The Temple of Remembrance

A Sacred Feminine Way of Worship


What is the Temple of Remembrance?

The Temple of Remembrance is a “Church” of the Sacred Feminine. People gather in circles all over the Earth every six weeks during potent times of the year, to remember their Sacred Nature and to re-weave Sacred Feminine Practices into our lives. This is not a program, workshop or retreat. This is Sacred Worship. All Temples are live-streamed from Head Priestess, Sarah Jenks’, home Temple outside of Boston, MA.

“I felt incredible, confident and calm, grounded, and able to fly at the end of Temple”

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December 2022 (TBA)

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Spots will be available to join us in person or by livestream via Zoom.

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Summer Solstice LIVESTREAM REPLAY 6.20.22

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Why the Temple of Remembrance?

For millennia, people’s Sacred Practice was woven into their weekly, monthly and yearly lives. They gathered with community and connected to source. In recent history The Sacred Feminine has been wiped out by world religions and removed from our relationship with a higher power.

Most religious communities became domineering, controlling and patriarchal. As a result a lot of people have left organized religion, but we haven’t found that cyclical, sacred touchpoint that our humanity craves so deeply. Everyone deserves to have a sacred community, one that makes them feel alive, seen and inspired. When humanity lost their reverence of the Sacred Feminine, they lost their reverence of Women and the Earth. I believe that by re-weaving the Sacred Feminine in our culture, we will also restore true power to Women.

“I could feel the magic in all my senses straight into my soul.”


The Temple of Remembrance is a global community of people dedicated
to being in a relationship with the Sacred Feminine.


We are devoted to the fullest expression of our soul.

We commune with the many archetypes of the Goddess. We vow to uplift each other’s fullest expression. We sit in ceremony together. We learn and grow together. Whether you are a devout Catholic or seasoned Witch, a maiden, mother, or crone … a lawyer or an artist or a teacher … connected to religion or trying to find a new connection … you are welcome.

Every month we will gather in living rooms and bedrooms, in fields and front yards, in Temples and Churches to remember the old ways, to remember who we are, to remember our relationship with the Earth, to remember our mission in this lifetime.


What is a Temple?

A Temple is both a sacred building and an energetic web cultivated and held by trained Priestesses. Together we create a vortex or healing container through the spiritual art of sacred space. When you walk into my Temple, whether you are stepping over my actual threshold in Medfield, MA or stepping over an energetic threshold when you gather on the Global Livestream — you will feel it. It will be a feeling completely new, and very familiar at the same time. Women have been gathering in sacred ceremony for thousands of years, your soul and your cells will remember.

What is the in person experience like?

Coming in person will be such a gift. The depths that we are able to reach when we are in a space together is just unparalleled. I love that we have the technology to reach women all over the world, but it really is so much more potent to be in Temple together. We will be gathering in my barn at 5:30pm to share a meal and connect with each other. I also plan on making some offerings to the land before the ceremony and would love to have you join me if you would like. We will then go over to the Temple at 6:45 to go through the gate (a ceremonial process that we’ll explain when we are together) and the ceremony will start at 7pm and complete around 9pm. You are welcome to stay after to connect, digest and ask Sarah and questions about the ceremony.

What should I wear?

This event is an opportunity for self expression, getting dressed up, and treating your body like a sacred altar. I want you to feel special! Wear clothing that feels like Spring to you! Also know that you don’t need to get dressed up — you do you. Above all, dress how you feel fully expressed AND in clothing you can also comfortably sit in.

What supplies do I need?

Please bring a water bottle, journal and pen! If you are easily cold, some cozy socks are nice to have in Temple.

“I’m still buzzing from last night. I knew it was going to be great, but I had no idea it would be that powerful.”


Sarah Jenks


Sarah has been a Priestess Apprentice in the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 10 years and is candidate for Ordination in Summer ‘22. Sarah’s personal sacred practice weaves together the mysteries of Ancient Avalon, Earth based practices of her Celtic and Germanic ancestry, the Feminine Path of Mary Magdalene and the Ancient Egyptian practices of Anointing. Sarah thought she was destined to have an “in the box” life after going to a top college, working in advertising and then creating a successful weight loss company.

One day she walked into her therapist’s office where the remnants of a sacred circle from the night before were strewn on the living room floor. She had a full body “Remembering” of being in ceremony. Since that days she’s been devoted to her own sacred practice and Temple skills and has devoted her life to creating spaces for women to have their own remembering and normalizing the presence of the Sacred Feminine in our culture.


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Assistant Priestess


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Holy Woman Facilitator


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