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The New Body Paradigm

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An online masterclass for people who feel confused about whether or not it’s OK to want to take care of their bodies.

Maybe you’re wondering…

  • Is it OK to want to be healthier?
  • Is it OK to care about your beauty?
  • Is it OK to strive for more?

Or does all of this just mean you’ve been brainwashed by our patriarchal culture?

These are questions I’ve struggled with for years, especially since having children… and then I uncovered some ugly truths in my marriage and got very sick, and my whole understanding of the body has changed.

If you are tired of being caught in the conversation of “fat or thin”, “ Young or old”, “ Beautiful or ugly”… then you will feel incredible relief and inspiring hope during this workshop.

I have some epic stories to tell and incredible lessons I’ve learned along the way. I can’t wait to be with you.

This workshop is completely free just sign up below.