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There was a time in our lives when we’d run around like 6 year olds cracked out on sugar and caffeine. Disorganized, overwhelmed and overworked, we spent our lives pounding the pavement hoping that someday our hard work would lead to relaxation, lots of money, hot bodies and healthy relationships.

But all we got were empty bank accounts, raging emotional eating disorders and terrible sex lives.

And, we’d do so much for other people that there was nothing left for us besides that pint of ice cream in the fridge to soothe us.  We said “yes” to everything, leaving us no time for our partners.  We worked and worked and worked, hoping it would lead to financial security, but all we got we chronic colds and digestive issues.

We were operating under the assumption, that pain will lead to pleasure.

Do you ever find yourself believing that?

…That if you just put in a ton of hours at work now… then you’ll get a raise and be able to pull back…

…Just power through that To-Do list, and then you’ll feel so much better…

…Focus on the kids this year, and next year we’ll go on vacation just the two of us…

…Try really hard to only eat vegetables this week, then you’ll lose ten pounds, feel great and then go shopping…

But the raise, the break, the confidence, the exhale… never actually happens, does it?

It wasn’t until we made a choice, a choice to believe that pleasure and happiness NOW leads to pleasure and happiness later.

So we created completely new lifestyles.  In the beginning, we thought it was going to be impossible.  I mean, can you really work less and make more, eat what you want and lose weight and create a beautiful relationship out of thin air?

What we discovered was, yes, you can.  But it takes a certain environment in order to create lasting change, fast.

There’s something magical that happens when you are pulled into a vortex of revolution.  A vortex of supportive women, fearless leaders, life changing workshops and experiential adventures.

You see, when you have the opportunity to really experience the “good life” with your whole being, and are given the structure to make sure it sticks when you go home, you can’t help but be a changed woman.

And living the “good life” isn’t just about being happy and relaxed all the time, though you will feel like that. This is important to us because it’s the only way we’ve found to actually create what we really want: a body we love, an amazing relationship and all the financial success we desire.  To really Live Free.

We’ve explained more about how this works on our retreat page here.

We’ve created an incredible weekend in wine country designed to set you up for the life you’ve always wanted.  It’s going to be impactful, challenging, gorgeous and a total blast.

It would be an honor if you could join us.

Since you’ve already expressed interest in Live Free, we wanted to give you first dibs on one of the limited spots available. We’re going to be opening it up to the public in 48 hours and we imagine the spaces are going to go really fast.

You can learn all about Live Free and RSVP by clicking here: Live Free Retreat Information.

See you there:)


Sarah and Nisha

P.S. We can’t wait to dive into all of the amazing questions we’ve received during the live Q&A happening tonight at 7pm ET / 4pm PT. Click here to join us when the event begins.

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