Last chance for LMWL special offer + How to stop living in a body you hate

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You know you’re beautiful, right?

Sometimes it’s hard to see or believe when all you can see is what you want to change.

I struggled with my weight for over half of my life, and I often think about what it would’ve been like if someone had been able to show me how to really take care of myself, how to not be pissed every morning while trying to find something to wear, how to not cringe when I saw my reflection or why avoiding dates, get-togethers, reunions – LIFE – all because of my weight was not the answer.

That’s a really painful way to live sister.

And it’s exactly why I created my signature program, Live More Weigh Less.

After all the ups and down, so many diets I can’t even keep track anymore, the magic (and disgusting) potions I drank just to lose a few pounds, I finally, finally, FINALLY learned the real secret to putting an end to emotional eating. And, along the way, I discovered the secret to living a really good life too.

Live More Weigh Less is perfect for you if…

  • You’re so tired of living in a body you hate.
  • You’ve exhausted every diet method known to man.
  • You’re avoiding life, telling yourself you’ll do this or that after the weight is gone.
  • You’ve got an open mind and you’re ready to try something totally unconventional.
  • You’re desperate, but willing…​​​

I can assure you I’m not going to suggest some ridiculous or painful diet to get to your ideal weight. You just need someone who “gets” you to give you some simple steps and straight advice so you can feel beautiful and truly happy.

I do hope this training can be the pathway to your experiencing a new kind of freedom and save you some years of shame, struggle and restriction.

The doors are open! And, if you enroll in the next 4 days, by 8:00 pm ET on January 18th, you’ll get our special pricing for January.

If you feel the pull, I hope you’ll join us for Live More Weigh Less.



P.S. The answer to your freedom is already inside of you. It’s about being in flow, not in pain. Being in tune, not in chaos. xo

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