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Transform how you see, feel and treat your body in one afternoon.


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How you feel about your body and in your body matters. If you are resisting or rejecting your body because…

  • …you wish your tummy was flatter, your face smoother, your waist smaller, your lips plumper (and you’re convinced you’ll be happier if that happens!)…
  • …or your body feels stiff, bloated and in pain…
  • …or you feel frantic around food and alcohol (even though you know all the “facts”)…
  • … or you just wish you didn’t care so much about what you look like and could just MOVE ON with your life…

you are wasting so much precious energy you could be spending on creating a life full of joy, creativity, impact, love and adventure.

Your relationship with your body is meant to feed you. Like a beautiful, warm house, you’re meant to return to yourself, shake it all off and land in the embrace of unconditional love, safety and radiance.

If you don’t feel at home in your body, life is flat, stressful, mundane and hurtful.

Imagine you hated your house (maybe you actually do) and it was filled with trash and spikes and people yelling at you in every room to be better, prettier and smaller, you wouldn’t want to go home. You would be wrought with fear, anxiety and depression all the time.

This is the effect of living in a body that doesn’t feel like home.

And this is by design.

Listen very closely… women’s bodies are uniquely powerful. Our bodies were once worshipped as the portals to the Goddess. We were walking, breathing dieties, and we were powerful, opinionated and dedicated to the thriving of everyone.

Guess who didn’t like that? Men (not all men, just a few ego-maniacs) who wanted to hoard resources, rule the world and have the masses do stuff for them without question.

The best way to control people is to make them afraid, of themselves, and of each other. Women were taught that our bodies were the source of all evil. Our menstrual blood, our sensuality, our intuition, all things that were worshipped for millenia, were branded as the tools of the devil, and we became afraid of our own powerful bodies.

We were taught that women who fit the standard of beauty of the time were a threat to our own safety and well being. The youngest and “prettiest” were married off to the highest bidder, leaving the rest of the women to suffer through poverty or prostitution.

Our looks became our winning ticket instead of honing the sacred power of our body to cultivate a sense of self, confidence and impact.

This constant state of anxiety, competition and disconnection still lives in us today and causes many of us to overeat, resist movement, avoid our lives and get distracted from what matters.

To put in plainly – feeling fat and ugly all the time completely steals the joy, beauty and magic of being alive.

Recently, there has been a rebellion against beauty standards, thank the Goddess, and there has been a push to have beauty be more inclusive. This is so important, but just the first step.

The only way to fully remember our Sacred Nature and to reclaim the power and unique beauty of our bodies, is to come into sacred space with other women, surrender to the power of ceremony, ritually release the shadows of the Patriarchy and fully embody your Sacred Body Home.

The transformation needed at this moment in time does not come from a diet or a work out regime, it comes from remembering the depth and truth of what it means to be a soul in a body, and we can only do that in sacred space.

In this full day online retreat you will

  • Experience what it’s like to truly love your body and what she looks like right now, no matter how different from the “beauty standard” you are.
  • Discover what your unique body needs to feel energized, alive and healthy.
  • Feel a deep kinship with the body you chose to live in during this lifetime.
  • Learn the sacred rituals around menstrual cycles, the moon, sex, birth, sovereignty and menopause.
  • Understand how emotional eating is guiding you towards your deepest desires and how to heal unhealthy patterns.
  • Uncover why you hold onto weight and how to energetically release it if it is not meant to be a part of your unique body.
  • Learn how past lives dictate how you feel in your body
  • Release collective trauma around competition and beauty standards so you can be free to have the experience you’re meant to have in your body.
  • Experience the power of dance, movement and song (even if you’ve felt awkward in the past!).

No prior experience or comfort with sacred practices is needed to participate in this retreat. This may be your first time doing an embodied, sacred ceremony like this, or you may be a seasoned witch. Either way, I promise to make you feel incredibly comfortable and welcome.

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My love, can you imagine what it would feel like to wake up tomorrow and feel completely comfortable, right, and beautiful in your body?  What would your day be like? Your year? Your Life?

Our culture has brainwashed you to be at war with your body, so we never fight the injustices in the world.  It’s time to take your power back, heal, feel at home and remember your sacred nature.

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Enrollment is closed. Want to receive information about future programs? Enter your name and email.

Enter your name and email below!

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