Why I spent the day naked with Nisha

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When I was in the thick of my body-hatred-fat-jail. I could barely show Jonathan my stomach.

But through the strategies I’m going to be talking about at the Wine & Cheese Party on the 18th, I now feel totally at home and comfortable in my body (but that doesn’t mean I show it to just anyone).

Last week I spent the day hanging, brainstorming and co-creating at the korean baths in San Francisco with some of my favorite ladies. It’s customary to do the water therapy completely nude. I almost surprised myself by how comfortable I truly was being completely exposed and vulnerable. Seeing the shift in my body-image was incredibly empowering.

As the afternoon went on, I realized how lucky we were to be spending a “work day” at the spa. But my friend, Nisha quickly reminded me that we created this lifestyle.

You may be thinking, “I could never spend the day at the spa with my job”, but Nisha has worked with women with the strictest nine to fives (ok, really 7am-9pm) and helped them create freedom that they never knew possible.

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Nisha’s going to be sharing her most counterintuitive approaches to having fun fuel your career at the party on Wednesday. Hope you can be there.

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