Dec 2014

From Old to New

It’s been an extraordinary year. Nine months ago I had my son and everything changed. My life was obviously turned upside down in a way that I couldn’t even imagine. I remember saying to Jonathan, “I can’t believe that most women have babies. This shit is REALLY hard.” And we have a really easy baby.

But even more surprising to me than my life doing a 180, was how much I changed. And it wasn’t a subtle shift over time, it was literally an overnight switch out of beliefs, priorities, worth, identity and even parts of my personality. Obviously it was all triggered by having a baby but the shift wasn’t from maiden to mother, it was from girl to woman.

I remember waking up, three weeks after having Marshall, once the haze had evaporated, and said to myself, “Whoa. Hello. Who the hell are you?” and the past nine months have been a beautiful process of getting to know me.


I also looked different. I gained a lot of weight during the end of my pregnancy and it certainly stuck around. There was a month or so during which I felt incredibly embarrassed. I felt so much pressure to get back to my old body and wanted to hide. But I was clear that this pattern of body hatred had to end, for me and for you.

I went deep into my belief system and excavated all of my rules and expectations about my body, my beauty, my worth and how that all fit into my work in the world. When I emerged from the inquiry I was clear that things had to shift.

Here’s what I believe: Our size does not define how amazing, intelligent, beautiful, sexy or lovable we are. It does not determine our worth, sensuality or drive. What matters is how we feel in our body.

Most of us believe that losing weight is the only way to feel better, but it’s not true. What truly makes us feel better in our bodies is how we are taking care of ourselves, physically and emotionally, purely for the reason of feeling good. We cannot spend our whole lives trying to look like our favorite celebrity, our best friend or our 24 year old self. It is a waste of time. If you take care of your body now, in the best way you know how, you will naturally create your perfect body image for your constitution and life phase.

I have spent the past nine months in this space and it has been incredible. I have felt more ease in body than I ever have, and I am no where near my 24 year old body. I have been losing weight slowly without even trying or caring, just naturally moving into balance.

I have also continued to watch women hang back in their lives. They believe that they will feel more ready later… once they lose twenty pounds, make a hundred grand, find their soul mate or get their partner on board. When I see this happen I get really angry. When did we learn that we need a permission slip to go out and create what we want? Who said we need to be thin, rich and in love in order to have the power and space to have our dream life? It seems crazy, and yet so many women are operating in this paradigm without even knowing it.


This website is meant to motivate women out of that place of waiting and give you inspiration and concrete steps to live more and create your dream life now. My program, Live More Weigh Less is to support those women who feel that their dislike for their bodies, and their emotional eating is running the show and are ready to change that story once and for all. If you are interested in learning more about that program and making sure you’re the first to know when it’s available this spring, you can get on the list here: LiveMoreWeighLess.com. You are also going to see more free e-books coming out in the next few weeks on pregnancy, being a new mom, business and romantic relationships.

So welcome to our new online home! Take some time to get to know the place, and especially read through the new about page so you have an even deeper sense of what we’re doing here. All the beautiful pictures you are seeing are by the amazing Danielle Fletcher. You’ll also notice a lot more photos in future articles by an array of amazing photographers. Pictures speak louder than words and I want you to get a visceral sense of what it means to live more.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for showing up for yourself. Thank you for supporting me and my dream. I can’t wait to spend more time together here.

All my love,

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  • Congratulations Sarah, the site looks fantastic. Even more than that, I am so happy to have you openly sharing your journey. As I step into motherhood, there is an excitement about something new but also a bit of trepidation about uncharted territory. I feel very grateful to have you along the ride. Sending you all the best, xo!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Bailey!

    • Sarah Jenks

      Thank you, Bailey. You’re handling the transition so well and we look forward to seeing pictures of your precious little one soon!

  • Hi Sarah,

    I have been a long time fan of yours and just wanted to let you know that your journey to self love and acceptance has resonated deeply with me.
    I too am a mama and have seen my body go through drastic changes and it’s been a hard road to see the beauty and perfection in this new package.
    Thank you so much for all that you do and I LOVE the new site. Looks gorgeous. xo

    • Sarah Jenks

      Hi Shannon, I’m so glad you’re here and reached out to connect. Your new body, is just that new. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s just different and learning to love the new you is a process and I hope you find some inspiration here and I look forward to continuing to support you throughout this journey. xo

  • Looks amazing Sarah!!!! Love it xoxo.

  • You look so vibrant and juicy!

    • Sarah Jenks

      I feel so vibrant, Melissa and it feels really good, so thank you!

  • I am SO incredibly happy for you and your new gorgeous site Sarah! And also for your trail blazing for women and mothers and business owners and career ladies across the globe.

    You rock, big time! 🙂

    • Sarah Jenks

      Thank you Nathalie. I’m so incredibly grateful to have you in my life. xo

  • LOOOOOOOOOVE the new site Sarah. It’s beautiful and a wonderful reflection of you.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Thank you Jenn. That is a wonderful compliment and it really means a lot to me.

  • Your new online home is beautiful. Congratulations. Motherhood is simultaneously so messy and so beautiful, isn’t it? I took your Live More, Weigh Less class a couple of years ago. I haven’t stepped on a scale since, and am still shocked by the amount of mental space that has opened up once I stepped out of body jail. I got brave and launched my own blog, bookbirdie.com. Thank you for the important work you are doing.

    • Sarah Jenks

      Tara, I’m so proud of you and i can’t wait to check out your blog. xo

  • Hi,

    Congrats on your amazing year!!! It really does sound amazing.

    Maybe I should make this “Be amazing now…” the phrase for 2015. 🙂 It took me a long time to learn that I didn’t permission or rather that I needed to give it to myself.

    Love & Light,


    • Sarah Jenks

      Yes, Nathalie! “Be amazing now” is the perfect phraase for 2015. xo

  • Donna Harrington

    I stumbled on your blog while scrolling my newsfeed on Facebook. Thank you so much for writing down what I have been struggling with for 10 yrs..more really. I am so sick and tired of being in this weight loss limbo for years. Sick of fighting with myself convinced I look terrible. Kept in “body jail” as you have stated. Truth is there is nothing wrong with me. I am 45 and this body has carried 3 children. I’m petite and curvy and I am finally ok with it. I have gone through my wardrobe completely and gave it an overhaul. My goal is to not have things in my closet that don’t fit right anymore, but to have things that flatter my figure. I know crazy right?! Having things that fit and flatter…not that hang there teasing me….well 10 more lbs and we’re good. Nope no more:) Done. Thank you Sarah for saying what I needed to hear <3

  • Felicity

    Congratulations Sarah – the new site is beautifully simple yet glamorous. It seems like a much more grown-up reflection of you which I’m sure was your intention. I really feel the direction you’re going in now, I love reading your blogs, I love your honesty, I love hearing about how you’re coping with Motherhood – so refreshing not to have someone just sugar-coat it all. Love that you’ve changed it to just ‘live more’ now. This is really the right next step for you & I can’t wait to see more pictures and read all your new blogs. xxx

    • Sarah Jenks

      Hi Felicity,

      Thank you so much for this. I have so much more to share and am really excited about this new direction. So happy you’re here and following along. The support means so much to me. xo

  • Alina

    Sarah, I think you are inspiring and real. I would love to see you forget this weigh less brand, and focus just on living living more. as a woman who has struggled with weight most of my life, i think weight is insignficant compared to how I feel mentally and spiritually. the brand weigh less reminds me of dieting or a weight loss strategy, which you are not. why not Live More, with Sarah Jenks? the physical weight or excess weight disappears naturally when I live more, so should your tag line for your program.

    you have evolved as a woman and mother. thank you for sharing yourself so intimately. thank you for reading.

  • evelyne


    I love the way you look sexy MaMa!! your painted toes hair in a bun and the pop of color on your lips and less on your lids.
    you’re an inspiration to this 55 year old MaMa going through some changes as well, which currently bring tears to my eyes!!
    the same old shit and new beautyfull jOy!! I hope that you don’t mind that this bohemian baby~boomer follows your trail~
    blazing authentic journey!!

    blessings to you and yours, evelyne

  • Rebecca Dougherty

    I look forward to hearing and receiving all your inspired blogs and helping to love myself. Thanks in advance

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