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Before I dive in today, just a quick reminder that our coaching call and Q&A is TODAY at 5:00pm ET. Just call (425) 440-5100 and type in the code: 065274#  and I’ll talk to you at 5:00pm ET.

If you’re feeling confused, nervous or on the fence about Live More Weigh Less Mastery, I want to hash it out with you. Bring your most vulnerable and most basic questions. You’ll have a chance to hear from two of our alums and one of your sisters who just joined us to share their experience with you.

So…a few months ago, I was sitting in my naturopath’s office, who I drive 45 minutes to see every week, telling her about everything that was going with me. I told her about how hard it’s been to get Marshall to go to sleep at night, how sad I was to have Jonathan start his chief year and be working around the clock and how exciting yet FULL my career was.

I just felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. I’m sure you feel that way all the time.

Being a working mom is a lot. I imagine being a full time mom is even harder. And before I had kids, I remember the task of figuring out my career path, partner choice and life plan was so overwhelming.

No matter what phase of life we’re in, no matter how much we think that next year or the next phase things will be easier, it’s not going to get easier.

You will never have time for yourself. You have to make the time.

So back to my naturopath, I’m sitting in her office telling her about the fullness of my life, and she puts her hand on my knee and looks me in the eye and says, “I am so proud of you for being here.”

I have a lot of things to work on in my life, but making time for me is something I’ve nailed.  

How you spend your time and your money says a lot about your values. I used to think I didn’t have time for myself because I was…

  • Dropping off the dry cleaning.
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Going to the post office.
  • Planning every friend’s birthday party.
  • Doing the laundry.
  • Keeping the house instagram ready.
  • Responding to emails within 24 hours.

I was valuing clean clothes, crisp shirts, a perfect home, mailing thank you notes on time and everyone’s feelings, over my health and happiness.

I bet you say that your health is important but it isn’t until you leave the dishes in the sink and go to dance class, or cancel the fancy dinner party you’re throwing for your friend to invest in yourself, it’s just not true.  

Here’s the deal, we can’t do everything, but we can do some things, and I rather have the things I do really be in line with my values and beliefs. And I believe that my body, my emotional well-being, my creativity and joy are really really important. More important than a clean house and being everyone’s most reliable friend. Do I wish I could do everything, YES! But I just haven’t figured out how to do that yet, and I’m not sure if I ever will.

Our bodies are the foundation of our whole life. How we feel about our bodies colors everything. And our energy, vibrancy, sensuality, confidence and connection fuels our work, our parenting, our romantic relationships and our friendships.  

If you are feeling sluggish, stuck, ugly, embarrassed, down, heavy, addicted to food and averse to moving your body, that is having a major impact on your life.

But the solution is not to diet to lose weight. Losing weight is not going to change a thing.

Building a relationship with your body, lighting your fire, letting things go, ending emotional eating, moving your body in celebration, being wild, being a rebel, taking care of your body, eating nourishing foods and creating an incredible life – this is what changes things.  

I created Live More Weigh Less Mastery to be a school for personal transformation in your life and body. A transformation about health and healing, not calorie counting and cleansing.

The doors to Live More Weigh Less Mastery close on Friday at 11:59pm Eastern and you can join for as low at $179 a month. You can take advantage of this offer and enroll now by clicking here.  

If you delegate two errands to your partner, friend, child, nanny or assistant a week, or just not do them, you’ll have plenty of time to do the program. It’s never going to be easy to make time for yourself, so you might as well do it now.



P.S. It’s never too late to make a change. If you have even the slightest whisper inside of you that this program could help you break free from body hatred and emotional eating, you can learn more about it here:

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