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It’s been really fun playing with the women in the Live More Challenge and Get Out of Body Jail Workshop. I watched thousands of women start the process of coming back to themselves and their bodies. Nothing brings me more joy than watching someone get that they have the power to create the life they want and a body they love.

I get that you have a lot going on which is why I wanted to make sure you knew that the doors for Live More Weigh Less Mastery are open, and I would love to have you join us. To learn about Live More Weigh Less Mastery and see if it’s the right fit for you, click here. Live More Weigh Less Mastery is an 8-week online group coaching program and community where you’ll break out of body jail, heal your emotional eating and create a life full of joy, purpose and lightness.  


If you are ready to join us today, you can enroll and pay right on the page. Payments are as low as $547 a month.

Curious and want to know more? This is why I believe in this program:

I used to feel so stuck in my body. I would go from feeling so miserable and desperate that I couldn’t get in control to furious at God/The Universe/Fate for assigning me such a melon of a body. I was consumed with fear that I would be alone forever and felt paralyzed by embarrassment about how I looked. I would often change my outfit three or four times before I finally left my apartment. I was convinced that everyone noticed how much weight I gained and was talking about it behind my back, even though they said they weren’t.

I couldn’t imagine having a successful career at my weight. Why would anyone take me seriously? I couldn’t fathom Jonathan wanting to marry me. Would I never have children? All of my friends seemed to have success with this diet or the other and I watched them with a burning jealousy get smaller and smaller while I couldn’t go more than 24 hours on a diet before I lost all sense of willpower, broke down and ate a pint of ice cream. Going out with them was always so painful because I was the “fat one”.  

Everything about my existence was clouded by this fog of self-loathing. And no number of Slim Fast shakes could shake it.

But, deep down, underneath all of the misery that comes with hating your body, I knew that I deserved to be happy. I knew I could feel beautiful. I knew I had a lot to offer.  But at the time, as a washed up, depressed, self-loathing woman, the only path I could see to that truth was finding the right diet and sticking to it.

Fueled by a twist of fate, a welcomed mental breakdown and hitting rock bottom, I found another path that lead me to something more incredible than I could have ever imagined for myself.

This is what’s possible for you:

You will wake up in the morning feeling beautiful, strong and alive. Food is friendly, nourishing and not the least bit addicting. You will even go hours without thinking about it. You will love your body and feel so grateful for all that she does for you. You will truly get that she is your home and your temple and you worship and take care of her in way that feels easy and fun.  

You will love your life. Work will be fulfilling, or at least not a drain so you have time to commit yourself to the hobby or cause you love. The people you surround yourself with are deep, fun and really get you. You have energy and presence for your family. You will feel sexy, beautiful, feminine and able to relax.  

I know because I’ve experienced this and I’ve watched over a thousand women experience it after taking Live More Weigh Less. You can read about their success stories here.

It’s been seven years since I got out of body jail and I never thought I could break free, let alone become one of the top experts on the subject. I never imagined that I would reach women all over the world through my blog. I never thought I’d be featured in magazines and top websites or run workshops at places like Google and Williams-Sonoma.  All of this tells me that women are craving a new way of relating to their bodies.  

I have an amazing marriage, two beautiful kids and the best friends. Of course I complain, get stressed, feel fat, and want to bury my head in the sand from time to time, but mostly, things are great. Imagine, you could be in this place in just two short months.

Let this email be your sign. There is deeper work to be done around your relationship with food and major discoveries to have about you and your life on the path to healing.  Your diets are just a bandaid and they will not get you where you need to go. I promise.  

It’s never too late to make a change. Even if you have the slightest inkling this program might be for you, I encourage you to just read through the testimonials of women, just like you, who made the plunge by clicking here: Enroll in Live More Weigh Less Mastery.




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