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An Online Retreat to Remember Your Body is Sacred. 

Transform how you see, feel and treat your body in one DAY.

Friday 1/7/22 9am EST – 5pm EST
(yes, it will be recorded, but I highly encourage you to come live).

If you’re a woman who knows that chasing a beauty standard is a waste of time, but you also long to feel vibrant, healthy, sexy and at home in your body… 

then you probably find yourself confused a lot of the time.  One part of you wants to smash the Patriarchy while another fantasizes about how care free you’d feel if your tummy was flatter.  One part of you wants to love and accept yourself as you are, and another wonders if you do need to lose weight to be healthy.  But when push comes to shove, you’re just tired of hating your body because you know that you would be capable of so much more if you just felt more at home in yourself.

We’ve been taught that the only way to love our bodies and feel sexy is to “be perfect”, so we either stop taking care of our bodies, or we get overly fixated on how we look. Either way, we’re fucked.

As long as you believe that your body’s whole purpose is to “look good” you will always be stuck in a lose-lose situation. You have to learn that your body’s purpose is so much bigger, deeper and more profound than to “look perfect”.

Your body is your Sacred Home.

When you remember this truth, the way you treat, feel and see your body will completely change.

But the world doesn’t want you to know this power.

This is important… women’s bodies are uniquely powerful. Our bodies were once worshipped as the portals to the Goddess. We were walking, breathing deities, and we were powerful, opinionated and dedicated to the thriving of everyone.

Guess who didn’t like that? Men (not all men, just a few ego-maniacs) who wanted to hoard resources, rule the world and have the masses do stuff for them without question.

The best way to control people is to make them afraid of each other and our own power. Women were taught that our bodies were the source of all evil. Our menstrual blood, our sensuality, our intuition, all things that were worshipped for centuries, were branded as the tools of the devil, and we became afraid of our own powerful bodies.

On top of being afraid of our own power, women were pitted against each other. We were taught that women who fit the standard of beauty of the time were a threat to our own safety and well being. The youngest and “prettiest” were married off to the highest bidder, leaving the rest of the women to suffer through poverty or prostitution.

Even if this isn’t our current reality today, we’ve inherited these fears and competitive nature, and much of our culture still promotes it despite all the changes we’ve made in the past 200 years.

This pressure to fulfill the false patriarchal directive to “look good” creates a constant state of anxiety, competition and disconnection from the wisdom of our bodies that causes many of us to overeat, under eat, obsess with food, resist movement, fixate on our looks, spend an ungodly amount money on products meant to make us look better, avoid our lives and get distracted from what matters.

What’s sad is that many women believe that they have to reject or disconnect from their bodies in order to avoid this pain, but not fully enjoying the bliss of living in a healthy body is just as bad.

The transformation needed at this moment in time does not come from a diet or a work out regime, it comes from remembering the depth and truth of what it means to be a soul in a body, to remember that your body is your Sacred Home.

We can only do that in sacred space.

My biggest takeaway from HOME was when Sarah talked about our soul being hungry. That sparked such a huge light in me because it just felt so true, and yet something I hadn't ever considered before. It made me realize that I can feed and nourish myself in others ways. Sarah has an incredible gift in being able to create a sacred container! I wasn't sure what I would get from this retreat, but I went in with an open mind and I got exactly what I needed. The experience was beautiful and sacred and I would absolutely recommend to anyone who is interested to sign up. Just thank you so much to Sarah and to her beautiful and helpful team who helped put on HOME.


HOME was such a release! I was able to face my body story and replace it with the story of my body as a sacred vessel. I feel more comfortable in my body and energized to maintain that comfort and love I felt during HOME. The journey with our ancestors and collecting all the weight of our bodily expectations and releasing it was the strongest of sensations. Thank you!

Hillary Stifler

HOME was wild! I was stunned to learn the details of how women and priestesses were written out of history. We know this happened but Sarah was able to paint such a vivid picture that for the first time, I felt it in my soul. Now, my soul is so curious and I'm planning a trip to Sedona to explore and uncover even more! Sarah is so personable yet professional and someone who is truly standing with you on your growth journey. She’s your friend who is a few steps ahead, helping you reach the summit with her.

Rachel Lightfoot Melby

In this full day online retreat you will

  • Discover the incredible depth, wisdom and power your body has
  • Heal from patriarchal brainwashing and release your obsession (even if it’s unconscious) with how you look
  • Learn how to cultivate sexiness, sensuality and beauty from your soul instead of how closely you resemble a swimsuit model
  • Discover what your unique body needs to feel energized, alive and healthy
  • Feel a deep kinship with the body you chose to live in during this lifetime
  • Learn the sacred rituals around menstrual cycles, the moon, sex, birth, sovereignty and menopause
  • Understand how emotional eating and drinking is guiding you towards your deepest desires and how to heal unhealthy patterns
  • Uncover why you hold onto weight, pain or tension and how to energetically release it if it is not meant to be a part of your unique body
  • Learn how past lives dictate how you feel in your body
  • Release collective trauma around competition and beauty standards so you can be free to have the experience you’re meant to have in your body
  • Experience the power of dance, movement and song (even if you’ve felt awkward in the past!)
  • And so much more…
This is not a workshop, class or program.
it is an initiatory, transformational, ceremonial,sacred experience.  We aren’t learning with our heads, we are remembering through our bodies.

No prior experience or comfort with sacred practices is needed to participate in this retreat. This may be your first time doing an embodied, sacred ceremony like this, or you may be a seasoned witch. Either way, I promise to make you feel incredibly comfortable and welcome.

My Story:

I went to my first weight watchers meeting when I was 10 years old, and I learned what so many women learn from a young age: If I lost weight, and was a skinny and pretty little girl, my life would be better. But no matter how many different diets I tried, I couldn’t stop eating.

It wasn’t until my 20s that I realized I was an emotional eater, and understanding my emotional connection with food, helped me heal a lot of my bingeing and lose a bunch of weight.

This led me to create one of the most popular emotional eating programs on the internet, Live More Weigh Less.

But then life got a lot more complicated.

I had 2 children in 2 years while supporting my family financially and being the primary parent while my husband was in his surgical residency.  Most weeks, Jonathan only saw the kids on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I was overwhelmed with responsibility, sleep deprived, depressed, anxious and felt incredible alone, but I just had to keep going.

Not only did I adopt many of my old emotional eating habits, I completely rejected my body, and renounced my sexuality.  But at the same time felt an incredible pressure to look a certain way to maintain my reputation in my work in the world.

After I had my third child, my body was a mess.  I was always bloated, my back hurt, my hormones were out of whack, I had insomnia, struggled with anxiety and leaked urine.

I felt like a washed up old troll.

I tried my old emotional eating tricks, but nothing worked, and I realized I had to go deeper.  I had to reclaim my body as my Sacred Home.  I needed a spiritual healing.

What has transpired the past two years has been incredible.  I’ve gone from hating my body and feeling like I’m in body jail to loving this incredible vessel, my Sacred Home. 

I am so excited to bring the wisdom and practices I’ve discovered on my journey to you in this potent one day retreat.

Join me at HOME | January 7th 9am-5pm ET

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My love, can you imagine what it would feel like to wake up tomorrow and feel completely comfortable, right, and beautiful in your body?  What would your day be like? Your year? Your Life?

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HOME left me feeling much more grounded and in my body than I have ever been before. I can hear her speaking now! My mind was blown when Sarah taught us how to express emotions from the body, it's such a simple but profound practice. Also, HOME helped me remember that my body is a divine vessel and a conduit to the goddess. If you are curious, know that this work is amazingly helpful and Sarah is a powerful facilitator. Thank you to the whole team for your time, caring, and energy and for the gift that HOME was. 10/10, I recommend!

Lindsay Alaimo

I began the HOME retreat thinking I would feel subtle changes in self acceptance. However, I danced my way out with joy for my beautiful vessel and compassion for the younger me that was brainwashed into believing she was only valuable because of her body. I found many painful shards inside of me that I was carrying for others and my ancestors and I let them release, anointing my newly blossomed self. I have not gone a single day without dancing since the retreat! This is 100% worth doing. For those who are ready to be vulnerable, I know this space will be healing and powerful. Women in this world can no longer afford to play small in their own lives. Let’s reclaim this power, shall we?

Claire Atchley

“What if I can’t afford it?”

I really WANT you to be able to afford this program. I want you to have money to spend on yourself. I’m sure you want that too. If you don’t have the funds at the moment, you can apply for a scholarship.