The Council

A Seasonal Mastermind & Intimate Mentorship

Are you a woman who is ready to step into the next level of her excellence and walk as a Highly Successful Sacred Woman?

I believe that the more Sacred Women we have in positions of power, making financial decisions, and leading companies and movements from a sacred lens, the more equality, safety, and support we will experience globally.

I am inviting a select few women into a seasonal mastermind & intimate mentorship.

Here are the archetypes of women who are most suited to this mastermind.

  • You hold a professional role in the world, maybe you are a medical professional, lawyer, or CEO, and you are also a sacred woman but you find yourself hiding that part of you. You secretly know that you are meant to revolutionize your company or category by bringing the Sacred more fully into your work.
  • You are a Priestess, Coach, Healer, or entrepreneur in the personal development or spiritual sector, and you find yourself constantly undercharging and treating yourself like you are not a “real” professional with status and swagger. You are here to shift how you run your company and stand for the truth that being a Priestess or Sacred Woman is just as important as being a doctor, lawyer, or CEO.
  • You are in a career that may give you a lot of clout but it’s not filling you up. You are looking to make a big career move but don’t want to lose the status, respect, or money you currently enjoy. You want to create a Sacred Business that is even more successful than your current career.

We will all gather to be The Council, standing shoulder to shoulder in our excellence, respect, and wisdom — regardless of what our sacred work looks like, and sitting hip to hip in our support, love, and devotion to each other.

This is a great mastermind for you if…
  • You are ready to jump right in and start making moves tomorrow so by the fall your life and career look and feel completely different.
  • You want an incubator to launch a new company, a new initiative, a new program, or re-brand yourself
  • You are committed to making your health, spiritual practice, and relationship an important part of your professional growth.
  • You know that sacred work, being in Temple, Ceremony, and Morning practice are the most important foundations for ideas, creativity, and growth, and you want to make these practices and skills central to your life.
  • You are excited to explore HOW you run your company changes when you do everything through a sacred lens.
  • You are ready to leave the “rules”, limiting beliefs and security behind to fully surrender into stepping into your Sacred Work. 
  • – You are ready to experience rapid expansion and have a blast-off experience.

No more dress rehearsals. This is opening night.

This is a five-figure investment (with an option for long-term financing) that I know will completely change the course of your career.

The Council is a combination of mentorship, support, and sacred practice through a 3-day luxury retreat, online classes, hot-seats over zoom, and a Voxer group between the Council members for in-between support.

Now accepting applications for our 2023 Councils.


The winter session of The Council will begin in December.

Our retreat:
Berkshires, MA Winter Wonderland
January 10th, 2024 – January 15th, 2024

We will be staying at a gorgeous, chic, farmhouse mansion.

❄️ Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox 🌸

December: Opening Ceremony 12/20/23
January: 5-night, 4-day retreat PLUS 90-min advisory call with me at the end of the month.
February: Full-day hot seats with Kelly for strategic growth support PLUS 90-min advisory call with me.
March: Full-day hot seats with me PLUS closing ceremony on Spring Equinox.

If you feel that you are meant to be part of The Council, I invite you to apply below.


You are fully sovereign over your financial decisions and fully in charge of the way you spend the money in your company.

Here is Sarah’s call for The Council around what it means to do Sacred work and to be a highly successful, respected, Sacred Woman.