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I created Holy Woman because everywhere I looked it seemed like women felt like they needed to live inside a box.

This box was created by their family culture, their religious culture, their background, and their experiences growing up.

And even though I looked around and saw so many more opportunities for women, most of the women I met felt scared to take them. Yes, there are many external boundaries that women face today, but I was really interested in the internal boundaries that we didn’t seem to have the tools to work through.
In my research and curiosity, what I discovered was that you can track the loss of women’s freedom to the erasure of the Sacred Feminine in societies all over the globe.

My Soul’s work as a Priestess is to activate you into creating the life you’re meant to live, and a big part of that is telling the story of how we, as a collective, got here. I am here to share Herstory. And to weave the Sacred Feminine back into the truth of who we actually are.

This course is unlike anything I’ve ever taught before, and I am so honored to share it with you.

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The Modules

Module 1

Why we're here

We are here because we aren’t who we think we are. This lesson sets the stage for who I am and how I got here. It is also an invitation to reflect on how you can create way more space for yourself in your life. Space to dive into this course. Space to have a daily Sacred Feminine practice. Space to remember who you really are.

Module 2

Retelling Herstory: The Erasure & Resurgence of the Sacred Feminine

In this lesson, we start at the very beginning of humanity (yes, 2.5 million years ago) to rediscover our Sacred Feminine roots. You will learn about what human life may have been like when the Sacred Feminine was alive and well. We’ll cover what I consider to be the “turning point” where the erasure began and talk about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Constanine’s Christianity. We’ll remember the burning times and our witch wounds. And we’ll talk about the rise of women’s rights and the resurgence of the Sacred Feminine.

Module 3

What was lost

In this module, we are going to cover what was lost in the erasure of the Sacred Feminine, how the patriarchy took our sources of power and made them evil, and why our conditioning is running the show.

Module 4

Remembering Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Tools & Practices

Now that we have grounded in why the Sacred Feminine was erased and how it conditioned women to fully separate from our power, in this lesson we are talking about taking our power back. Here we dive into the specific Sacred Feminine wisdom, tools and practices that were once an integral part of our lives and communities — until they were lost.

Module 5

Weaving the Sacred Feminine

In this lesson, we’re going to dive deeper into how you can weave the Sacred Feminine back into all parts of your life (work, marriage, motherhood, the body) with new boundaries, space, and agreements.

Module 6

Creating a New Vision for Liberation

In our final lesson, we are going to go on a very powerful guided Soul Journey meditation where you’ll meet your Soul self and create a vision for the life you’re meant to live. And then we’re going to make a plan for you to live it, right now.

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