Next Moon Circle in the Moon Lodge!


It’s been such a joy to welcome so many of you to the Moon Lodge at Hawthorn Farm this fall and to have hundreds join us through Livestream! Our Full Moon Circle in September and our Night of the Ancestors at Halloween were both so magical.  

Given that the Full Moons in November and December happen right on top of Thanksgiving and Christmas, instead of hosting a Full Moon Circle in December, we’ll be gathering under the Dark Moon on Thursday, December 6th, at 7:30 PM.

You can reserve your spot here for IN PERSON.

You can reserve your spot here for LIVESTREAM.

The Dark Moon is the time when you can’t see the moon at all in the sky. It symbolizes winter, death, and rest. But in the dark of night, the stars shine the brightest, so we are poised to have a clearer connection with our inner light, our intuition. This is a time when many cultures celebrate LIGHT and the impending coming of the longer days, so we will be lighting the Menorah on this fifth night of Hanukkah.

This gathering is an opportunity to show up as your raw, real self. With the holidays in full swing, it is so important to have a place to fall apart, ground yourself, and have a moment’s rest – so you don’t turn into a crazy person. 

During our circle, I will guide you into the depths of your being to connect with your inner wisdom. Expect to leave feeling rested, refreshed, and more grounded, so you can approach this time with grace and confidence.

Here are the details again:

Dark Moon Women’s Circle
Thursday, December 6th
7:30 pm In Person / 7:45 pm Livestream
Hawthorn Farm, Medfield, MA 
$30 In Person
$20 Livestream



**You are also invited to join our new Facebook Group to connect with the women who come to the circles to watch the livestream with someone in your area or organize a carpool to Hawthorn Farm. We do not stream it in the group; you must sign up for a livestream spot.

Women have been gathering under the moon since the beginning of time to celebrate, practice magic, and connect with the divine energy that flows through the stars, the trees, and our blood.

Something truly unexplainable happens when women gather in a sacred space. You’ll have to come and experience the magic for yourself.

Whether you’re a devout Catholic or a seasoned Witch… a maiden, mother, or crone… a lawyer or an artist or a teacher… you are welcome, just as you are. All I ask is that you come with an open mind, a pillow to sit on, and a journal.

I can’t wait to be with you. 




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