The Sacred Business Circle


A one-day, in person, intimate retreat at Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA, for entrepreneurs who need a divine intervention. Friday, April 20, 2018. Limited spots available.

In the 8 years I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve realized that having a successful business is equal parts marketing, talent, and magic. When I first started out, I believed that if I had a good idea and a lot of coffee, I could make anything happen. The truth was that my first few business ideas seemed smart on paper (“Advertising Wellness”: corporate health coaching, or “Breathtaking Bride”: emotional eating coaching for brides to be), but they weren’t what I was meant to do on a soul level, so work felt like rolling a huge boulder up a mountain.

It wasn’t until I got that my calling (at the time – as you know, this is expanding) was to help women with emotional eating through empowering them to live the life they are meant to live NOW – and nurtured a consistent connection to the divine for direction, inspiration, and energy – that my business took off.

I’ve been working with the divine feminine formally for 6 years in a Priestess Initiation in the 13 Moon Mystery School with Elayne Kalila Doughty, though I’ve been interested and called since a little girl (so many of us are), and I am so excited to offer this intimate, in-person retreat, The Sacred Business Circle, where we’ll be combining guided meditation, ceremony, business coaching, and releasing + manifesting rituals in order to get the clarity and strategy to get Paid for your Purpose. It’s going to be so juicy you’re going to lose your mind.  

The Details
Friday, April 20th from 9am-6pm
Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA
Limited Spots (also available via livestream)

About our day together:  Let me paint you a picture… The day before we gather, I encourage you to travel to Boston, check into one of the many hotels in the city or closer to my home just 35 minutes from Boston, have a delicious dinner, and go to sleep early. We will gather at my house at 9am the next day, and you will be welcomed by the embrace of the Moon Lodge, really good coffee and tea, and a hug from me and the other spiritual, ambitious, loving entrepreneurs. We will sit in circle together around a beautiful altar. The day will be designed around what’s needed in the moment but will most likely include meditation, guided visualization, dancing, journaling, coaching, sharing, rituals, and some serious manifesting. All of this will be with the intention for you to:

  •        Feel incredibly held
  •        Get clear on your soul’s calling
  •        Identify your highest potential
  •        Release blocks to stepping into your highest potential
  •        Call in abundance of time, resources, and energy
  •        Feel the powerful connection to the divine and gain the tools to plug into that source on a daily basis
  •        Have a lot of fun
  •        Make new friends

Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee are included. Breakfast, dinner, accommodations, and travel are yours to handle.  

“If you have a smidge of an instinct to join Sacred Business Circle, do it! Sarah provided the in-person guidance and sisterhood I needed to tune out the noise and doubt in my mind so I could tune into my soul’s calling. Joining Sacred Business Circle wasn’t just an amazing time surrounded by amazing women (although it was!!) but also an incredibly strategic business decision. I now feel confident that my soul is “backing up” my business, and the combination feels unstoppable. Thank you, Sarah!!”


“Whatever story that brought this amazing group of women together for the day is irrelevant to how we all left. For me, I left Sacred Business Circle feeling refreshed, empowered, and connected to something so much bigger than that original story. Dancing, laughing, crying, sharing, beauty, friendship, connection….. more than anything, Believing Eyes. I am so glad I said yes to this! Couldn’t have asked for a better way to launch a new beginning.”


“When the Sacred Business Circle was discussed, I was immediately interested but began to worry if I wasn’t a good “fit” for what the group would be working toward. The moment I walked through the door and was greeted by this amazing gathering of women from across the country, I knew I was “home” and my anxiety melted away. Spending the day singing and journaling and sharing and encouraging these other beautiful creatures – each on her own but parallel journey – was one of the more powerful things I have experienced. Thank you, Sarah.” –Chellie

You can come to The Sacred Business Circle on April 20th FOR FREE if you sign up for Marie Forleo’s B School through this link.


You can join The Sacred Business Circle on April 20th for 3 payments of $265 or save $100 and pay in full $697.




Can’t wait to see you there!

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