[Contest: 6-M Subscription + Session w/ Sarah] Are you showing the real you?


I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. Jonathan, the kids and I traveled to Colorado to be with the Brajtbord crew. And I spent the early part of this week getting re-grounded in my home and body after being away.  

luxe-1I’ve dedicated my career to studying how women wait to create the life we really want. I for one have fallen into the trap of thinking my sex life will come easier when I lose weight, that I will be more relaxed when I have more money, or that motherhood will feel easier when Jonathan is around more (I’m still holding onto this one).  

A big one I see in my clients all the time is this…

I am waiting to express who I truly am.

Many times we have a real me and the me we show to others.  

  • Maybe on the outside, you look understated, pulled together and plain, but on the inside, you’re radiant, opulent and loud.  
  • Maybe on the outside, you look like a retired yoga instructor, but on the inside, you’re a Queen.
  • Maybe on the outside, you look like a vineyard vines advertisement, but on the inside, you’re a witch.

Come close, I want to tell you something. It’s safe to come out.

Expression comes in many forms: how we speak, how we spend our time, and how we dress.


Today I want to focus on how you dress because we often underestimate the power of this tool.

I used to dress so others would like me. I chose my outfit to be on trend, to fit in. Now I dress to cultivate how I want to feel, and how to be fully expressed. This means sometimes I’ll wear a really fancy dress to a casual restaurant, or jeans to an event where I know everyone will be wearing a dress. I still do get that pang of “is everyone going to think I’m crazy?” when I walk into public in my expressive outfit, but I know that being the real me out loud is more important to me than that false feeling of safety I thought I was getting by fitting in.


The thought, “Is paying attention to my clothes and jewelry vain?”  has crossed my mind a million times. When I go into my soul and ask the question, I am clear that adorning my body with jewels is the same thing as setting up and altar or decorating my house. It shows reverence and recognition of how amazing you are.

Adorning my body with jewels is the same thing as setting up an altar or decorating my house. It shows reverence and recognition of how amazing you are.  

If your soul sparkles, wear diamonds.

If you’re connected to the earth, wear stones.

If you’re airy, wear feathers.  

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been gathering gorgeous jewelry from a monthly subscription where you receive 3 beautiful pieces plus a gift for just $39 a month. Luxe30 believes that you don’t have to wait on your weight, money or a man to have luxury in your life. In a sea of fashion companies that promote perfection, I really commend Luxe30’s courage in standing for your self-expression.  

Because our missions are so aligned, we are coming together to offer you a really beautiful package:

When you treat yourself to your first Luxe30 subscription, not only will you receive 50% off your first month, you will have a chance to win:

  • A 6-month subscription to Luxe30 (Worth $300)
  • A 90-minute Self-Expression Session with me to define who you really are and how to let her out. (worth $1000K)

luxe-6That’s right, everyone who signs up will receive 50% off their first month.

Go to NOW to sign up and enter. And don’t forget to enter SARAH at checkout to get the 50% discount! This offer ends on Friday, December 2nd.

Take some time to think about who you really are, and who you’ve been to the outside world. What are the differences? Why do you want to hide? Are you worried about being judged? For what specifically?

Holding you in your fullest expression.

Lots of love,

P.S. When Luxe30 asked me to model their jewelry for them in a recent shoot with the founder, Marnelli Martin shot by Kat Harris, I was a full body YES. We spent the day exploring our edge of fully stepping into our own expression of femininity, sensuality, radiance, play and depth.  

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