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When it comes to emotional eating, body jail and holding back in life as a result, we can feel so alone and stuck in the struggle without anywhere to turn.  The Live More Support Group is a place for you to let it all go – the pressure to be perfect, the anxiety of wanting more but not knowing how to get it, the show you put on so others won’t worry about you.  It is a safe space for women in this community to both offer and receive support and encouragement through connecting with others because you are SO not alone in this.

This group encourages women to stop waiting on the weight.  We will have discussions centered around my weekly blog posts. As a member, you are welcome to share what’s currently coming up for you, be it a struggle, win, aha-moment, small shift, or intense feeling. Topics might include having fun, food, one’s relationship with her body, love & relationships, career, and spirituality, but no topic is off limits. While we encourage you to dig deep and be real, we also promote empowerment by asking that you first share one action you’ve already taken to make a shift (get creative!), as you reach out for further ideas and guidance.


To LIVE MORE is to…

-stop waiting on weight, love or money to create what you want
-not try to look like your favorite celebrity, your best friend or your 23 year old self, but to be at your body’s ideal weight for your unique self and phase of life
-feel the full range of our emotions like elated, exuberant, passionate love and devastating, gut wrenching despair
-ditch perfection for truth
-embrace the natural ebb and flow of your weight, energy and mood.
-prioritize your own needs and desires even when it means pissing people off.
-spend more time focusing on how you take care of yourself and less time on what you look like.
-be deeply connected with your purpose.
-not be skinny for a living, but to live the life of your skinny self.
-be in awe of your own divinity.
-know that hating our bodies doesn’t motivate us to take care of them, we take care of the things we love
-let our passion, desire and intuition guide our decision making.
-see and practice magic every day.
-love our job or what our job allows us to do.
-know that in order to have it all, we can’t do it all.
-not be lazy about love.
-know that life is never going to get any easier, so you might as well create the life you want now.
-see every moment as an opportunity for fun, connection or passion.
What does LIVE MORE mean to you?

I hope you’ll join us here. 



P.S. I am not present in the group to provide support, but I will share posts for inspiration and help facilitate the conversations.

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