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What Needs to Die in You,
So You Can Truly Live?

A Full Moon Workshop & Ceremony for women & non-binary folks
who feel stuck, frumpy, overwhelmed with responsibility,
and want desperately to find themselves again.

Halloween Day 11am EST/8am PST (recording available)

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Most women believe that they have to change in order to be happy. They believe they have to lose weight, make more money or have more time in order to become the most fun, care free, juicy, beautiful, successful, deep version of themselves.

Most women waste A LOT of time and money looking for the “magic pill” that will make them happy.

The truth is that you are already fun, care free, juicy, beautiful, successful and deep… you just have layers and layers of conditioning, trauma and brainwashing put on you that have created insecurities, rigidity and addiction to overeating, drinking and spending.

You don’t need to become a different person, you just need to release what you are NOT.

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This time of year and specifically Halloween, is all about Death. We’ve been trained to fear death and think the darkness is evil, but the truth is that the darkness holds the mystery, the void and the womb of re-birth. The darkness holds powerful medicine, and we are going to harness it under the Full Moon (the energy of releasing) on the Day of Death. It is going to be deeply transformative.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  1. The 3 Beliefs that prevent women from becoming their true selves and how to get rid of them
  2. The most potent transformational process that has helped thousands of my clients feel more confident, beautiful and alive.
  3. How to no longer care about “the rules”, mom-guilt or taking care of everyone!

I’m ready! Sign me up for the workshop!