B-SCHOOL IS OPEN + Sacred Business Circle Retreat, just one magical part of my amazing bonus.


The training program that has made the biggest difference in my life and business, Marie Forleo’s B-School, is now open for enrollment. When you enroll using the link below you get these programs from me that I created to help you chart your journey with the help of heart, magic, strategy, and community…

  1. Sacred Business Circle: a 1-day in-person (and livestream) retreat at Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA
  2. The Live More Method: an online program to help you uncover your soul’s blueprint and live on purpose
  3. Create a Magical Life Workshop: a video course teaching you everything you need to know to bring more ritual, magic, and sacred practices into your life

**A longer description of these programs is listed below.**

“YES! I am ALL IN!” Click here to take me directly to to enroll in B-School and receive all of the above bonuses for FREE.

Why am I offering these amazing bonuses? Marie only opens the doors to B-School once a year and invites a select group of people to partner with her during enrollment. As a partner, I’m committed to supporting the women in my community through the journey of growing their businesses and adding a lot a magic, heart, strategy, and community to the process. Marie shares your tuition with me, so I can give you the support that I feel like would be most helpful to you in your journey. So when you sign up through me using the link above, all you have to do is pay the price of B-School, and you get all the extra programs from me during your time of upleveling.  Pretty great right? 

In order to have a record that you want to take advantage of this offer, you need to click on this link (or the one above – it’s the same) and sign up for B-School without clicking on another person’s link. This way, the magic technology fairy can follow you around, and we will have you in our system. Make sense? If you’re confused, you can send us an email and we’ll help you out.

My team and I are here to answer any questions you have about B-School, so feel free to shoot us an email at  

You can learn more about B-School and enroll here:

Here’s some more information about this year’s bonuses:

Bonus #1: Sacred Business Circle
A one-day, in person, intimate retreat at my retreat center in Medfield, MA, for entrepreneurs who need a divine intervention. April 20th, 2018. Spots are limited. (This retreat will also be available as a livestream, but I really encourage you to show up in person if you can.)

The backstory: In the 9 years I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve realized that having a successful business is equal parts marketing, talent, and magic. When I first started out, I believed that if I had a good idea and a lot of coffee, I could make anything happen. The truth was that my first few business ideas seemed smart on paper (“Advertising Wellness”: corporate health coaching, or “Breathtaking Bride”: emotional eating coaching for brides to be), but they weren’t what I was meant to do on a soul level, so work felt like rolling a huge boulder up a mountain. It wasn’t until I got that my calling (at the time – as you know, this is expanding) was to help women with emotional eating through empowering them to live the life they are meant to live NOW – and nurtured a consistent connection to the divine for direction, inspiration, and energy – that my business took off. 

What’s exciting is that over the past few years, my soul has called for an evolution in my work, and spending all of my energy on Live More Weigh Less started to feel like wearing too tight shoes. The more I connected with the divine, the clearer I got that I needed to create a model for Live More Weigh Less that was more sustainable for me so I could grow my business to include a new calling: integrating the sacred into everyday stuff, like your career, for example :). I’ve been studying the divine feminine formally for 6 years, though I’ve been interested and called since a little girl (all of us are), and in 2014 I released my first body of work on the subject, The Live More Method (part of my B-School Bonus), taught from this place at Live Free (my weekend event for hundreds of women entrepreneurs with Nisha Moodley), and at my 3-day retreats at Hawthorn Farm, HOME, and Wise Woman Winter. Now I am so excited to offer this intimate, in-person retreat where we’ll be combining guided meditation, ceremony, business coaching, and releasing + manifesting rituals. It’s going to be so juicy you’re going to lose your mind.  

About our day together:  Let me paint you a picture… The day before we gather, I encourage you to travel to Boston, check into one of the many hotels in the city or closer to my home just 35 minutes from Boston, have a delicious dinner, and go to sleep early. We will gather at my house at 9am the next day, and you will be welcomed by the embrace of the Moon Lodge, really good coffee and tea, and a hug from me and the other spiritual, ambitious, loving entrepreneurs. We will sit in circle together around a beautiful altar. The day will be designed around what’s needed in the moment but will most likely include meditation, guided visualization, dancing, journaling, coaching, sharing, rituals, and some serious manifesting. All of this will be with the intention for you to:

  • Feel incredibly held
  • Get clear on your soul’s calling
  • Identify your highest potential
  • Release blocks to stepping into your highest potential
  • Call in abundance of time, resources, and energy
  • Feel the powerful connection to the divine and gain the tools to plug into that source on a daily basis
  • Have a lot of fun
  • Make new friends

Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee are included. Breakfast, dinner, accommodations, and travel are yours to handle. 

To see photos and learn more about Sacred Business Circle, click here

To join us for the Sacred Business Circle at no charge, you can enroll in B-School using this link: (You will receive this day for free, plus the 2 other bonuses listed here when you enroll in B-School using the link above). 

OR you can enroll in this retreat directly by signing up on this page:

“When the Sacred Business Circle was discussed, I was immediately interested but began to worry if I wasn’t a good “fit” for what the group would be working toward. The moment I walked through the door and was greeted by this amazing gathering of women from across the country, I knew I was “home” and my anxiety melted away. Spending the day singing and journaling and sharing and encouraging these other beautiful creatures – each on her own but parallel journey – was one of the more powerful things I have experienced. Thank you, Sarah.”

“Sarah is a rare combination of deep wisdom, insight, and grounded know-how. She has an uncanny and powerful ability to see what you are being called to do in the world and then stating it to you in a frank, direct, and totally empowering way. She has been a catalyst for powerful decisions that I have made in my own life. Listen to her!!”  
–Elayne Kalila Doughty, Founder of Priestess Presence

Bonus #2: Live More Method: 
The Live More Method is a 6-part, in-depth audio course which combines spiritual discovery with strategic coaching to uncover your soul’s blueprint and make it a reality. It is deep and p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. Here’s what some women have to say:

“Wow. This program held my hand as I stepped into living in alignment with my soul. Sarah is an incredible teacher, a clear guide, and such a loving support. The women working alongside me created the most amazing community. My life has changed in ways I could never have expected and has given me a whole new trajectory. Thank you, Sarah!!”

“The Live More Method program created the perfect platform for diving deeper into what I want in my career and personal life. Sarah’s laser-focus, transparent, nurturing coaching style gave me the courage to take massive action toward creating a life I love. The program allowed me to slow down and tune into what makes me happy to be alive and that creating a life around those things is within reach.”

“Being a part of the Live More Method has allowed me to reconnect with my soul’s essence. I am more clear about the woman I am and want to be in the world after going through the program. The combination of Sarah’s coaching and visual meditations really helped me dive deeper into my soul and find out what I needed to do to express her more. I am so grateful for this work, and will continue to implement in my daily life.”

Bonus #3: Create a Magical Life Workshop
Are you curious about how to connect with your inner witch but don’t know where to start? I want to hold your hand through the process of creating a spiritual practice that lights you up and works with your lifestyle. This 3-hour video workshop walks you through the history of Earth Based Spirituality, teaches you how to set a women’s circle, how women’s bodies are connected to the seasons and moon, how to use the moon to get more done and manifest incredible things in your life, a guided soul journey, and how to set up a morning ritual. 

“YES! I am ALL IN!” Click here to take me directly to to enroll in B-School and receive all of the above bonuses for FREE.

You get all three of these gifts FOR FREE when you enroll in B-School using this link:  

I hope I get a chance to spend the day with you at my home:). How amazing would that be?


P.S. I’m a proud affiliate of B-School and although I may earn a referral fee based on my recommendation, I only share programs that I have personally experienced first-hand and really believe have the power to help you create the life you deserve.

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