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Sovereign Mother

Calling in a new Archetype of Mother grounded in freedom,
self-expression and purpose.

I believe that we, as Mothers, deserve to know that having a full, beautiful, dynamic, adventurous life isn’t impossible or something we need to give up, in order to be a good Mom.

When I became a Mother, I felt, in this day and age, I should feel more freedom and flexibility to create my own life, but instead I felt stuck in a box.

I felt the heaviness of a paradigm of Motherhood that promotes a culture of exhaustion, over giving, and constantly sidelining my needs for my kids and partner. There were all of these internalized, unspoken expectations around parts of me and my life that I had to give up in order to be a good mom.

Before I became a mother I was ambitious, outspoken, sexy, adventurous and had a full amazing life.

When I became a mother eight years ago, I felt like I needed to give up all of these things that made me feel alive, and like ME. I lost my freedom, I lost my sensuality, I lost my joy, I lost my flexibility, I lost my space, I lost my creativity, I lost my elegance, I lost my style, I lost my wildness, I lost my sense of adventure. I didn’t know who I was, or if I was going to ever feel like myself ever again. I felt trapped in the expectations of motherhood.

And I kept asking myself: Do I need to just get used to this new normal? Or does this new normal just not work for me?

Most of us have been led to believe that losing 95% of who we are is part of what’s needed to raise children, and I vehemently disagree.

I have spent the past eight years leaning into the possibility that I could be an incredible mother to my three beautiful children and also create a hugely successful company, travel regularly, feel sexy and elegant, have a strong sense of who I am, have deep female friendships, feel in love with and attracted to my husband, and cultivate a strong connection with the divine.

What I discovered is that not only is my freedom and self-expression not in competition with being a great Mom, it is the REASON I am a good Mom.

Yes, it takes radical changes. Yes, you cannot do it by yourself. Yes, you’ll have to ask for more help. Yes, you will most likely need to spend money differently. Yes, you’ll need to have difficult conversations with your partner. Yes, people will judge you.

And it will be worth it.

No, this is not about sneaking out to get your nails done more often. This is about a radical culture shift and changing what it means to be a Mother.

I am calling you into a world changing conversation around how we see ourselves as mothers, so we can create a new paradigm that protects our range of expression and mission in this lifetime.

You get lifetime access to the course.

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The current paradigm of motherhood that asks us to shut down 95% of our freedom and self expression in order to be a good Mom, is one of the biggest tools of oppression for our gender. If you are willing to question this paradigm and create a new normal, I hope you’ll join us.