Hawthorn Farm Medfield, MA

Discover Your Unique Magic

Tuesday, February 19th

7:30 PM

There is no Livestream offered for this event | Address is shared at sign-up

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Full Moon Circle

This gathering is an opportunity to show up at your raw, real self. My intention is for you to have a container to tune into your deepest desires and your truest self. We will share and be quiet and set intentions and light stuff on fire and dance. It may rub up against your edges and you will love it.

I am so grateful to the women who show up even though they have no idea what to expect, even though they think it may be a little weird, even though they don’t know a soul there.

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Women have been gathering under the Moon since the beginning of time to celebrate, practice magic, and connect with the divine energy that flows through the stars, the trees, and our blood.

Something truly unexplainable happens when women gather in a sacred space. You’ll have to come and experience the magic for yourself.

Whether you’re a devout Catholic or a seasoned Witch… a maiden, mother, or crone… a lawyer or an artist or a teacher… you are welcome, just as you are. All I ask is that you come with an open mind and a pillow to sit on.

I can’t wait to be with you.




You are also invited to join our new Facebook Group to connect with the women who come to the circles, to watch the livestream with someone in your area, or organize a carpool to Hawthorn Farm. We do not stream it in the group; you must sign up for a livestream spot.

Sarah Jenks

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