…stop waiting on weight, love or money to create what you want. Not try to look like your favorite celebrity, your best friend or your 23 year old self, but to be at your body’s ideal weight for your unique self and phase of life. Feel the full range of our emotions like elated, exuberant, passionate love and devastating, gut wrenching despair. Ditch perfection for truth. Embrace the natural ebb and flow of your weight, energy and mood. Prioritize your own needs and desires even when it means pissing people off. Spend more time focusing on how you take care of yourself and less time on what you look like. Be deeply connected with your purpose. Not be skinny for a living, but to live the life of your skinny self. Be in awe of your own divinity. Know that hating our bodies doesn’t motivate us to take care of them, we take care of the things we love. Let our passion, desire and intuition guide our decision making. See and practice magic every day. Love our job or what our job allows us to do. Know that in order to have it all, we can’t do it all. Not be lazy about love. Know that life is never going to get any easier, so you might as well create the life you want now. See every moment as an opportunity for fun, connection or passion.

This is what it means to me to Live More. What does it mean to you?


Hi, I’m Sarah Jenks. It’s very nice to meet you, and I’m so glad you’re here.

This site is a place for you to let it all go – the pressure to be perfect, the anxiety of wanting more but not knowing how to get it, the show you put on so others won’t worry about you. It’s so exhausting isn’t it? I want to know the real you. The you who lets her belly go at the end of the day, the you who secretly knows you’re meant for big things, the you who is willing to really go there. This site is also a place to challenge and teach you how to create a life of meaning, adventure, romance NOW. Not when you finally lose twenty pounds, meet your soulmate or make a million dollars.

Here’s why I’m here and why you should listen to me-

Since 2009 I’ve helped thousands of women lose weight and heal from emotional eating. Before then I struggled with my body for most of my life and finally realized that dieting + wanting to lose weight did not equal weight loss, as most weight loss programs will have you believe. I discovered that there was a reason I was overeating: my life sucked. Food was my only source of happiness, connection and relaxation, and until I addressed the cause of my overeating, I would never have my ideal body. So, I fixed my life, healed my emotional eating, and lost a ton of weight. My program, Live More Weigh Less teaches women how to do this. You can learn about this online course and community here.

Since then, I’ve gained and lost weight a lot (I believe this is a normal and natural thing), but the difference is: I don’t hate myself, I don’t feel crazy around food, I always feel beautiful and I trust my body to do her thing. This is what I believe:

Once you get clear on how to take incredible care of yourself – emotionally, spiritually and physically – your body is naturally going to go to her ideal shape and size for your constitution, age, situation and lifestyle. For some people that means you’ll lose thirty pounds, gain five or stay the same, but regardless, if you stick around, you will feel the most beautiful, sexy and in love with yourself than you have in your whole life.

*And if you are dying to be a size 2 no matter what, go for it! Just know that you will probably spend most of your time and energy restricting your food and hating your body. I call it, being skinny for a living. But just so you know, that’s not what I teach, so you probably won’t like it here.



  • “Sarah helped me to really find what was making me unhappy beyond the weight. I have tried so many things and this is the first time I feel like I am doing the real work.

    What I found was me – the real me – not the me with an extra thirty pounds but the me that has been dying to break out at any weight.

    As a result I am ready to take bigger risks, have connected with my partner in a way we haven’t in years, and I’m actually starting to enjoy my life more than what I thought it would like at a size 2!”

    – Geada Ford
  • “Sarah, you rock! I thought I knew everything there was to know about eating right and losing weight, and that it was me that was broken. Sarah helped reveal what was really missing and showed me an even better way of loving my body and my life. I’m so grateful to have been able to work with her.I’m still working on losing the weight, but I sure am living more. I get compliments on my looks all the time, and I feel happier and more alive. Sarah’s an amazing coach. If you’ve suffered with your body image or struggled to lose weight, you must hire her!”

    – Christy Goldfeder
  • “When I have a moment of insanity I frequently hear Sarah’s guidance pop into my head like the Fairy Godmother of weight loss. She is funny, charming to listen to, and 100% transparent about her own ongoing journey. (Most fitness+nutrition types just don’t get this special kind of crazy.) And because it is an ongoing journey I’m really excited to go through the program in it’s next phase because Sarah is also a BOSS with an eye for innovation and this stuff just gets better.”

    – Rebecca Berdel





Most importantly, I am a woman who loves to have deep and meaningful conversations, dance, play outside, decorate, pray and spend time with myself.

I am also a mother to an exuberant baby boy, Marshall and a wife to the most thoughtful, handsome, intelligent man, Jonathan.

I’m from a small town outside of Boston where I grew up with loving parents who loved each other very much, and two younger, confident, creative siblings.

I am a recovering perfectionist. I used to wear makeup everyday and made sure the house was always pristine. I’m learning to let that all go in service of being real and spontaneous.

I attended Williams College where I threw a lot of parties and was the president of my class. I majored in Psychology and took a ton of Art History classes. I plan on owning a house in our college town someday. We will probably be those old people doing keg stands on the porch.

After college I had a short stint in event planning, then PR and then became and account manager at an advertising firm where I spent more time binging on chocolate in the supply closet than doing my work. I then figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Most of my training comes from my unending curiosity about my own inner world. I have been coached and trained by some of the best therapists, life coaches, intuitives, spiritual teachers and healers in the world.

I was voted “Miss tell it like it is” in my high school yearbook, so expect a healthy dose of honesty and bluntness, and I will probably make you cry, in a good way.

My favorite food is red wine.

I love to tell stories, and have been told I’m pretty good at it. And I do so weekly on this site, so to make sure you don’t miss anything, I would love for you to sign up for updates.

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