Join Me, Kate Northrup, Danielle LaPorte, Shefali Tsabary, and more in a conversation about thriving as a entrepreneurial, change-maker mother!

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260380396999571.PpXox0TbNHJVkxM6AR8w_height640Next Tuesday, (2/7), my dear friend Kate Northrup is gathering a powerful group of women (Shefali Tsabary- my personal parenting guru, Danielle LaPorte, Meggan Watterson, and Liz Long – one of my closest friends) for an intimate and revealing conversation about the myth of balance and how to thrive as an entrepreneurial, change-maker mother!

I was FLOORED to be asked to join this amazing circle of women because I have been personally affected by each of their work and Kate is leading the charge on a new way of doing business and motherhood that is radical, restorative, and really needed in this time.

To sign up for this live video gathering, click here

As a mother of two toddlers just 17 months apart, and the primary breadwinner in my family while my husband is in his surgical residency, this conversation is very dear to my heart.

I have wrestled with resentment around making money while I’m having babies, confusion around what kind of mom I want to be, frustration around how to find time with myself and exhaustion of the hustle I feel I need to adopt in order to make it all work.

I have also reveled in the expansion of my soul, experience of true freedom, pride in my abilities to provide abundantly, deep connection with other women on this specific journey, inspiration around my creativity and ambition and the overwhelming love that has grown among me and my children.

So I have some things to talk about 🙂 and a lot of ideas on how we, as women, can do this dance of entrepreneurship and motherhood better. It’s an incredibly important topic because as long as we are doing things like a man, we aren’t getting what we really deserve out of our work or motherhood. 

I am so thrilled that Kate has lit the torch on this work and has made it her mission to teach women around the globe how to be a mother and an entrepreneur in a way that works for our specific energy, lineage, spiritual capacity and unique connection to the cycles. And I feel so psyched to join her in this specific chapter of her mission.

To sign up for this live video gathering with Kate, Danielle LaPorte, Shefali Tsabary, Liz Long, Meggan Watterson and me, visit here.

I can’t wait to spend time with you.


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