Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what our most successful members ask before Joining Holy Woman…

“I’m worried I don’t have enough time, I’m so busy already!”

This feeling is the reason you MUST do this program. Making time for yourself and what you truly want isn’t easy because you’ve been brainwashed to always be busy and never have time for yourself. I am going to ask you to let go of a lot of extraneous things in your life and only do the essentials and what lights you up so that you have time to do the work needed to step into your fullest potential. If you devote one hour a week to this program, your life will dramatically change. So you’re right, you don’t have time for this with the way your life is right now, but I’m going to show you how to change your life.

“You mention the Sacred Feminine, but I’m Catholic/ Muslim/ Jewish/ Protestant, can I even integrate that into my life? Doesn’t that go against my religion?”

When we’ve grown up in a culture that only allows for male-centric religion, we don’t have any feminine archetypes to embrace. When we can’t see ourselves, our essence, our wisdom plays an equal role on the sacred stage, we unconsciously feel less then. I’m so down with religion, what I want to do is ADD some Sacred Feminine to the Sacred Masculine that is already alive and well. And if you belong to a religious community that says “my way or the highway” you may find that through the course of this program you desire to find a different religious community, one that celebrates your traditions and isn’t threatened by other ones.

"Do online programs actually work?"

I love therapy, in-person workshops, and retreats. But often we don’t have the space to travel, or we spend years in therapy and have a deep understanding of our past but don’t feel like we are reaching our fullest potential. Or the retreat we want to take is six months away, and you’re ready right now!! When you do an online program, you don’t have to travel, you don’t have to wait, and you get access to the best coaches in the world without the cost of a plane ticket.

“There are a lot of motivational programs out there, why should I do this one?”

I follow and work with a lot of incredible, and motivational coaches. This is the only program I know that will hold you to fire, and kick your ass into gear, all wrapped in sacred feminine spiritual groundedness. When we get all pumped up but aren’t being guided by our soul, we can waste a lot of time, money, and energy growing in the wrong direction. Plus, I love working with people whose lives inspire me. So if you’re inspired by what I’ve created in my career, with three kids and running a beautiful retreat center, then you’ll be able to learn from me better than someone whose life and belief system you just don’t get.

“Is this a course? Is it a membership? I’m confused.”

It’s both! I created a transformational process that not only educates you, but supports you in your evolution through live coaching, spiritual guidance, and community. When you join, there is a 12-month commitment (unless you choose the month-to-month option) so you can really commit to this way of living. You continue on a month-to-month membership and you’re welcome to be a member for as long as you want. Most women stay in Holy Woman for 18 months and many have been with me since the beginning in early 2017! It’s our constant support system for whatever life throws our way.

“Do I get the lessons all at once or one at a time, what if I miss a lesson?”

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive the entire course and get instant access to ALL of the materials and live calls. I do this because some people may want to stay in one weekend and immerse themselves in the material, others may want to listen to one lesson a week, or one lesson a moon cycle! The course includes 6 lessons that guide you in discovering your true self and walking as your full potential in your life. It’s called The Path of Remembrance and it’s all about the erasure of the Sacred Feminine and how weaving these practices back into our everyday life is the path to true liberation. It’s the herstory course that we’ve never had and always needed, and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

“I just had a baby or I’m getting married in a month, should I do this program?”

YES! I deliberately created a program that you can do in one hour a week. During these times in your life, it is SO IMPORTANT to have a support system of wise women around you who’ve been where you are. The level of support you’ll receive will be amazing.

“What if I join the program and I’m not happy?”

I get that my style isn’t for everyone, which is why I created the Holy Woman Clarity & Confidence guarantee. You have 14 days to try the membership*, and if you decide you’d rather sink back into your old patterns and not keep moving forward because it just feels like too much, or the wrong time, you can cancel and request a refund. If you joined during a special 14-day trial promotion period, you will not be charged during your trial, and you can cancel before your first payment is charged. *Note: there is no refund period for the $125 month-to-month option.

“What if I can’t afford it?”

I really WANT you to be able to afford this program. I want you to have money to spend on yourself. I’m sure you want that too. If you don’t have the funds at the moment, you can apply for a scholarship, but I encourage you to use this program to help you change your financial situation and consider sponsoring a future scholarship recipient in the future! If you would like to receive a full or partial scholarship, email the team at [email protected] to receive the application.

Community Inclusion Statement

We are a global community of people dedicated to being in a relationship with the Sacred Feminine. Our community is woven with women, non-binary, and gender-queer people who are devoted to the fullest expression of our souls. We vow to uplift each other’s fullest expression. We commune with the many archetypes of the Goddess. We sit in ceremony together. We learn and grow together. Whether you are a devout Catholic, a Muslim or a seasoned Witch, a maiden, mother, or crone… a lawyer or an artist or a teacher… connected to religion or trying to find a new connection… you are welcome.

For millennia, people’s Sacred Practice was woven into their weekly, monthly, and yearly lives. They gathered with community and connected to source. In recent history, The Sacred Feminine has been wiped out by world religions and removed from our relationship with a higher power.

Most religious communities became domineering, controlling, and patriarchal. As a result, a lot of people have left organized religion, but we haven’t found that cyclical, sacred touchpoint that our humanity craves so deeply. Everyone deserves to have a sacred community, one that makes them feel alive, seen, and inspired.

When humanity lost their reverence of the Sacred Feminine, they lost their reverence of Women and the Earth. We believe that by reweaving the Sacred Feminine in our culture, we will also restore true power to Women.

Community Agreements on Race

To our white community members:

We will not center our panic or confusion around issues of race. This is not a place to ask questions about racism or process internalized racism.
White guilt, panic, and shock can drown out what’s actually going on, so we will not center that here. This is a place to share how we are in action and resources, but not how we are feeling about it.
When the BBIWOC in this community expresses how they are feeling about issues of race, we are here only to witness and love them, not offer an opinion or flood them with our feelings.

To our BBIWOC members:

You are welcome to show up and share here however you please around issues of race and racism. You will be witnessed and held in love.
If Sarah, our facilitators, or another member offends you or is harmful to you, we will do everything we can to protect you as quickly as possible, but you can also email us if that happens.
We would love to hear from you if you are BBIWOC and you would like to amend or add to this agreement.

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