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The Whole Woman Emerge Coaching Program is currently closed. Press here to continue.

The first half of 2020 has been WILD. So much disease, destruction, and pain. We learned a lot about what we want and don’t want. Many of us are showing up for racial justice, economic justice, the end of sex trafficking and healing the planet… and wondering what our role is in it.

As a human family, I believe we are healing, transforming and changing directions.

We know we can’t, will never, go back to the way things were, and yet, we don’t really know where our planet, or our individual lives are going.

Guess what, you get to decide.

You get to decide what impact you’re going to make in your family, communities and country.

You get to decide what you believe in.

You get to decide how you spend your time and your money.

You get to decide the direction our planet goes in because you matter.

You hold a piece of the puzzle that will set off a chain reaction that will put this whole chaotic mess in harmony.

We each have a role to play, and it’s time to have clarity on what that is and emerge as your true self.

You may be the type of person that does well with introspection, asking monthly questions and is self-motivated to watch the Whole Woman lessons on your own time. If that’s the case, you are probably good to stay at the basic Whole Woman membership level that has so much to offer at such a low price…

But, if you’re the type of person that needs to talk things out (like me), that moves through things more easily when someone can offer insight, who needs a schedule to go through the lessons, then let me introduce you to


An intimate Group Coaching experience for Whole Woman Members seeking to Emerge as their true selves by the end of 2020.

When you enroll in Emerge, you get everything that comes with your Whole Woman Membership PLUS two group coaching calls a month until December 2020. You will also be encouraged to finish all of the lessons by the end of the year.

Astrologers are saying that Winter Solstice 2020 will be the most powerful day any of us will experience in our lifetime and maybe humans have experienced EVER, and I wanted to create a container for us to prepare for this potent turning point in our human history. Right now Emerge will only be available through the end of 2020.

In the regular Whole Woman Full Moon coaching calls, members have to write in questions and I answer on a Facebook live. In Emerge, we talk to each other. You can explain to me what you’re struggling with, I can ask questions, really dig in, and help you work through to a place of peace and clarity.

The Investment

When you join Emerge your monthly membership fee changes to $109 a month. That’s only $62 more than the basic membership and breaks down to only $31 a call.

I used to charge $600 for a coaching session, so I thought this was a pretty great deal.

Plus, you can switch back to your normal membership anytime, but the intention is that you’ll join us for the remainder of the year!

A private Zoom link will be sent out before the coaching session, all calls are recorded and you can email in a question beforehand if you can’t make it. All Emerge coaching sessions for the rest of 2020 will be at 1pm Eastern on weekdays.


The Whole Woman Emerge Coaching Program is currently closed. Press here to continue.