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Modern Marriage


taught by sarah jenks and
dr. jonathan brajtbord

This course is perfect for you if…

  • You find yourself fighting over stupid shit all the time.
  • Every time one of you brings up going to therapy, the other person freaks out because they don’t want to “share” with a total stranger.
  • You’re always fighting over who does what and one person feels like they’re doing everything whereas one feels like they’re the hero for doing something once.
  • You used to really love each other, but after having kids, you feel more like business partners and less like lovers.
  • One of you is doing a lot of inner work and growth, and the other person is stuck.
  • You’ve fallen in “default” roles around taking care of the house and kids.

We believe the issues most couples face, are because our culture and expectations around marriage are outdated.

We witness couples all the time which are made of two smart, successful, progressive people, but when they get together, it’s like a time warp to the 1950s. Outdated roles, lack of communication, disorganization, low standards, and literally zero education on how to make marriage awesome, drive most people to either living in a passionless, friction-filled, inequitable marriage, or they leave and usually get into another passionless, friction-filled, inequitable marriage.

Because the issue isn’t the person you’re married to, it’s the marriage.

Marriage as an institution is outdated, and we are here to Modernize it.

We are Sarah Jenks and Dr. Jonathan Brajtbord. Sarah is a life coach and spiritual teacher and Jonathan is a urologist. We’ve been together for 14 years, married for 9, and have 3 kids (8, 7, and 4).

Before we had kids, we were the couple who was independent, traveling all the time, and having sex in bar bathrooms, even after being together for years.

All that drained out of our marriage. We became the couple who fought in fancy restaurants, forcing me to leave and cry in the bathroom. Sarah became the primary parent and primary bread-winner which developed overwhelming resentment. Jonathan worked 90 hours a week in his surgical residency and felt disconnected from the family, deeply unappreciated, and very distant from Sarah. During this time, Sarah was also on a spiritual journey which Jonathan refused to join, making us feel like we didn’t understand each other anymore or have a common dream for the life we were supposed to be creating together. The journey to creating a modern marriage based on sharing of responsibilities, incredible romance, and us each having strong purpose and self-care was long and expensive, so we created a condensed, affordable marriage course that you can do from your home in just 6 weeks.

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