Welcome to the Sacred Start 7-day Practice!

September 13th – Full Moon (September 20th)

You are going to be blown away by how this one simple habit can completely transform your life.

This is how this Practice works

  1. From September 13th to the Full Moon on September 20th you’re invited to do your Sacred Start every day for a minimum of 15 minutes (a Guide on how to do it is below)
  2. Every few days starting on September 13th you’ll receive an email from me giving you extra support and advice on how to create and stick to your Sacred Start including how to build an altar, what to do, and how to keep your kids away
  3. Every day you are invited to post a photo of your #SacredStart (don’t forget to tag me @sarahjenks) on Instagram to hold you accountable and have other participants cheer you on. If you post regularly, you’ll be entered to win a year-long scholarship to Whole Woman


There are 4 things you need to do right now…

  1. Invite your friends! Studies show that you are way more likely to follow through on a devotional practice if you have at least 2 close friends doing it with you. Send them the link to this page right here and ask them to join you.
  2. Download the Sacred Start Guide. In it you’ll find tips and tricks to setting up your Sacred Start and tips to commit to it. I’ll be walking you through this starting on September 13th, but if you want to get a head start, go ahead!
  3. Make sure my email (info@sarahjenks.com) is in your contacts list so the program emails don’t go into your trash.
  4. Have questions or want to connect with other participants?  Join our program Facebook Group: Sacred Start Practice.


See you on Monday, September 13th!  In the meantime, read through this guide, and feel free to start early.

Download here