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I wanted to make sure you knew we’re starting the Live More Challenge today. Over 10,000 women are joining us this year and they are all abuzz in our private Facebook group that you’ll get access to when you sign up on this page. Did I mention it’s all free?

I believe in the power of community. I find that I can accomplish so much more when I’m swept up in a collective energy. And I spent so many years feeling so alone in my struggle with my body, that’s it’s so nice to know that there are women out there who really get it, you know?

But, if you’re more of a lone wolf you can do all of the challenges (or just a few) on your own without interacting with anyone, you do you.

Either way, I really want you to check it out because women find it truly transformational. And I’m only gonna send you two emails with your challenges on a weekly basis, not daily, so no worries about inbox clutter.

Sign up now for the Live More Challenge by clicking on this link.

“This group had been such a lovely distraction for me these past two weeks. The positivity and encouragement I gleaned from Sarah Jenks and all you fabulous ladies spilled over into other areas of my life. Instead of just surviving until the next day, I thrived and lived with purpose. Sure, I had bad moments. Who doesn’t? But I tried to stay calm and focus on my challenge of the day…reflect inward. Thank you ladies for all the encouragement, I know it can’t be easy for some of you.” -Vanessa Farnsworth

Thank you so much for this group and this challenge. I started each day with a reflection on the challenge and how I was going to incorporate it into my day. I learned that I love new things – like decorating and lipstick!  But mostly, I learned that taking the time to do some small things for me, actually puts me in a better position and disposition for being the wife, mom, friend, sister and coworker that I really want to be. Taking time for oneself can be the biggest act of selflessness in the end. I enjoyed and was inspired by each and every one of the women’s posts…live well, everyone!” ~Chelsey L.

“Sarah’s Live More Challenge was a great, non-intimidating way for me to start to understand what self care was and how to express it to myself. I now participate in each of her challenges as they become the little jolt of extra for me that I need to just express gratitude to myself, and remind myself that I’m beautiful too. Not because of how much I weigh, or what I look like, but because of who I am and what I contribute. And on days that I needed a little extra support, I had a wonderful group of ladies in the LMWL community encouraging me, and was able to do the same for the ladies I met during the challenge.” ~Marilyn

I can’t wait to dive in with you!



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