Why you should never cleanse again…and what to do instead that actually works.

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A few weeks ago I said to myself, “man, I need a retreat.”

I’d been travelling a lot and drinking and eating more than I usually do.  I felt puffy, sluggish and totally unsexy.  I needed to reboot.

It used to be when I felt that way, I would go on a cleanse, only drink juice for a week and cancel all social plans because I couldn’t handle being around solid food without wanting to punch my friend in the stomach and run off with her pizza.

My friends also hated being around me while I was cleansing because I turned into a moody fun-sponge.

Now, instead of going on a cleanse, I go on retreat. And I’m not talking about shelling out hundreds of dollars at Canyon Ranch.  When I go on retreat, I curate a luxurious, affordable week of self-care and pampering in my home-city.

This is what I did during my last retreat:

–          On Sunday, I went to the farmer’s market and bought the most gorgeous, colorful and fresh produce I could get my hands on.  With a fridge full of fancy food, I was so inspired to cook gourmet, delicious and healthy meals all week long.  I also made meals into an experience: Jonathan and I only ate by candle light, and I also had some girlfriends over one night to eat Buddha’s Bowls on pillows on my living room floor.

–          I had an amazing 90 minute back massage in order to get back in touch with my body.

–          I moved my body everyday, combining Bar Method, hip-hop, running and urban hikes (walking up these hills in San Francisco is no joke).  I was not working out to lose weight, but to have fun and feel alive.

–          To recommit to my morning routine, I had hot water with lemon every morning followed by a brief mediation (just 5-10 minutes).

–          I’m not one to usually fuss over my skin, but since I was on retreat, I decided to book an Acupuncture Facial at  In-Symmetry Day Spa  in San Francisco.  And let me tell you, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Allow me to gush for a moment… The Acupuncture Facial is a collaboration between an acupuncturist and an esthetician. They do this because by balancing the body’s systems internally, and using professional skin care products externally, the patient feels beautiful inside and out, my kind of treatment.  It was so crazy to have so many needles in my face.

I completely fell in love with my practitioners Rachael and Elizabeth and they were sweet enough to offer all of my readers 25% off their incredibly unique treatment.  Just mention my name and they’ll take good care of you.

–          To round out the week, I completed my retreat with some good old-fashioned gratitude lists and goal setting.

For those of us who struggle with emotional eating, cleansing can be torture and usually results in an epic binge.  To reach the high, healthy glow and new-found inspiration cleansing promises, I really recommend you go on retreat much like mine.

It’s more effective, less stressful, more restorative, and a whole lot more fun than a cleanse.

In the comments below I want to hear about how you feel about cleansing vs going on retreat PLUS your ideas for a retreat in your hometown.

I know that taking the time to do this for yourself can feel time consuming, indulgent and even selfish.  But think of it this way, your body does so much for you.  She gets you around, digests your food (food that is probably hard to digest like sugar, gluten and dairy, and LOTS of it), gives hugs, pumps your blood and helps you breathe without thinking, and she never asks for anything in return.  Isn’t it time you started showing her a little love?

I know you can do this, and I’ve got your back.



PS. If you’re craving a reboot but know that you don’t have the creative energy or discipline to do it on your own, my girl Jamie Dougherty just opened enrollment for her Fall Cleanse (it’s not really a cleanse… you’ll see).  To get all the awesome deets, click here.  It could be the perfect thing to help you go into the holiday season satisfied and stress-free.

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