TELECLASS: How to get control of your eating craziness and STOP the obsession!

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Sarah and NishaSo many women have a relationship with food
that flip flops between pleasure and punishment.

…When we’ve worked hard, been ‘good’ or feel like we need an escape from the day-to-day…
We seek pleasure with food.

…When we’ve overindulged, been ‘bad’ or the jeans are feeling a bit too tight…
We punish ourselves with (or without) food.

Naturally, we think that the best way to stay on track is to restrict the amount of
treats we eat and only allow those treats as ‘rewards’ for when we’re good.

Well…we sure can!
We’ve been through the frustration and confusion of the food merry-go-round.
And what we’ve come to discover that WE HAD IT ALL WRONG.

We’ve created this teleclass because once we cracked the code
for a struggle-free relationship with food, we were finally able
get control of our eating craziness and STOP the obsession.


If you want to…

Stop thinking about food alllll day long

Actually feel RELAXED with food (who knew it was possible?!)

Get the body you want (inside and out) without all the self-abuse

Then join Nisha Moodley, founder of Nishani Wellness and Women’s Health Coach
and Business Coach specializing in helping women everywhere finally have freedom
from emotional eating, and Sarah Jenks, nutrition coach and emotional eating expert,
who helps women fall in love with their bodies and lose weight through exploring the
emotional reasons of why we eat, for a free teleclass designed to give you the
power to take control of YOUR eating craziness once and for all!

In this teleclass you will learn:

  • The top reason why most women fail at ‘staying good’ and being on track with their food
  • Sarah’s surefire way to end the exhausting mental ‘negotiation’ around food choices
  • Why your friends can help you avoid the overindulgence (and how to enlist them!)
  • A new definition of pleasure that you will LOVE (and why it’s likely not what you think it is)
  • Nisha’s best secret for busting emotional eating

JOIN US ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 13th, 7:30-8:30pm  **You must REGISTER HERE**

*If you can’t make the call, register and we’ll email you the recording!*

With So Much Love,

Nisha & Sarah

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