For the diet junkies + juice cleanse dropouts (12 hours left)


Enrollment for Live More Weigh Less Mastery closes tonight at midnight so I really want to make sure it’s on your radar if you want to join us.

So if you struggle with your weight and overeating, and want personal support and a life-changing program, today is your last chance.

Live More Weigh Less is a lifestyle. It’s for…

The woman who has tried everything.

The diet junkies.

The juice cleanse dropouts.

The “I hate to see myself in the mirror” women.

The food sneakers.

The bingers.

The (self) haters.

It’s for women who are sick of the magic potions and broken promises that THIS diet will help me lose “20 pounds in 30 days.”

It’s for women who have negative self-talk, who hate getting dressed in the morning and will go ______ (insert place or event in your life you’ve missed) when you lose ______ (insert number) pounds.

We can be so cruel to ourselves. And all of that negative self-talk doesn’t help the situation. In fact, it only perpetuates the endless cycle and suffering of painful diets, unhappiness and avoiding life.

If you’re finally ready to LIVE and put an end to the dieting madness, I want to encourage you to enroll in our Live More Weigh Less Mastery coaching program and community. Look at how these women have transformed:

“After I started to have fun and like myself again, I lost weight. A lot of weight. Crazy. Yes, the smaller dress sizes are amazing. (I no longer hate shopping.) I am so much happier. Even if I had not lost a pound, my life is significantly better. I have been reminded that I need to take care and love myself. The results did not just happen to me either, my husband and children are happier too. I felt like I had an amazing relationship with my family before, but now it is even better.”  ~Bree Hester

“Since enrolling in Live More Weigh Less and integrating the tools and teachings from the program, things have really started to shift for me. As a therapist I know how vitale self-care is to our overall well-being but before Live More Weigh Less, I was putting it off and overloading my schedule with other obligations which lead to binging on food, tv and sleep (usually in that order). I was quickly getting burnt out and couldn’t pinpoint why. This program has really helped bring awareness to these cycles and has been instrumental in helping me create and maintain a schedule that’s no longer exhausting and filled with things that don’t bring me pleasure, instead I’m prioritizing having more fun and taking care of myself just as I do any other obligations I may have. I have made big changes in my career and took risks to reach my aspirations. I have been making more friends and moving my body more through a group class that I love. Live More Weigh Less is so relatable! It is a welcoming and safe place for women to address all kinds of women’s issues to be the best versions of themselves. Live More Weigh Less is such a huge help and support system for us as women addressing the tough stuff we don’t always like to talk about. It will change your perspective and how you approach life.” ~Kim Podmore  

“Since I have been in Live More Weigh Less, my daughters have really been wanting to know what I have been up to. I told them I got lost and I found myself again. I want them to enjoy their life and try new things. They look toward me for their support and guide in loving their bodies and the way they look. I have been teaching them to be confident and to be beautiful inside and out. I have been teaching myself and my daughters to love themselves for just the way they are. I have been also learning and teaching them to enjoy each new day and have lots of laughter and joy.”  ~Paula Palmer  

You are capable. You are not alone. Let’s stop dieting and start living.

Lives change here.



P.S. No more empty promises. No more “I’ll do better this week.” No more diet jumping. This can absolutely be your last stop.

P.P.S. If you decide you aren’t ready or it’s not for you, it’s OK. I’m still going to be there to help you every week on the blog, so you never have to be in this alone. You are part of this community no matter how you participate and whether or not you take Live More Weigh Less. -xo

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