable, I’ve rented the plates, glasses and cutlery – which can all be returned unwashed – and bought pre-washed organic salad greens. We’ve asked guests to bring their own beverages, and plan to have a zero-garbage party. We call the event “Burning Lamb”; our alternative to Burning Man, and tell the guests to feel free to wear burner gear. I’m 61 and having so much fun.

  • Carolyn

    Dear Sarah,
    I have just recently started following your blog and with this post you LITERALLY have been snapped me out of whatever funk I have been in! I love this because as a stay at home mommy of two young boys I am always talking to my husband about how hard our weekends seem compared to my weekdays with the kids. Frankly I dread them at times.Errands and going to the park (and occasional date nights) are just not doing it for me. I realize I am just bored and need to have more fun! I love the work you are doing and look so forward to creating a fabulous life rather than being so focused on the pounds I want to loose. This morning I tried a mommy boot camp class, which was amazing and then had my in-laws over for a beautiful lunch so my hubby could show off our new BBQ. Now all is quiet and Im about to go have a cocktail on the patio with my hubby while the kiddos rest and watch a movie! THANK YOU for making me realize what it is that makes my weekends worth waiting for! xo

  • Laure

    Thanks for inspiration, I had a nice week-end with healthy bio food, lavanda bath, family dinner, husband cudling, nice play time with the kids and not internet or TV. Was Great!

  • Hey Sarah, I have always loved your post and your approach to weight loss. This post is incredible, thanks, it helped me to look at the weekend in such a fun way. I was spending time in the south of France to visit my family and made sure I made the most of it. We started by going out with friends on Friday night and as I am 7th month pregnant I am less careful with my physical appearance. I decided to apply your principles and took the extra time and effort to get my hair done & make-up and put on a nice dress. Everyone commented on how good and happy I looked, it does make a difference. Followed a BBQ at home with lots of grilled seafood and veggies from the garden and a day at the beach with my husband. Thanks again for your lovely posts! Too bad I can’t post the photos of the weekend here 😉

  • April

    I read this post two days ago. And I thought to myself…what if I tried to apply these principles to my evenings (when I usually have a serious case of the munchies)? It’s been two days and I am LOVING my evenings. Loving. I took a bath last night. Read my book. Painted my toenails a bold colour. Connected with my sister over the phone. And I didn’t overeat. In fact, I wasn’t even hungry. I was too happy to be hungry. And honestly…my jeans feel a little looser today! I’m totally applying this to my weekends too. Thank you! GAWD I can’t wait for the Live More Weigh Less Fall challenge!!! Eeeeeee!!!

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